ClickUp AI Review: Supercharge Your ClickUp Workflow

Reviews • April. 13, 2024

clickup ai

Feeling overwhelmed by endless tasks and juggling multiple projects in ClickUp? We’ve all been there. But what if there was an AI assistant built right into ClickUp to streamline your workflow and boost your productivity? Enter ClickUp AI, a powerful tool that promises to revolutionize the way you manage your tasks, documents, and more.

This review dives deep into ClickUp AI, exploring its features, functionalities, and its potential.

What does ClickUp AI do

ClickUp AI integrates several AI-powered features into the ClickUp dashboard, which is already a package of digital sweetness. You can get the assistance of AI in managing your schedule, optimizing documents, crafting the right responses, and automating routines.

  • You can use ClickUp AI to generate a wide variety of documents and other types of content.
  • It can interact with existing data, offering you insights such as summaries and go-to actions.
  • ClickUp AI also excels in brainstorming, generating sub-tasks, and offering department-specific tasks.

A quick look at pros and cons


  • It offers department-specific AI tools with custom tasks and fields.
  • You get a powerful writing assistant with support for multi-modal content.
  • The AI features are not intrusive; instead, they leave room for customization.


  • ClickUp AI lacks a noticeable strength of analytical AI tools.
  • The Search option with ClickUp AI leaves room for improvement.

A deep dive into ClickUp AI

We should start with a disclaimer, as usual, that you cannot judge the true value of ClickUp AI if you separate it from ClickUp. In our case, ClickUp has been the multipurpose platform it claims to be. That is, ClickUp did help us stop relying on multiple apps, instead using only ClickUp.

Therefore, our review explores how the AI assistant has helped us get things done more quickly and equally efficiently.

Getting started with ClickUp AI is pretty straightforward since it can be launched from a single button. This button works regardless of what you have opened—a document, your agenda, or something else. Then, you can ask the AI a question or choose one of the available tasks.

We will now take you through the best features we have found with ClickUp AI.

Department-specific AI tools and tasks

Many a time, AI assistants offer only a set of generic tasks. However, ClickUp AI is different in that it offers a growing collection of purpose-specific AI tools. You can select between these tasks, thanks to a great design of categories and listing options. For instance, you can select the popular tools or go to a specific department in your organization/life.

clickupai tasks

In the Popular collection, you find tasks like Write with AI, Write an Email, Improve Writing, Table with Data, etc. You can launch these tools and convert the data into a document or something else. But, when you go to a specific department, the AI tools become more specific and impressive.

clickupai project

For instance, in the Marketing department of ClickUp AI, you will find options to create a blog post, plan a marketing event, or do a customer survey, etc. Or, if you go to SEO, ClickUp AI can help you create an SEO brief or generate keyword clusters.

Writing and summarizing

We noticed that the writing and summarizing engines of ClickUp AI are intelligently optimized for the several needs of the user. Here are a couple of instances where we found these engines helpful.

For one, you can ask the writing engine to create almost everything and turn it into a document. In the same way, the AI assistant can understand your writing style and become a personal copywriting expert. We also noticed that the text generation tools offer a lot of room for customization.

clickupai summarize

The writing options are relevant within documents as well. For instance, if you have a table or a transcript in a document, you can ask ClickUp AI to summarize the entire thing for you. ClickUp also offers a dedicated way to insert Summary blocks.

In the end, you can evidently benefit from the writing assistance of ClickUp AI.

ClickUp pricing

ClickUp follows a simplified pricing structure. You can add the power of ClickUp AI into any premium plan by paying an additional $5. So, considering that the basic premium plan is ClickUp costs $7 per month, you can have the entire suite for simply $13 per month. In comparison to other AI assistants we have seen with platforms like Notion and ChatGPT, the pricing of ClickUp AI is quite reasonable.

ClickUp AI verdict

In the end, also considering how productive ClickUp is, ClickUp AI definitely adds value to the experience. It aligns with our search for digital sweetness at in many ways. For one, the AI features are not that intrusive. Instead, they complement the tasks you take up to improve your overall productivity.

There are a couple of limitations, though. For instance, the ClickUp AI assistant lacks many analytical features that we have seen on Notion AI. So, if your work/life requires analytical insights, you may need to build some custom automations.


Who uses ClickUp AI?

ClickUp AI is used by ClickUp users who need the power of generative AI within their ClickUp workspace. The AI can help you not only create but also optimize documents and other projects you manage with the core platform.

Is ClickUp AI effective?

Comparing our experience with what it claims to offer, ClickUp AI is definitely effective. It packs a number of features that are customized for unique departments. At the same time, general-purpose AI tools also leave more room for customization.

Which is the best alternative to ClickUp AI?

We should understand the fact that ClickUp AI is made for ClickUp, and not for any other platform. So, the closest best alternative we can find for ClickUp AI is Notion AI. But it means you have to shift your entire task management scene to Notion. A comprehensive comparison of ClickUp AI vs. Notion AI helps you understand their strengths and choose the best fit for your needs.

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