CCleaner Kamo Review – A First-in-Kind Privacy Tool

Reviews • July.14, 2022


It’s essential for you to take extra steps to protect your privacy online. Clearing cookies or blocking ads doesn’t stop you from being tracked. Many companies can identify people to a high degree of accuracy using their database of digital fingerprints.

This means you are never truly anonymous and can get your crucial data leaked online. That’s where CCleaner Kamo 4.0 and its dual protection come in. It helps you drastically reduce tracking attempts – improving your online privacy.

What is Kamo?

CCleaner Kamo masks your digital fingerprint with a private connection, combining a VPN tunnel and anti-fingerprinting technology for excellent privacy protection.

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Here is all the data that a website collects from you:

  • Finance data and credit score
  • Religious beliefs and political leanings
  • Family and medical information
  • Exact location
  • Device information and web browsing history

Well, does this sound scary? It does to me. This is where Kamo steps in and safeguards you by providing fake information to trackers and making sure no data is ever leaked. Kamo also creates a secure connection between your PC and the Internet.

This masks your current location and prevents internet service providers (ISPs), governments, and hackers/snoops from intercepting and monitoring your web traffic. Hence, offering you greater online privacy and security.


  • Easy to use with a clean UI
  • Protects your private data and information
  • Keeps you secure while browsing online
  • Cleans your browser cookies and history in just one click


  • Can take up a few system resources
  • VPN only available on the pro version

Is Kamo safe to use?

Yes, Kamo is 100% safe to use. In fact, it is recommended that you use Kamo to protect yourself against cyberattacks and online fraud attempts. With every click, your digital fingerprint gets more detailed, so using a tool like Kamo becomes essential.

You can use Kamo with confidence and get it from the official CCleaner Kamo website. The installation process is easy, and it would take you just 5 minutes to set it up and get running.

Plus, you can test Kamo for free using their 14-day free trial. So, give Kamo a try today and start protecting your online presence.

Is Kamo any good?

Yes. Kamo is amazing at improving your online security and safeguarding your online presence. It does this by masking your IP and feeding the wrong information. Moreover, Kamo clears pesky cookies and other spyware from your PC so that you can rest assured.

Here are the benefits you get with Kamo:

  1. Prevents online tracking – Each device you use offers a unique digital fingerprint that can be used to identify and track you. Kamo helps you randomize these fingerprints to throw trackers off your route.


  1. Protects you from online ID theft – Companies collect user data, but most don’t have secure protection, leading to data leaks. CCleaner Kamo ensures that companies can’t store your private data, mitigating the risk of data breaches.
  2. Safeguards your browsing history from snoops – Cookies are difficult to delete and can resist cleaning attempts. They store a lot of information about you and hence can be a security concern. However, using Kamo, you can remove them in seconds.


  1. Blocks trackers – Kamo also shows you the websites that are trying to scoop up your personal and financial information and stops them. So, you can reliably browse the Internet.
  2. Syncs across all browsers – Kamo works across all browsers. Just run Kamo, and it will automatically be synced with the browsers on your PC.

browser cleanup

  1. Saves you money and reduces online price hikes – Kamo feeds randomized data to advertisers distracting them with false information. The result is that it becomes challenging for companies to customize and target you with higher prices for a product or service.
  2. Speed up your PC and web browser – Kamo includes a ‘Health Check’ feature, allowing you to control vital aspects of your PC performance. ‘Health Check’ can help you disable annoying and resource-intensive apps on your PC. Plus, it also cleans your browser for an overall faster and smoother PC and browsing experience.

windows protection

  1. Reduce targeted ads – Since Kamo feeds wrong information to online services, you won’t be seeing any targeted ads. This is perfect for keeping your shopping information private and even getting better deals on the product or service you’re looking to get.
  2. Easy UI and dashboard – Kamo is super easy to use and install. It took me under 5 minutes to get everything working. Plus, the UI is simple and beginner-friendly, making it a great choice for everyone to use. You can also customize the settings on the app so that it starts protecting you right when your PC boots up.
  3. Block telemetry data – Your Windows PC gathers telemetry data through its built-in features. This includes unique information about your PC and its specifications. So, using Kamo, you can easily disable this kind of data collection and keep yourself truly anonymous.

Is Kamo a VPN?

Yes and No. Kamo has an in-built VPN, but it is a lot more. It helps you clean your browser, protect your PC, and has a built-in VPN to safeguard your online presence.

The built-in VPN offers servers in Australia (2), Brazil, Canada (3), France, Germany (2), Japan, New Zealand, South Korea, Spain (2), UK (3), USA (16), and more. Go to this webpage for a look at all the servers, which spans across 36 countries around the globe.

Is Kamo by CCleaner free?

You can use CCleaner Kamo for free using the trial version for 14 days. However, I recommend upgrading to the pro version, which offers the VPN and many more security features. You can download CCleaner Kamo from their official website and subscribe to the yearly plan just for $24.95. You can also enjoy the 20% off Kamo by CCleaner now.

Kamo – the perfect privacy tool

Online privacy is essential in today’s day and age, and with Kamo, you can protect yourself from data thefts and monitoring.

Many websites target you by monitoring your shopping history and charging you extra for things you need. Plus, some companies even store your data for further processing and targeted advertising. This goes against the nature of free Internet and makes your experience worse.

This is why Kamo is essential for you. It has a built-in VPN that you can use to access geo-restricted content and can help you clean your browser’s cookies and history. Moreover, it protects you from ads and annoying snippets that take away your attention.

I hope the review above helps you understand Kamo better. You can test it out for free and upgrade if you’re satisfied with the service. With that said, I hope the review above will also help you decide on whether you should use Kamo to protect your online presence.

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