Elephas AI Review: Unleash Seamless AI Writing Across Your Mac

Reviews • April. 19, 2024

Elephas AI

Imagine having an AI writing assistant that follows you wherever you write on your Mac. No more switching between apps, no more sacrificing precious time. Elephas AI aims to revolutionize your workflow by seamlessly integrating ChatGPT across your entire system.

This review dives deep into Elephas AI, exploring its features, effectiveness, cons and more.

What does Elephas AI do

Elephas AI is a personal AI writing assistant that works across your Mac. Unlike other writing assistants that are exclusively available on some apps, Elephas AI can be used on top of all apps as long as you have a writing field.

  • Use OpenAI ChatGPT to create, optimize, and convert writing from different apps.
  • Make use of context-aware AI features to smartly reply to emails and messages.
  • Use the Super Brain to elucidate complex information and access it via interaction.

A quick look at pros and cons


  • Easy-to-control access to ChatGPT features from anywhere on your Mac.
  • A well-curated collection of content optimization and repurposing utilities.
  • Super Brain is feature-rich enough to replace multiple apps for AI-powered reading.


  • You need to use a personal OpenAI API for Elephas AI.

A deep dive into Elephas AI

As content creators, we often need the power of AI writing assistants. You may want to send a professional email or convert a piece of information into something worth sharing on social media. But almost all the writing assistants we have tested in the past were exclusive to specific platforms. And it is inconvenient to copy-and-paste all content between your apps and ChatGPT, right?

Elephas AI appears to have addressed these issues and presented an AI writing assistant that works across your Mac. As an AI writing assistant for Mac, Elephas AI addresses three major areas: on-demand writing access, Super Brain, and context-aware AI automations. Let’s talk about the performance in these sections.

On-demand AI writing assistance, available everywhere

Elephas AI has done an impressive job integrating its AI assistant tool into the core of macOS. It means you can access the AI writing assistant service from the app whenever you want. As long as there is a text field, you will be able to use the features.

ElephasAI write

Conveniently enough, the user interface for Elephas AI finds its place in the menu bar. Whenever you need it, you can launch the same using a keyboard combination. Or, on supported devices, you can find an Elephas button whenever you select a piece of text.

The Writing Assistant utility is well-optimized for the various content creation needs. In addition to checking grammar, improving writing, and translating content, Elephas AI can help you with purpose-specific content, such as the one for a tweet or a blog post.

Super brain makes it easy to interact with complex information

Elephas AI also packs a Super Brain utility that is a goldmine for researchers. Instead of going through many texts individually, you can create a custom Super Brain via Elephas, which will gather data from PDF, Word, Notion, and webpage documents. After this, you can chat with the Super Brain to gather insights.

ElephasAI brain

We used this feature while preparing something for a research project. We were able to chat with the Super Brain, which provided us with insightful responses. Similarly, the Smart Reply feature used all the information the Super Brain had learned from the documents.

We notice that these super brains are not instantly created. Instead, you have to wait for a few minutes as the brain learns from all the documents that you have uploaded. But once you have done that, this super brain becomes an excellent communicator.

For instance, if you want to find out the definition of something, you can just ask. This assistant will provide you with not just the information, but also the reference for it.

Context-aware writing assistant across domains

We also appreciate the context-aware features that Elephas AI has integrated into this application. For one, it can understand where the AI tool is being summoned and optimize the response accordingly. For instance, even if you offer the same input from two places—one, an email response field and another, a Word file—Elephas AI is intelligent enough to tell the difference.

As a result, the final text you receive from the AI will contain the context that it has learned. We found the power of the same context-aware assistance in features like Smart Reply and Content Repurposing. It is also great that Elephas AI Assistant can help you with Google Sheets formula.

ElephasAI prompts

You can also access an optimized collection of prompts that you can use with Elephas AI. Together, the AI assistant becomes an intuitive part of your macOS experience. This way, you can avoid the hassle of shifting between apps, instead focusing on content.

Elephas AI pricing

Elephas AI is currently available for Mac devices and the monthly subscription costs $5. However, by paying $5 per month, you can also access the iOS app. You should also keep in mind that Elephas AI wants you to use your personal API key for OpenAI. Therefore, using the service would also incur the fees from ChatGPT.

Elephas AI verdict

From our experience, it is easy to say that Elephas AI is one of the best AI-powered writing assistants you can find online. And we really wish that the tool becomes available for Windows, so that the Windows users can also enjoy the power of artificial intelligence.

In terms of pricing, it might seem a little higher, but it would not be a problem for those who already have a paid plan from OpenAI. And because you are using the personal API, there is no concern of privacy.


Who uses Elephas AI?

Elephas AI is useful for marketers, content writers, business professionals, and technical professionals. Depending on your role, you can focus on the feature set from the AI writing assistant. As long as you have a Mac device, you can enjoy the power of ChatGPT across the device, no matter which app you are using.

Is Elephas AI Effective?

According to multiple reviews and our hands-on experience, Elephas AI is incredibly effective in doing what it claims to do. For instance, it enables context-aware writing assistance across Mac devices. The features are well integrated with macOS so that you don’t have to worry about readability. It also takes care of privacy because you can use your personal API for ChatGPT.

Which is the best alternative to Elephas AI?

It is honestly very difficult to find an exact alternative to Elephas AI. The reason as we mentioned earlier is that most AI tools tend to be exclusively available for specific applications. If that is not a problem for you, you can check out many AI-powered writing assistants available for Word or Notion.

In addition to this, there are many brand-specific AI tools as well. For instance, if you use ClickUp for managing all your documents, you can use ClickUp AI, which offers incredible writing assistance.

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