Gemini 2 Wins Red Dot Communication Design Award

News • Nov.20, 2017

gemini reddot award

Gemini 2, comes from Ukrainian Mac and iOS developer MacPaw, recently received the Red Dot Award in UI design in the Communication Design category, which marked the FIRST win for macOS apps on Red Dot.

About Red Dot Award

Red Dot Award is an international product design and communication design competition that gives out quality marks to the best submitted designs in their respective fields.

Red Dot Award tracks trends and awards some of the most creative and innovative designs from around the world.

About Gemini 2

Gemini 2 is our favorite de-duplication macOS application that finds duplicate files on your Mac and helps you free up space by deleting them.

The app design is very clear, beautiful and easy to understand.

As Red Dot GmbH commented on the app below:

Its simple “scan-clean-done” mode allows the user to do this job without digging deeper into the interface. Unlike many utilities, the app does not look utilitarian: its design uses the space theme, unwittingly set by its name, to lighten the mood. The sci-fi-inspired visualisation of the achievements gives the user a sense of reward, makes a tedious process more fun and helps to accomplish vital product goals, such as increasing engagement.

Congratulations to Gemini, congratulations to MacPaw, keep up the great work!

If you want to explore more of the great app, click here to download a free trial now.