ClearVPN Review: A VPN That Does It All

Reviews • Updated on April 11, 2024

clearvpn review

Editor’s note: ClearVPN has been updated with full redesign and new features. We’ve refreshed this review to reflect these changes.

Nowadays, it is not a question of whether you need a VPN service. With all the security risks around us, it is borderline lunatic not to use one. But, let’s be honest. There are hundreds of VPNs and most of them do not offer anything unique. However, ClearVPN is an exception. Wondering why?

We have noticed that most VPNs leave the decision-making process to the users. For example, users have to select the best server location and protocol. But, you cannot always keep these things in your head. Won’t it be spectacular if your VPN app gave better prompts? Well, that’s what ClearVPN claims to do.

In this review, you will find everything you need about ClearVPN. We focused on how ClearVPN differs from conventional VPN apps in the market.

TheSweetBits’ quick insights

ClearVPN is undoubtedly a powerful VPN service that you can rely on. This VPN client makes everything easy. We also found the performance and speed of VPN servers impressive. Together, the user experience from this service is up to the standard. Here are a few things we loved about this VPN service.

  • ClearVPN uses the same interactive UI on other desktop apps, mobile apps, and extensions.
  • Its wide range of VPN servers are fast and performance-friendly in our testing environments.
  • ClearVPN fares as an all-in-one VPN that offers balanced options for streaming, torrenting, etc.

TLDR: You can go for ClearVPN without a doubt.

The Setup

We found no surprises here. Downloading and installing ClearVPN on your Mac is effortless. You can get the installation file from the ClearVPN website.

Alternatively, you can get the ClearVPN Android and iOS from the Play Store and the App Store, respectively.

The installation took only a few seconds. Now, the setup process varies based on your purchase.

We installed ClearVPN through Setapp, an app subscription service that we love at SweetBits. So, as soon as we opened ClearVPN, the application signed us in via Setapp. That is, we could start the VPN service in a second.

But you will probably have to enter the username-password combination if you bought ClearVPN from the developer directly.

The user experience

At the time of writing, we have been testing the latest version of ClearVPN for more than a week. And we have a few comments on the unique User Interface design. We also had the opportunity to discuss the UI with Dmytro Yakovlev, ClearVPN’s Product Manager, in a recent interview. He explained that the focus on user-friendliness.

start 1

When you get started, you see a single page with a Connect button in the center. By default, ClearVPN will show your location and the IP address. You can click the button below to launch the sidebar with the full list of countries. Now, until this point, ClearVPN resembles every other VPN app we have tried.

But the sidebar menu makes all the difference in the world.

The country list sidebar gives you three options:

  1. Manually choose one of the countries as your location.
  2. Let ClearVPN select the optimal location for the connection.
  3. Select the streaming services that you need access to.


While the first two options are great yet common, we love the third option. Instead of worrying about the right location, you can tell ClearVPN that you need access to Disney+ US or Disney+ UK. Based on this idea, it will connect your computer to a suitable server. Amazing, isn’t it?

You can go further using hashtag categories such as #RichContent, #TopPrivacy, and #CostSaving. So, when you want maximum privacy while maybe reducing the speed. You can also look for combinations, which can save time.

Overall, the state-of-the-art UI upgrade makes a lot of difference.

The noteworthy features

Now, we shall look at some features that make ClearVPN different from other VPN apps we have tried in the past.

  • Incredibly Intuitive

Although we have seen intuitive VPN apps in the past, ClearVPN takes things to the next level. Its design frees us from worrying about aspects like latency or server locations. Instead, you can tell the VPN app what you want, and it will make an informed decision for you.

  • Multiple Options

Even though the ClearVPN app makes things easier, it does not take away the options for customization. For instance, there are times when you need to select a particular server location. You get to have these options when you pick something from the location list.

  • Dedicated Streaming

We can’t understate that ClearVPN has dedicated an entire section for optimized content streaming. In this mode, you get to select server locations that will unlock specific streaming platforms like Netflix, Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, etc. We tested most platforms, and they just worked! We didn’t face those annoying IP-based blockers, either.


  • Impressive Security

Despite being easy, ClearVPN remains one of the most secure options out there. For instance, it maintains industry-standard encryption across the server locations. This way, you can be sure that no one has access to what you are browsing on the internet. It works great with the no-logs policy of the service.

  • Torrenting Support

We also loved that ClearVPN does not restrict torrenting. You can pick the option for torrenting-enabled servers from the collection of major shortcuts. The best part is that you can choose between over 20 servers that come under the category. However, we cannot say that ClearVPN has the best torrenting speeds.

Please keep in mind that it is not an exhaustive list of features. We have not talked about basic features like an internet kill switch, either. However, it is important to note that ClearVPN checks all these essential boxes.

The speed & performance

Before we talk numbers, a little about our testing environment.

We used a fiber broadband connection as the baseline point for the speed. Here’s what we did. The Mac is the only device connected. The Speedtest results when not using ClearVPN and while using ClearVPN were tested.

Speedtest without ClearVPN:


Speedtest with ClearVPN:


There is almost a 70% drop in the speed, which is not great.

Here are some insights from the results:

  • We found that ClearVPN offers reasonable download and upload speeds, regardless of the server.
  • As shown in the screenshots, the speeds you can achieve through ClearVPN are good. They may be sufficient for basic browsing needs, but not for high-speed downloads, though.

