4K Tokkit Review: Is It Really a Good TikTok Downloader?

Reviews • April. 7, 2022

4k tokkit

TikTok is one of the most widely used and popular video sharing platforms, which has surpassed many of its competitors and successfully secured the top position. Tiktok has totally changed the short video film industry and it won’t be wrong to say that it has brought a new revolution to the entire scene.

Admit it! Just like me, you too love some of the TikTok creators and enjoy watching their videos again and again. In such a case, it is always a better idea to save the TikTok videos. What it will do is allow content from our favorite TikTok faces to sit on our device for unlimited access.

Sounds great right? Well, it is, but the question is how? Luckily, we belong to a generation that has answers to everything, even one that we’re concerned about here. Today I’ll uncover a utility named Tokkit from 4K Download software. It promises to make our lives easier by providing seamless downloading facilities.  Is it so? Let’s find out.

What’s 4K Tokkit?

Getting straight to the point, 4K Tokkit is an amazing app to download TikTok videos available for Linux, Windows, and macOS. There’s a wide range of apps available that you can use to download and save TikTok videos, but 4K Tokkit is the best among them due to its immense range of features. Also, downloading and installing Tokkit on our computers is not much of a big issue.

In fact, it’s very user-friendly and simple if you know how to proceed; there are just a few simple steps to follow, it will only take a few minutes to complete the whole process of installing and setting everything up. Just download the “setup file” from 4K Tokkit’s official website and install it on your device.


Is 4K Tokkit safe to use?

Yes, it is a nifty, safe, and secure application for downloading and saving TikTok videos to your personal computer.

If you are a fan of watching TikTok online and offline, then this app is for you. It also offers the auto-check feature to always make the users updated with the latest videos from their beloved TikTok content creators.

What’s inside 4K Tokkit?

4K Tokkit provides users with a number of features, such as the option of downloading an entire dataset of TikTok videos from our favorite TikTok content creators or using different hashtags and different sounds. The program can also act as a backup plan for your account on TikTok.

Furthermore, the premium edition of this app lets you copy as well as save the captions available on TikTok videos. The developers of 4K Tokkit announced that in future updates, the app would get more features and allow users to access private content and recommend videos, and through the video link, you will be able to download single TikTok short films; the app will also allow users to edit their location to watch videos from different places on earth. This app is available on the internet and is free to download for Windows, Ubuntu, and macOS.

Bulk download TikTok content

Read here, you’re going to love this. 4K Tokkit lets you download a number of videos at the same time. Yes, you read that right. In case you’ve got a favorite content creator and wish to download hundreds of their videos, you don’t have to just get the links one by one and download them; rather, Tokkit will let you do that at once.

4K Tokkit will allow you to download and save entire TikTok content from one single TikTok ID effortlessly. Great, isn’t it? But what’s even more special about this tool is the fact that it is capable of preserving the quality all the way through. In short, you neither have to worry about bulk downloads nor about losing quality.

Right after you click on the download button, this tool will download the entire video album and check for new videos actively from the creator you searched to keep you updated with new content that is happening on TikTok. The 4K Tokkit also offers this amazing feature of downloading and searching for new content from your most loved TikTok starts automatically without any hassle.


TikTok hashtag challenges

Aside from downloading and saving all videos from an individual TikTok artist, 4K Tokkit has a native feature to use hashtags for searching short videos. In case you’re familiar with TikTok hashtags, you possibly know about the issues and trouble-making elements for which the same turns out to be a challenging encounter for TikTok lovers. The fact that 4K Tokkit eases things up deserves appreciation.

Using hashtags in the search bar is the best and more convenient way to find similar content, and you can exactly do that with this tool’s hashtag search option. There’s a hashtag sign in the search results; clicking on that will allow you to explore and download TikTok videos tagged with that specific hashtag. Let’s see an example demonstrating the 4K Tokkit’s hashtag search and download option.

In a matter of seconds, right after you click on the pink-colored “Download” icon, this tool will now automatically add the hashtag itself to your subscription catalog and begin adding similar videos shared by TikTok users. There’s a “Refresh” button situated at the upper right corner, by clicking on it will refresh the page to see more content from TikTok, and you can also sort the ongoing videos from latest to earliest or the other way around by clicking on the “Sort Button”.

Find and save TikTok videos with audios

The favorite feature for most of the users of  4K Tokkit is the ability to download videos with the same music, which is perfect for individuals who do not have famous TikTok music trends and can readily access videos with similar music and sound. After you put the name of the song into the search box, click on the music symbol in the search results.

The tool will list the TikTok clips using the same sound just as for the creator and hashtag-based searches. This feature will also be useful for the upcoming new talent on TikTok.

Seamlessly copy captions from TikTok videos

The useful 4K Tokkit app has so many features, and one of its best features is to copy the caption from the original TikTok videos.

If you want to copy a TikTok video’s caption, move your mouse cursor to the lower right corner, click on the ellipsis, or right-click on any of the posts, a menu will appear, then click on more and select “Copy Caption”. The app will immediately copy the post/video’s caption to the clipboard of your system. This is a special feature of this app, and it’s notable that you’ll need a Pro license key to have hands-on with this feature.

Is 4K Tokkit worth using In 2022?

4K Tokkit has been on my PC for quite some time, and I have to say that my experiences with this tool lie on a super smooth end. Loaded with a super flexible user interface, the tool is quite easy to navigate around. Although that’s not a thing I can relate to, still for those who are new to the tech-sphere will have no trouble whatsoever. They can operate and download TikTok videos even without bringing any skill to play.

The tool works amazingly and gets the job done. Until this day, the 4K TokkIt has helped me download a number of TikTok videos, and I must say, it hasn’t been a disappointing ride so far, apart from a few instances. Now again, it might not be a bit of an issue for many, but I didn’t like the fact that 4k Tokkit downloads videos with the TikTok logo embedded.


4K Tokkit is a tool that can be used for free, but there are some cons regarding the free version of this app. The major limitation of the free version is that only two TikTok content creators, songs, or hashtags can be followed, with a limit of only 50 videos daily.

The $15 package allows you to subscribe to a total of 10 accounts, with a daily limit of up to 500 video downloads, no ads, and also downloads the videos automatically.

There’s also a $60 package subscription to the pro plan, which lets users enjoy unlimited subscription, free video downloading, an ad-free environment, video captions, automated new video downloads, and much more.

  • Easy way to back up your TikTok account.
  • Always keeps you updated with the latest and greatest trend from your favorite TikTok producers.
  • Allows you to download and save TikTok videos, and you watch them even if you are offline
  • User Friendlyinterface
  • Bulk video downloads.
  • There are plenty of options available to manage the videos downloaded from TikTok.
  • The free plan has a limitation of 50 TikTok video downloads.
  • The free plan lacks video captioning.
  • The free plan only allows you to follow two TikTok producers, hashtags, and music.
  • The downloaded video will be with Tiktok branding watermark.

4K Tokkit is a fantastic, feature-loaded, and secure software for browsing, downloading, and saving TikTok videos of your favorite TikTok celebrities on your PC. It is efficient enough to conclude the concerned job in a very quick and promising manner. No doubt, it is capable of downloading TikTok content in no time.

Even if you are a general user in one of the locations where TikTok is not available, you may utilize 4K Tokkit in collaboration with the top VPN available in the market to stay updated on the latest trend from your favorite TikTok content creators.

However, the company has promised to work on the watermark issue soon, and if it happens, 4K Tokkit will be a tough competition to beat.

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