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PDFpen and PDFpen Pro Turns 10

News • April 16, 2018

Anew version of the top PDF editing solution for Mac has been released – say hi to PDFpen 10 and PDFpen Pro 10.

What you get with PDFpen 10 and PDFpen Pro 10

The new PDFpen 10 and PDFpenPro 10 for Mac introduces watermarks, headers & footers, and improved selection features. The Pro version also adds batch OCR support.

Nicely, the new watermark tools include rotation, opacity, and page range controls. The header and footer text options include font, page position, and page range. The Precision Edit tool now supports moving, resizing, and deleting text blocks along with line art.

The version 10 update also includes a more vibrant drawing colors, a larger option for Library items, and more contextual menu options. PDFpen Pro 10 users can now batch OCR groups of documents instead of processing documents one at a time.

The app also got attractive new icons. Learn more about PDFpen 10 from Smile.

And there’s a screencast from yours truly.

How to upgrade?

Those who purchased version 9 on or after 1 January 2018 can upgrade to the latest version for free. If you have any other previous version of the application, you can upgrade from version 9 of either app cost $30, and the upgrade price from PDFpen to PDFpenPro is $50.

There are trial versions for you to check out the functionality and benefits for yourself! Download PDFpen 10 and PDFpen Pro 10 at the Smile website now.