But we should add that ClearVPN is not necessarily one of the fastest VPNs. And we won’t recommend it if you expect the highest download speeds. You should be ready for that drop from 250Mbps to 75Mbps on a bad day. On the bright side, it uses innovative technologies to ensure a balanced VPN experience.

The server options

Like its competitors, ClearVPN offers VPN servers located in different parts of the world.

The options are spread across Asia-Pacific, Europe, North America, South America, and the Middle East. While some of these servers are multifunctional, others have been dedicated to maximum privacy or speed.

We found it impressive that ClearVPN has followed some tactics to bring its features to countries that have restricted the use of VPNs. For instance, if a country asks the VPN service provider to make logs available, ClearVPN will set up a virtual server, which may be physically located elsewhere.

This way, users can enjoy the benefits of geo-based content unblocking and anonymity without forfeiting their data to the authorities. In this aspect alone, we can appreciate what ClearVPN has done.

The customer support

Like other products from MacPaw, ClearVPN also offers the benefit of high-priority and reliable customer support. In addition to the extensive Knowledge Base, which answers frequently asked questions, you can use email or live chat to get in touch with the customer support team.

Based on our experience, the customer support via live chat was not only courteous but also efficient. We did not have to wait for more than a minute, and ClearVPN support assured us that a representative would be connected to a request within two minutes.

Overall, we are very impressed by the courteousness and effectiveness of the ClearVPN support system.

The availability

For what it’s worth, ClearVPN offers official apps for the following platforms:

  • macOS
  • iOS
  • Windows
  • Android


You can also get the Safari extension to automatically turn on ClearVPN when you start browsing.

Similarly, we love that ClearVPN’s apps for all these platforms are well-built and optimized. You do not have to worry about lags or glitches while using the service.

The pricing & plans

We need to discuss the free and paid plans of ClearVPN.

The free version of ClearVPN is one of the best in its category. Perhaps the best thing about ClearVPN is that it does not restrict bandwidth, unlike its competitors. This means you can use the internet without any hassle, even if you want to download large files. However, you will not have access to the entire collection of VPN servers. Most of the intelligent features, such as Smart connections, are also missing in the free plan. So, if you want these features and the entire range of privacy-focused servers, you need to get the paid plan.

As we mentioned, the paid version of ClearVPN offers the complete package. You do not have to worry about restrictions at all. As far as pricing goes, you can get the service for as low as $3.75 per month. You can also save money if you opt for an annual subscription, which will cost you $92.95.

Kindly note that ClearVPN is now running a 30% off deal for TheSweetBits readers exclusively, simply apply the coupon sweetbits30 to get the deal (valid until December 31, 2024).

Even better, you can get ClearVPN through a Setapp subscription, which is available for around $10 per month. This is a great way to save money, as the Setapp subscription ensures access to hundreds of other macOS apps.

One thing we noticed about the pricing plan is that a single account can only be used on up to six devices. Upgrading to a premium plan does not change this number, which may be a limitation for some advanced users.

If we keep this aside, we believe the pricing plans from ClearVPN are reasonable and worth what you pay.

The questions you may have

Is it safe to use ClearVPN?

Yes, it is 100% safe to use ClearVPN according to our experience. The VPN service’s privacy policy works at multiple levels. For instance, the VPN apps do not consume unwanted system resources or leave any traces on your PC. More importantly, once connected, the no-logs policy of the VPN service kicks in, ensuring that your browsing/downloading history is never saved.

Does ClearVPN work with Netflix?

ClearVPN works with Netflix and other popular streaming platforms. The VPN app even picks the best location for streaming the platform that you want to unlock. For instance, if you wish to access content that is only available on Netflix UK, you have an option to do so.

Is the ClearVPN free version worth it?

The free version of ClearVPN is one of the best free VPNs we have come across. First and foremost, the VPN service does not restrict monthly bandwidth, but you can only connect to a few servers. So, if you want a hassle-free way to protect your online privacy, the ClearVPN free plan is worth considering.

What is the privacy policy of ClearVPN?

As one would expect, ClearVPN has a privacy policy that does not allow the sharing of user data. However, the VPN cannot collect data in the first place according to the no-logs policy. Therefore, the overall privacy policy of ClearVPN is user-friendly and reliable, to say the least.

Any ClearVPN alternatives available?

Yes, here are a few popular VPN providers offer different features and functionalities. Such as, ExpressVPN is known for its excellent speeds and strong security features; NordVPN offers advanced security features like double VPN and obfuscated servers; CyberGhost offers good server distribution and user-friendly apps, and more.

Who owns ClearVPN?

ClearVPN comes from MacPaw, a Ukrainian company that has been developing popular software products for Mac and iOS devices. The ClearVPN app has been notarized by Apple and offers the best level of security.

The verdict: is ClearVPN a good VPN?

In the end, we believe that ClearVPN is an overall good VPN service, particularly for users who prioritize ease of use and a balanced privacy solution.

Its intuitive interface with smart connection options makes it a breeze to navigate, even for beginners.

The free version offers unlimited bandwidth, making it a great choice for budget-conscious users who want basic security and privacy.

While ClearVPN may not be the fastest VPN on the market, it delivers reliable connections suitable for streaming and everyday browsing.

Overall, ClearVPN is worth checking out, especially if you value user-friendliness and a generous free tier.

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