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The New IObit Advanced SystemCare PRO 15 Review

Reviews • Oct.29, 2021

Have you ever noticed that your Windows PC got slower over time? It is prevalent and happens with everyone due to accumulating junk files, trash, and other data or apps over the years that aren’t required on your PC.

This takes a load on the processor and utilizes the RAM, making the OS sluggish and not as responsive as it used to be. However, you can solve this problem by cleaning the device and optimizing the OS to run smoothly with a responsive UI.

Doing this one by one can take some time. So, using a PC Optimizer tool is the way to go. One such tool is the new IObit Advanced SystemCare Pro 15. It has all the essential features that you can expect from a PC optimizer app.

It also includes some unique tools such as a System Protection module and a Disk Fragmentation tool that helps you improve the overall responsiveness of your system. So, let’s take an in-depth look at the app and how it fares for your PC.

The what’s new

The new iteration of IObit Advanced SystemCare Pro 15 promises to bring a lot of upgrades to the app. Here is a complete list of all the improvements done with Advanced SystemCare 15 Pro:

Windows 11 Compatibility – Windows 11 is the next big upgrade that Microsoft is pushing forward. It’s looking to provide a fair bit of improvements and a UI overhaul that enjoys a modern design. So, the new SystemCare 15 has support for Windows 11 built-in. Hence, you can rest assured that your PC will still be running at its best performance.

Updated UI – The next update to the app is the UI. IObit has redesigned the new update with easier management in mind and tried to keep everything as organized and clutter-free as possible. You can find all the tools in their respective panels on the left, and you also can use the one-click scan function to scan your PC for errors.

Preview for Cloned Files – SystemCare 15 Pro also has support for scanning cloned files and can easily detect all the duplicate files you have on your PC. I tried this as I have made backups everywhere, and lo and behold, it picked up all the files and suggested I remove them to save storage space.

Support for the new Microsoft Edge Browser – SystemCare Pro didn’t support the old Edge browser as you also have a tool for protecting through browser ads and malware. However, the new update brings compatibility to the new Chromium Edge, and everything works as expected.

AI Scanning – Finally, the last major upgrade to the app is the new and improved scan feature. AI has been making great strides, and it is also included in the new “Scan” tool to quickly detect all the errors on your PC and provide quick and easy solutions to the problem.

The workflow

The first step to using IObit Advanced SystemCare 15 Pro for your PC is downloading and installing it on your Windows machine. The process is simple, and I found zero difficulties or errors while installing the app. You can do the same by going to the website and downloading the installer for your device.

Now that you have successfully installed Advanced SystemCare Pro 15 let us look at all the features and tools it comes with. The best tool is its one-click scan tool that works as advertised and scans through all your files and data to check for errors or issues that can be fixed.

You can simply use it by clicking on the big “SCAN” button or customize the scan using the “Manual Mode” switcher as shown above. This allows you to selectively scan through your files to have better control over your data.

Once you start the scanning process, the tool scans your data to look for junk files, registry fragments, outdated drivers, and much more. My scan took around 30 mins to complete and displayed all the errors present on my PC.

As you can see from the screenshot above, I have around 6383 errors recommended by the app to be fixed. However, the most surprising thing was the 6.6 GB of waste data. Somehow I have accumulated this amount and wasn’t aware of it.

So, immediately I went through the “Junk files” and started looking for all the data that I could delete. You can do the same and click the blue “Fix” button to start the removal process.

The removal process might take 5-10 minutes to complete depending on the number of junk files you have on your system. As I had around 7 GB of junk files, the process took about 8-9 minutes to complete.

Once completed, the app shows the amount of data it could save and all the other fixes that it has made.

The features we love

Advanced SystemCare Pro 15 has some extra features that you can use and will come in handy from time to time. These features are listed under the different tools on the left panel of the app and can be accessed with a few clicks.

Protection Tool: Overall System Protection

One of the most important tools that you will come across is the SystemCare app. The Protection tool houses multiple modules that help you protect your device from malware, tracking, and ads.

You can enable all of these by selecting the “Protect” tab on the left panel and enabling the buttons for the different options. The tool also integrates with Windows Defender and will definitely make your system much more secure than ever before.

Software Updater: Keep your Apps Updated

We all know that Windows has always been bad with managing software updates, and most of the updates have been managed by the Windows Store. However, SystemCare Pro makes this easy as it scans through all the apps and checks to see the available updates.

As you can see from the screenshot above, the module shows that I have updates pending for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. Finally, I can install both the updates straight from the interface itself.

