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A Quick Guide to Removing Duplicate (and Similar) Photos on Mac

Guides • May 25, 2020

Even if you are not a professional photographer, duplicate photos are a pain in the ass. They take too much space, mess up your file organization, and even cost you money. Things get pretty worse if you have a Mac — where storage space is an expensive affair.

However, it’s not easy to manually scan an entire photo album and find out the duplicate files. Even if you have, say a hundred photos, that can easily take an hour or so. So, even thinking of finding duplicate images on a drive can give you nightmares.

Today, however, we have come with a solution: an easy way to remove duplicate photos on Mac. Using the recommended tool and an easy method, you can organize any folder or disk by getting rid of duplicate files, not just photos.

Who is this guide for?

This guide is for anyone who thinks they have duplicate photos on their Mac. You could be a photographer, a student, or a content creator. Due to the nature of your work, you may often download files multiple times.

That is okay, but all these files taking up your storage space is not. Let’s consider the case of a photographer:

If you are someone who captures and edits photographs, you may accidentally keep multiple copies of the final images. After a point of time, your storage space would have depleted while, in fact, what you need is just a single copy of the photos.

Now, when you are running a MacBook or iMac with limited storage, this is an issue. And, using an external hard drive is not the most convenient way either.

So, the better way is to find out all the duplicate photos and remove them. But how do you do it? Well, we think you’ve got to meet Gemini.

Meet Gemini

Gemini is an intelligent piece of software from MacPaw, the developers behind Setapp and CleanMyMac X. It is an intuitive tool that helps you recognize and remove duplicates files from your Mac. In other words, this software solution can save you several hundreds of dollars by making the best out of your Mac storage space. In this article, however, we will be using Gemini to remove duplicate photos on Mac.

Gemini is available for free, but the unlimited version costs you $19.95. It’s available on Setapp too.

There are also some additional features in Gemini. For instance, just like you find duplicate photos, you can use the tool for finding similar images as well. AI algorithms used in Gemini are too good at doing this job. The duplicate remover gives you complete freedom on this matter. Now, without further ado, let’s check out how to remove duplicate images from macOS?

Before we begin

Gemini is not a fully automatic duplicate file remover yet. So, we recommend this product as a way to guide you through the mess. That is, you can use Gemini to find the potential duplicate/similar files on your Mac. Then, according to your discretion, you can keep or trash the files. Or, as in most cases, you can completely trust Gemini to remove duplicates and retain just one copy.

How to remove duplicate photos on Mac?

Step One — Select Drive/Folder

The first step of removing duplicate photos using Gemini is scanning a folder/drive. To do that, you have to open the Gemini interface first.

You have two options. First, you can drag and drop the folder you want to scan. Second, you can click on the + button and choose the appropriate options. You can select the Home, Pictures, or Music folder.

In this case, of course, you have to select the Pictures folder.

Step Two — Start Scanning

Once you have selected the folder/drive, you have to press the Start Scanning button on the next screen.

Now, wait until Gemini completes scanning the selected folder.

On the upcoming window, press Review Duplicates button to proceed.

Step Three — Reviewing Duplicate Files

As you can see, Gemini has a fully-fledged interface for reviewing duplicate and similar files. It primarily has a list of files, the duplicates of which the tool finds on your Pictures folder.

You also get some additional tools to find the desired duplicate file. As you can see, you can sort duplicate files based on file location, date of modification, and size on disk.

There is also an option to ask Gemini to select duplicates based on a criterion automatically. For instance, you can ask the program to choose the copy that is older or newer.

You can click on the arrow next to each entry to see the potentially duplicate files. In this way, you can kind of double-check things before you hit the Delete button.

Step Four — Remove Files

Once you have selected the duplicate file that you want to remove, press the Remove button on the bottom-right side.

Now, provide the necessary permissions to Gemini and wait until the deletion process is complete.

A word on smart cleanup

Gemini also has a feature called Smart Cleanup. That is, the tool will use its AI-powered algorithms to select the duplicates automatically. For this, however, you have to trust the duplicate finder a bit.

That is, you don’t get to review the duplicate files when you press the Smart Cleanup button. So, as much as we know that the Gemini algorithm is excellent, we won’t recommend it if you’re scanning essential photos.

How to restore accidentally deleted photos?

We just told you that Smart Cleanup automatically removes duplicate photos from your Mac. But what if it deletes an important file or you accidentally delete a file?

Well, Gemini provides a Review Trashed option after every time you delete some duplicate files. This way, you will be able to double-check what you deleted and restore photos if necessary.

You can simply click on the Put Back button to restore photos/files that you accidentally deleted.

How to get rid of not-quite-duplicate photos

Do you know those photos that aren’t entirely duplicate but similar? You might have a lot of these if you are into professional photography. Getting rid of these photos can also save a lot of space from your Mac. And, as it happens, Gemini has an option for that as well.

When you scan a folder and reach the Review interface, you can see an option called Similar Files. Here, Gemini will be choosing images that look similar but are different files. For instance, two similar files may have different resolutions and file sizes.

Once again, you can choose Smart Cleanup or manual review. Most of the time, the Gemini algorithm is spot on and finds out the files that you will want to remove.

Final words

We believe we have shown you the best method to remove duplicate files from your macOS device. As you can see, the entire process takes less than a minute. While Gemini is a freemium software, having this app with you can help you save a considerable amount every month. That is because, the last time we checked, a well-organized storage system affected overall productivity.

We’ve also got you covered when you’re Windows user. Check out our guide for Duplicate File Finder for Windows (Free & Paid Options).