Stellar Holiday Bundle Sale

Deals • Oct.29, 2021

It is time to worry less about your data with six promising Windows tools from Stellar that are on sale for over 80% off.

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The Stellar Holiday Bundle sale is here. Don’t miss the opportunity to grab six promising Windows utilities for the price of one. All the products are compatible with Windows 10 and are also ready to seamlessly work on the recently launched Windows 11.

Pricing at around $229.94, the bundle will be available for just $39.95 (a whopping 83% discount). It can’t get anything better. Make sure to complete your purchase on or before 30 November. The offer is live and valid till 31th December 2021.

Enough of talking, let’s jump right into the six products.

Stellar Data Recovery Standard Software

Compatible for both Windows and Mac operating systems, Stellar Data Recovery Software is one of the top recovery tools available in the market. It lets you retrieve all files formats, including custom ones, making it very convenient for beginners. With it, you can recover data (videos, photos, documents, music, and more) from anywhere, be it from a computer’s hard drive or memory card, from a flash drive, or optical media such as DVDs, and CDs.

Ashampoo Backup Pro

Ashampoo Backup Pro is one of the most affordable backup software available in the market. This special backup software provides full access and insight into the backups. You can have easy and convenient access to their backups without even opening or restoring them. Setting up a backup software can be a difficult task sometimes, but with Ashampoo Backup Pro, it is just a few clicks away. You can store each of your essential data on any storage system, be it on a hard drive or in the cloud.

Ashampoo WinOptimizer

Ashampoo WinOptimizer is specially designed to free up space on the computer or laptop and boost the speed of the device. With easy download and installation procedure, this software weighs something around 88.9 MB of space. Among the many unique features, the Boot Center is one of a kind. From boot time to all the programs that load within the time frame, this facility lets you know everything about your computer’s start-up process. One of its most valuable tools enables you to quickly disable all the applications from auto-running during the process of starting up. Additionally, the Ashampoo WinOptimizer also has an Auto-Cleaner feature.

Inpixio Photo Editor

If you’re someone looking for software to edit your photos, Inpixio Photo Editor is perfect for you. The editor includes a full-fledged program comprising Inpixio Photo Studio Professional and other features like Photo Maximizer, Photo Focus, and Eclipse HDR. Although all the versions of Inpixio Photo Editor have excellent features, the latest version is the best of all. Features like Sky Replacement, One-Click Photo Editing, Remove Objects, Quick Deletion, etc., all make it unique and highly popular. With the Sky Replacement tool, you can change the appearance of the sky in the image and make it look even more attractive and appealing. Together with that, it has some really cool filters and effects with other essential editing tools.

Steganos Password Manager

In the current digital world, it is indispensable to keep any device locked with strong passwords, and computers are no exception. But generating strong, unguessable passwords and remembering them can be a complex task. And, in such a case, the Steganos Password Manager comes as a savior. It not only generates strong passwords but also inserts them automatically on the website and remembers the same, making the task easy for you. All you need is just remember one password, and you’re good to go. Apart from providing safety, the Password Manager also has a tool called Portable. It is one of the highly acknowledged features. You can store the portable version on a USB drive and use it on any device, even without installation.

Nero AI Photo Tagger

If you’re someone who has numerous photos stored in your computer, it is common to face the problem of organizing the same. The images related to various events may get mixed up, and to solve this problem, the Nero AI Photo Tagger is all you need. It uses high-speed Artificial Intelligence technology to sort various photos and organize the same according to your creativity. It automatically tags new photos in different categories; for example, all the pictures of dogs automatically go in the file ‘dog’, and hence if you want to see the photos of dogs, you can just do so by going to that file.

Sale is live. Don’t miss out.

P.S. again: Stellar Holiday Bundle sale will go live from now and valid till 31th December 2021.