Get This Duplicate Remover Suite Bundle at 25% Off

Deals • April 3, 2020

tidyup bundle

Duplicate Remover Suite is a set of two Mac software apps which allows you to monitor and report the duplicates are created, find and remove duplicate files. The bundle of apps will help you to keep your Mac clean and efficient.

Total VALUE:

* Tidy Up 5 – $34.99  (Three-devices licenses)
* Umbrella – $25.99  (Three-devices licenses)

DISCOUNT OFF: two apps for $39.95 only (original total price: $60), save 25%


Tidy Up 5

Tidy Up 5 is our pick of fully-feature professional duplicate remover. The app is the new generation of modern and efficient disk tidiness. It can do a ton, and if you deal with duplicate files regularly you need it.

  • Help you find and manage any duplicates that are taking up unnecessary space.
  • Let you set your own criteria to ensure that every search brings up exactly what you’re looking for. You can find only the needed item kinds by refining in depth the criteria to use when performing the search.
  • Search and collect duplicates directly in the supported apps (Lightroom, Photos, iTunes, Mail, Aperture and iPhoto);
  • Capable of scanning any drive or disk that is mounted to your system (including network drives, disc images, optical discs, portable hard drives, USB Flash drives, etc.).
  • Feature an easy to navigate interface, fast and accurate.


Prevention is better than cure. Umbrella is duplicate-prevention tool that monitors the folder content and reports the duplicates the moment they are created. The duplicates are automatically marked for fast removal. Umbrella is a perfect Tidy Up 5 complement, and used together they will review and remove duplicate files efficiently.

  • Monitor any folder of your hard drives in real time.
  • Customize criteria to determine the duplicates.
  • Automatic mark for a fast removal.
  • Removal of only the marked items of the selected file type.
  • Multiple files preview.
  • Full integration with Tidy Up 5.

Get the suite now!

All of that can be yours for just $39.95 exclusively for TheSweetBits readers, saving you 25% off the regular price. Whether you deal with files or photos randomly or regularly, this is a great utility for your Mac, and you’ll want to grab it here.