Speed Up Tool: Improve Gaming Performance and UI Responsiveness

Another great tool for increasing performance and overall responsiveness of the whole system. It works by clearing RAM, optimizing the performance, updating drivers, and cleaning background or startup apps that take up memory.

It also has a Turbo Boost option that you can turn on to highly boost your PC’s performance and is best used as a game booster.

As you can see from the screenshot above, the Turbo Boost module scans through all the background apps and recommends you clean them. I tried this, and I constantly got improved performance of around 10-12 FPS on all the games I tried running.

Disk Optimization Tool: Store Data Effectively

Finally, one more tool that caught my attention was the Disk Optimization tool. Disk fragmentation makes the files on your PC to be scattered on different sections of the storage disk. This occurs due to the reason of installing an app or by deleting a huge file.

When you next store any file in this contiguous space on the storage drive, the OS does extra work to get the file from the location space. So, solving this issue can help you improve the overall responsiveness and thus the user experience. As you can see from the screenshot above, the Disk Optimization tool helps you fix this issue by reconfiguring the drive and improving performance.

The extras

Using the tools is simple as the app has a clutter-free and responsive UI that makes everything seamless. You can access all the modules right from the main screen, and the settings have different customization options that help personalize the app.

You can also choose the theme of the app and either use the “Dark” or the “Light” theme. You can also change the background and the icon, and the text mode of the interface.  This is excellent for personalization and helps make the app your own.

The SystemCare Pro app also has a floating widget on your home screen. This is useful as it can deliver all crucial information such as RAM and CPU consumption without accessing the app. I loved the widget interface as it was the perfect companion and helped me lower my RAM and CPU utilization by a lot.

However, it has some issues. The Action Center of the app is just a place with ads and upsells of other IObit products. This is fine as you don’t need to access any of them, but it is still a bit of a problem because it is the “Pro” variant of the app, and you shouldn’t see or expect any ads.

Other than this minor issue, the SystemCare Pro app seems to work perfectly well with zero errors or performance issues. It is responsive, and you can access all the tools right from the get-go without any searching required.

Pricing and compatibility

IObit Advanced SystemCare 15 Pro app is available to download in two different variants. It has a 1 PC plan for $16.77/year and a 3 PC plan for $19.99/year. It is also available as a free version, but it’s limited, you won’t get access to many of the fixes it suggests unless you pay.

The app is available to download on Windows 10 PCs and is also compatible with the newly released Windows 11 update.

Advanced SystemCare 15 Pro vs Free

Unfortunately, the Free version of the app misses out on a lot of features. These features and functionality are present with the Pro version and can help improve the overall performance of your PC. These features that are missing on the free version are:

  • AI-based scanning technology with Deep Registry cleaning
  • Automatic RAM and system resource management in real-time
  • RAM monitoring and optimization to improve system performance
  • Better connectivity options with Internet Booster
  • Helps block access from unauthorized sources to protect user data
  • One-click update feature to keep all your PC apps up-to-date
  • Free 24/7 technical support

So, if you need any of the features above, then getting the Pro version is your best bet. You can download free trial versions, compare them, and decide.

However, I would still recommend you get the Pro build of the app as it has a much better value than the free one.


Is IObit Advanced SystemCare Pro good?

Yes, IObit Advanced SystemCare Pro 15 is a great app and has helped me constantly improve my PC’s overall performance by about 10-15%. It also enables you to clean your system and can free up a lot of storage space on the storage drive.

Is Advanced SystemCare 15 Pro free?

No, Advanced SystemCare 15 Pro isn’t free and costs around $17 for a one-year subscription plan. However, there is a free version of the app that you can download, but it will not have all the features that the Pro version does.

Is Advanced SystemCare Pro safe?

Yes, Advanced System Care Pro is safe to use. The app is verified, and a quick scan through Windows Defender and Malwarebytes results in zero issues with the app. So, you can rest assured and download the app for use without worrying about data theft or other cyber security issues.

Should you get Advanced SystemCare?

The final decision of whether you should get the IObit Advanced SystemCare Pro 15 lies solely on you. The app performed great in my testing and helped me improve the overall performance of my Windows 11 PC.


+ Helps remove junk and unwanted files
+ Detects Spyware, Malware and Registry errors
+ One-click scan and fix tool with AI
+ Has a clean and clutter-free UI


– Upsells other apps and services
– Trial version is limited
– Scanning take a little more time if you have a lot of data

It has many features that you can take advantage of and use to improve the system’s responsiveness, and it also helps keep you secure from ads and malware. With that said, we have reached the end of our review, and we hope that you have a great time with your fixed and improved Windows PC.