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Snagit 2022 Review – An Enhanced Screen Capturer

Reviews • Dec.16, 2021

With features exceeding the expectations one can have from a usual screen capturing tool, Snagit blends value, usability, and performance in the smartest way possible.

While the basic free screenshot tool offered by both Windows and macOS are nifty enough to get the job done, they are quite rudimentary, to say the least. You can’t do anything more than capture the entire screen, crop, and save it. So what about all those times when you need to do a lot more, like capture videos, trim them up to size, and even create GIFs for easy sharing?

For that matter of fact, I’ve always been a big Snagit fan as it allows me to do a whole lot of things apart from just capturing my screen. Additionally, the recent mushrooming that the developers have introduced with the 2022 upgrade sets Snagit among the must-have utilities for any individual, no matter a working professional, student, or creative head.

All of the above and a lot more, we took a closer look at the Snagit 2022 screenshot tool for Windows and macOS. But before we dive deep into the features of this premium screen capture tool, let’s find out what Snagit is about.

Snagit: what’s so special?

Snagit is a popular screen recording software developed by TechSmith, designed to make screen capture more versatile. While screen recording is its highlighting feature, it can also capture your webcam and audio. Users love it for its simplicity and editing tools that allow you to create a wide variety of content, and we’re here to help explain every bit of it.

To keep it simple, Snagit is built of two main components – the screen capture tool, along with a comprehensive editor that does wonders with the media you capture. The best part about Snagit is the software support TechSmith provides, with a continuous chain of improvements that not only betters the existing features but adds more with every update.

Snagit has more to offer, although it sounds like any other usual screen capturing tool. From capturing any part of your computer screen with ease to editing, annotating, highlighting the captured content. From creating videos out of the captured media to garnishing the same with audio and texts, Snagit has the ability to offer regular screenshots a life.

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Suppose you’re after creating work instructions or providing training sessions with a user manual. In that case, this tool has everything to fall in love with. Snagit is intuitive and allows seamless page snipping. Quick access to the tool lets you add arrows, outline icons, text boxes, and more in just a few steps. You can create a library of your captured media and use the same as desired. Offering amazing features, Snagit shelters limitless possibilities. Get ready to assemble great presentations, user manuals, training guides, info-graphics, and more in no time.

Snagit 2022: what’s new?

As a screen capturing utility, Snagit has been around for quite a few years now. While the base functionality remains the same, the 2022 version is ready to welcome new features for taking the overall efficiency to the next level.

Cloud Library: no more crying for Storage

Snagit 2022 brings support for several third-party storage services. These include Box, OneDrive for Business, OneDrive Personal, Dropbox Personal, Dropbox Business, and iCloud (limited for Windows users as of now). You can now seamlessly store and backup your captures in the cloud library and access them at will.

Picture in picture video

Snagit’s screen recording functionality sees a new dimension with the 2022 update. Thanks to the picture-in-picture video capturing ability, you can now simultaneously record your screen and yourself with a webcam.

Snagit 2022 enables users to capture their screens with a more personal touch. What makes it even better is how flexible the tool is in controlling the size and the placement of the webcam video. You can also turn the camera on and off, desirably during recordings.

As a content creator, the picture-in-picture feature is something that makes me fall in love with Snagit more than anything else, and I guess other creators can relate.

Enhanced video tooltips

Snagit is home to a long list of tools that help mark up and annotate your captures in the way you want to. The 2022 version upgrades the tooltips utility and enhances it to fit modern-day needs. Offering easy-to-understand explainer animations, the video tooltips can promisingly improve all your existing workflows.

Improved video engine

One of the best things about Snagit 2022 is indeed the upgraded video engine. The newly embedded engine promises greater stability, alongside efficient audio and video syncing functionality. In simple words, accessing the newly improvised Snagit will help you boost your workplace media mode of communication.

Support for macOS and Windows

Whether you’re working on Windows or Mac is your preferred working environment, Snagit 2022 fits in perfectly. Replacing the SNAGPROJ format for Mac and SNAG for Windows, SNAGX plays a crucial role in unification. This makes opening, editing, and sharing Snagit capture a more accessible task as you don’t have to worry about varied versions anymore.

New to Windows:

  • Multiple types of tails for call-outs.
  • Transparent fill for steps.
  • Arrows with T-shaped end styles.

New to Mac:

  • Adjustable arrow sizes (front and end)
  • Advanced shadow controls for call out, stamp, step tools, and more.
  • Object grouping.
  • Spotlight tool.

Things I loved vs things I didn’t

First of all, is indeed its user-friendly orientation. Irrespective of the level of experience you hold, the seamless work structure of Snagit will allow you to operate it, capture screens, and do more with ease.

The previously available features like flawless screen recording, seamless trimming, creating GIFs, animations, and more were enough to grab the charm. Amazingly, the same shifts to a new level with the 2022 upgrades.

Honestly, there is nothing much to complain about; however, I wish the video editing suite was a tad better. If the developers had intended to feature some advanced video editing tools, I think it would have been tough for Snagit’s competitors to chase it down in any respect.


  • Ease to use.
  • It brings super-efficient editing tools.
  • Seamless screen recording capability.
  • Grab Text feature lets you copy text from the screen without putting in much effort.
  • Presets and shortcuts for on-the-go usage.
  • Picture-in-picture video capturing ability.
  • Unified format for different OS
  • Multiple Capturing options.


  • Crashes quite too often
  • Video Editing lacks advanced functionality
  • Some plans are a bit expensive


While a free version isn’t available, you’ll have a 15-day trial to enjoy. If you decide to buy Snagit, you can choose from a few pricing options. The company offers multiple-purchase discounts for business, education, and government packages that start with:

  • Personal – $49.99
  • Business, Single License – $49.99
  • Education, Single License – $29.99
  • Government, Single License – $42.99
  • Snagit Update – $34.99

Note: All these plans come under a money guarantee policy that keeps your investment safe if you aren’t satisfied with the app.

Is Snagit worth it?

Snagit’s worth as a screen capturing tool depends on how you intend to use it. In case the need to capture screenshots for some personal reasons is occasional, the built-in tools like Snip and Sketch will help serve your requirements. But at the same time, a desire to do more with the captured media and employ the same for some next-level creativity can only be fulfilled when you’ve got a utility like Snagit or ScreenFlow by your side.

Considering the price factor, the tool might appear slightly off compared to its free Windows counterpart Snip and Sketch. However, with limitless possibilities to offer, Snagit is powerful enough to outrun any screen capturing utility on a given day.