DemoCreator Review 2024: Features, Pros, Cons

Articles • Mar 15, 2024

DemoCreator review

Multiple software are available to enhance and upgrade the screen recording experience. In this scenario, choosing software for recording needs creates confusion, as arguably most offer the same.

We were in this very situation, searching for a software with customization options, when we stumbled upon Wondershare DemoCreator. It wasn’t just another screen recorder; it was an all-in-one powerhouse with AI editing and presentation capabilities.

Will this tool replace your conventional screen recording software and enhance your sweet productivity? Check out our thoughts on its core features and the pros and cons. Find the answer for yourself!

What does DemoCreator do?

DemoCreator goes beyond the basics of screen recording, offering an all-in-one solution for video creation. Here’s what it does:

  • Recording: Capture anything (whole screen, specific areas, camera/mic) with multi-track flexibility.
  • Editing: AI-powered tools (noise reduction, voice change) simplify editing with traditional options and effects library.
  • Presenting: Engage viewers with annotations, green screen, and the unique AI Virtual Avatar (AI-generated voices and avatars).

A quick look at Pros & Cons


  • Capture anything with multi-track flexibility.
  • Simplify edits AI-powered tools.
  • Personalize content with AI voices and avatars.
  • Enhance videos with rich effects library.
  • Free plan & cross-platform for easy experimentation and use.


  • Limited recording options (compared to specialized software)
  • Occasional need for additional editing tools
  • Video Effects Store lacks on-screen tutorials
  • Limited AI Virtual Avatar features

A deep dive into DemoCreator

DemoCreator empowers creators with an all-in-one video creation suite, combining screen recording, editing, and AI-powered tools for engaging presentations. We’ve checked the latest DemoCreator Version 7 for Windows, here is a summary of all its key features and our thoughts on it:

An alternative for non-editors

Forget the days when video recording felt like learning a whole new language! Today’s creators, especially those new to the scene, need tools that are simple and powerful. With smartphones as our cameras and social media platforms as our stages, anyone can record and create a presentation video. But who has the time or patience for complex editing software?

DemoCreator steps in as our editing shortcut. Packed with user-friendly features and an intuitive interface, the tool empowers anyone, regardless of experience, to jump right in and start creating. No technical skills required! DemoCreator streamlines the process, focusing on what matters most: recording, editing, adding personal effects to make your presentation truly pop.

A simple interface

When opening the program, the first thing we notice is a clean and organized interface. Everything is there; we don’t need to get help document to determine how the program works. In the main screenshot, clear labels like “Start a new demo project” or “Video editor” leave no room for confusion.

When we want to edit the recorded video, DemoCreator has a whole toolbox of video effects readily available. Annotations, transitions, even green screen – all just a click away. And when it’s time to save the demo, we can change the video format and other video settings (Encoder, Resolution, Frame Rate, BitRate).

An all-in-one solution

As we said, DemoCreator goes beyond basic recording. It’s your one-stop shop for creating engaging presentation videos.

Screen Recording

The DemoCreator offers the ability to record the screen in various scenarios. As a result, we could use it to the full extent without reaching out for other software.


Also, tools like screen area selection and adjusting factors like resolution and frames were beneficial while playing games. Next, the multi-track recording paired with free on-screen annotation deserves special attention as it allows you the flexibility to capture video, audio, and camera separately.

While everything was straight on point, we encountered a few scenarios, like a lack of options while recording gameplay, which didn’t let us gain complete control of the recording. Hence, compared to video recording software developed for specific recording purposes, we found it lacking.

Video Edits and Effects

After checking out multiple recording software, we have rarely come across those with a video editor built in it, except for a few prominent ones. While working with the video editor on DemoCreator, we could make complete use of it, considering DemoCreator has included all the necessary tools for video editing.


The annotation tools, multi-track recording, and the green screen effects are the most used as they are reliable for editing multiple work presentations.

Next, the AI tools for dubbing, voice change, denoise, facial beautification, recognition, and auto-capture deserve special attention, considering they can significantly enhance and edit the recording.

Even though the AI tools give DemoCreator a fair advantage, we noticed it struggling in certain situations, which led us to rely on conventional video editing software.

While the effective video recording and editor make the DemoCreator enough to make it stand out, it also offers a Video Effects [SFX] Store.


To test its capability, we tried a few effects and were able to add them to the video with a little struggle. The reason behind it is the lack of on-screen tutorials, but on referring to the knowledge base, we figured out how to include them.

The best part about the store is the categories, which saved us time searching. While DemoCreator addresses that the store is for everyone, we felt it is beneficial specifically for students, gamers, and social media users after testing.

Video Presentation

Video presentations were always challenging to get it right. However, with the DemoCreator, we got it right like we wanted, with a smooth and composed delivery, thanks to the AI teleprompter, as the script can be controlled and managed to the desired comfort.

Next, integrating with different live streaming platforms and video conferencing applications has allowed us to present and share our works without file and platform restrictions.

Even though we hadn’t faced significant issues, the issue was the toolbar and its icons, as we accidentally clicked on them during the presentation.

AI Virtual Avatars & Features

While AI Virtual Avatar is part of DemoCreator’s recording capabilities, the reason for discussing it separately is its unique offering, which is rarely seen in video recording software.


To us, it did a great job while creating tutorials and work-related videos. The ability to use AI voice, adjust aspect ratio, and import VRM models has made it reliable, and irrespective of the user, it can be used without hesitation. Also, the new AI teleprompter, for managing scripts is reliable and can enhance productivity.

However, the collection of 30 characters felt limiting, and the AI dubbing could be better as it did struggle to get the tone and punctuations right in some scenarios.

DemoCreator pricing

Individual Plans:

  • Free: Limited features, watermarked exports.
  • Monthly: $15; Full access at an affordable monthly rate.
  • Yearly: $59.99; Complete access, but might not suit everyone.
  • Perpetual: $75 (one-time); Lifetime access with some feature limitations.

Business Plans: Customized: Contact for details; Tailored for teams with volume discounts and multi-user control.

Educational Plan: $29.99 per user: Affordable, full access for students and educators with free updates.


Who is the DemoCreator Good For?

DemoCreator is used by educators, students, business owners, marketers, engineers, HR professionals, and gamers. It supports activities such as online education, product explainers, employee onboarding, and knowledge sharing​​​​.

Is DemoCreator effective?

Yes, DemoCreator is effective, offering comprehensive tools for video content creation like screen recording, game recording, and video editing.

What is the best alternative to DemoCreator?

OBS Studio is a notable alternative, being free and open-source. Also, you can consider using an inbuilt Windows screen recorder if you’re not interested in using third-party software.

DemoCreator verdict

DemoCreator isn’t just like every other conventional video recording software and wants to solve the problem by offering everything needed in one place. Adding AI and standard tools for arguably all purposes has made it futuristic and enhanced productivity.

While we did notice issues, none are too problematic except for the lack of on-screen tutorials and AI struggling to get the correct result in certain situations. An intuitive interface and better-trained AI tools would make it a preferable choice over its competitors in the market.

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