Tips to Creating Distinct Icon Set with Amadine

Tips • Sept.8, 2022

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Let us ask you this—what are your associations when it comes to icons? The variety of answers will be totally impressive, and here is why. Such graphics can be found anywhere. You will see them on little business cards, mobile interfaces, and so on.

They are analogous to emojis and stickers, which are great simplification tools to express a lot of feelings in one message. The same is valid for icons, with the only difference—they cater to features and functions they visually describe. The appealing power depends on several parameters, including their color palette, size, details, and accuracy of lines.

Despite their relatively small dimensions, you can’t just randomly create an icon. Not only will you need a decent application, but also you are meant to understand crucial steps to achieve this goal. Amadine is a premium software for novice and seasoned users, so there is one thing left uncertain—how to style icon sets online. Let’s check it out!

Keep it distinct

As in the case of other design and graphics formats, styling icon sets requires enthusiasts to be persistent in their creativity and plans. A suite of signs that differ in visual genres won’t function properly—there is neither linking between them nor harmony. Apart from choosing approaches like vintage or art deco, interested parties can stick to major categories of icon sets:

  • Flat — these icons are among the most typical and widespread layouts in the market. They repeat the shapes of familiar objects in a two-dimensional model. So it is a rather schematic silhouette of a target goodie.
  • Hand-drawn — such graphs form the other popular style that makes lines smoother and less strict. While flat icons are more oriented toward geometrical patterns, hand-drawn objects implement more creative freedom. Just think of them as interesting sketches.
  • Skeuomorphic design — this format is possible largely thanks to the advancement in modern technologies. It prompts 3D shapes and bright combinations of textures and surfaces. Instead of cartoon vibes, skeuomorphic digits have a pretty realistic vibe.
  • Outline — such symbols are a mediator between flat and hand-drawn styles. It also complements silhouette images without inner coloring, but the lines and shapes are accurate and precise. It is a stunning solution for minimalistic yet modern designs.

Pick up the best size

Here you should pay attention to the medium, for which a suite of icons is created. Web design and mobile interface properties are drastically varied, so your target platform should dictate project terms and conditions. If you just want to practice, try to style icon sets for mobile interfaces—there are numerous guiding samples of dos and don’ts to stick to:

  • Your creation should not be overly complicated. Prefer clear and simple designs. The important goal of an icon set is to avoid ambiguous and controversial meanings—they have to be self-explanatory yet not eye-irritating.
  • The chosen tones have to be bright and contrastive. If you design a flat icon with monochrome palettes, feel free to add bold lines and borders to make the image more accurate. In the Amadine menu, you can get access to the Recolor feature, which will let you come up with the best hue combination easily.

The aforementioned application for styling icons will come in handy due to its vector graphics instruments—even the smallest details will remain recognizable and function, regardless of what import or expert service you are going to apply.

Don’t forget about grids

As in the case of bleeds for publishing materials, grids will let beginners get the right alignment and proportions. Icon sets have to be the same in terms of their dimensions, and the grid approach is responsible for straight hitting the jackpot for each and every next element of your design.

Of course, using such a graphics tool doesn’t mean you have to repeat its contours to the greatest extent possible. Simply put, the height should coincide, while volumes can be slightly more distinct. That is how you create organic and outstanding appearances in practice.

Exporting the outcome

It is not a rare occasion to create a few packs of icons. You are welcome to share the results of your work with third parties and simply consult with your friends or colleagues. The variety of export means in Amadine is the best friend of users from this perspective. Once you create a sketch, you can send it and get feedback promptly—the original quality is preserved, so this parameter is excellent by default.

What is more, Amadine is compatible with several operational platforms and gadgets. Your switching between iPhone and Mac and so on won’t be problematic.

Wrap it up

Although icon sets are multicomponent, styling them is simpler once you know what to do step by step. With the help of the Amadine intuitive interface, even newbies will feel like a pro and enter the market of professionals more smoothly. Visit the main domain and check it in practice!

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