LiveHome3D: Home and Landscape Design Made Easy

Reviews • Aug.10, 2022

Editor’s note: This is a sponsored article and all content and opinions expressed are from BeLight Software.

The most crucial phase in planning a household environment is to document your strategy. Making a high-quality blueprint can make the building process less time-consuming and mundane, as well as increase the overall efficiency of your project, save you money and increase the chances that your design will be effective.

Personalization vs 3rd-party assistance

Finding the right multifunctional software for these purposes will come in handy. With its help, you can adjust your expectations and dreams to the location and real estate you own in order to achieve the most harmonious and beneficial interior design project. Thanks to such applications as Live Home 3D, it isn’t a must to refer to professionals anytime you would like to renovate your interior or change the yard design.

This software simplifies the task for novice designers, whereas architects will find it useful as well. In the beginning, it is crucial to have at least a basic understanding of what strategies and approaches will contribute to the quality of your project:

  • On the internet and other information sources, there are a vast number of prospective design themes for your interior and landscape layouts, ranging from minimalist to sophisticated and complex ones. Picking one of them and sticking to its requirements will help you make the available space maximally convenient. You can get inspired by Live Home 3D itself. This product offers multiple design samples and templates. Since they are adjustable, you kill two birds with one stone — achieve correct and precise proportions and reduce the hassle.
  • Don’t forget that you can’t just copy someone else’s design. You are creating a living place for your individual needs, so it has to cater to your personal requirements. With Live Home 3D, you can edit the documents at your earliest convenience without the need to rely on third parties. Take your time to think about the available space’s aesthetic and practical values.
  • Create separate zones and build links between them. For outdoor landscapes, the combination of garden walls, trees, plant beds and other features will be useful to make the space more appealing and visually interactive. Live Home 3D has myriads of objects to test, so you can change the view and see immediately what solutions, textures and materials do function better in your particular case.

Advanced benefits for your needs

As you can guess, considering the notes mentioned above, Live Home 3D is a multifunctional product for beginners and professional designers. There are numerous reasons to choose it. Not only can it boast intuitive navigation, but also it is adapted for a large variety of projects. There are templates of rooms, houses, pieces of furniture, outdoor furniture and decor objects.

Another benefit is an opportunity to try the application for free. If you fall in love with its performance (and the chances are high for that scenario to happen), the premium version isn’t expensive. On the contrary, it provides access to state-of-the-art interior and landscape design technologies. You can purchase a subscription, or simply make a lifetime purchase to forget about the need to renew your subscription.

For those who don’t know how Live Home 3D can help in both landscape and interior design projects, the following list of features will become self-explanatory:

  • Although the program refers to three-dimensional graphics practices, it isn’t limited to them. Users are welcome to switch between the 3D and 2D modes. You can create a 2D plan to print it out and the 3D view to have a more realistic understanding of the lighting sources, furniture location and style, and so on.
  • The library of objects and materials to use in your layout exceeds four thousand items. It is a marvelous opportunity to experiment with various styles with a mouse click. This approach enables you to plan your further expenditures too, letting you check in advance which goodies are must-haves and which are better not to waste your financial resources on.
  • The app offers export to AR (augmented reality), which is especially advantageous for designers and homeowners. It enables users to walk around their projects in real-time and analyze their ideas from different angles and perspectives.
  • The import and export capabilities are advanced. Don’t miss a chance to share your creation without difficulty. Export of snapshots to all popular image formats is available, as well as the ability to save videos and 360-degree panoramas for the most impressive experiences.
  • The Pro version brings extensive abilities with its terrain editing functionality. Following multiple video tutorials, you can adjust terrain with its high and low points, add paths, swimming pools and other things that meet your tastes and objectives.
  • No project will look fresh without the greenery, and the app’s library has a wonderful collection of indoor and outdoor plants.

Don’t wait, try out making your design

Is Live Home 3D worth it? According to numerous reviews and user feedback, it is a great alternative to applying for professional agencies in the architecture and design market. It is highly intuitive and provides an easy solution. What’s more, you can find an extensive collection of video tutorials on the app’s website, as well as informative articles in the Useful Articles section.

Live Home 3D is a multi-platform solution, which is widely used by enthusiasts for making their interior design experiences as hassle-free as possible. If you don’t know what to start with, the customer support team is a great source of additional information, inspiration and confidence.