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App and Software Trends to Watch in 2018

News • Jan.9, 2018

Applications and Software are quickly evolving to deliver just-in-time services with frequent updates.

Applications and Software are also what drives innovation and allows changes to happen much faster than in the past.

Here we would like to share a few of the trends that we came across and think that they will be major influencers in the app and software industry. Check it out.

UX Drives Success

Software ease-of-use is still king. User experience(UX) is cited as the most important factor when purchasing new software; even over software functionality and cost.

How easy is it to use? A user-friendly solution won’t require too many steps to perform any task, and should minimize the number of clicks and keystrokes required to submit expenses. Clear, simple icons and drop-down menus make a solution straightforward and intuitive, and removing the need to toggle between several screens to complete tasks speeds the process up significantly.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Over the next few years every app, application and service will incorporate AI at some level. AI will run unobtrusively in the background of many familiar application categories while giving rise to entirely new ones. AI has become the next major battleground in a wide range of software and service markets.

Individual or Enterprise software is also expected to become more intelligent by way of improved machine learning, which has matured to the state where it understands what information individuals or employees search for most frequently. Using this information, software can make informed decisions on behalf of individuals or employees and provide them with more relevant updates, saving them time and improving their productivity and effectiveness.

Cloud-based Apps

App Developers are designing more cloud driven desktop and mobile apps. With increasing use of cloud technology, it has become much quicker and easier to get data without impacting on your internal phone or computer memory.

AR & VR Will Show Some Magic

According to a research from Digi-Capital, here is the expected market for AR & VR software in upcoming years:

Although it is not expected that VR will show a rapid growth, however, AR applications will certainly run towards it’s peak. Therefore, tighten your seat belts for some AR & VR magic in the coming year.

Application Security

The security of a smartphone or computer is more crucial than ever. Surprisingly, many people still do not take security as seriously as they should, which proves to be a concern for app developers as well.

Apps with built-in security features can make a large difference in the app space. More developers will be adopting the use of this platform, providing better UX with more security features. With this new programming language, we’ll begin to see more secure apps in the market.

Regardless of how you feel about apps and software, or your primary motivations for using them, we think we can all be excited about the new technology and infrastructure that await us next year.