HitPaw Photo AI: Features, Pros, and Cons Reviewed

Reviews • April. 19, 2024

hitpaw photoai review

As content creators, we often encounter great images with poor resolution. Using such images compromises the user experience, which is where HitPaw Photo AI comes in as a reliable solution. We tested this AI photo tool extensively, and here are our insights.

What does HitPaw Photo AI do?

HitPaw Photo Enhancer, also known as HitPaw Photo AI, is an all-in-one image enhancer tool you can use on your PC and Mac. It lets you enhance the quality of images without incurring pixelation or quality loss. It also creates an environment where you can unblur images and remove noise. This AI-powered image optimizer tool also lets you sharpen and upscale images in a single click.

  • Use the AI to upscale and optimize images to higher qualities up to 8K resolution.
  • Use the power of generative AI to restore old photos and remove blurry parts and noise.
  • Batch processing allows you to optimize multiple images using minimal system resources.

A quick look at pros and cons


  • Intuitive User Interface that allows effortless customization and selection of models.
  • Lossless upscaling options for images, regardless of the AI model being used.
  • Built-in AI tools in the package, allowing for background and object removal.


  • The free plan adds a watermark to all images (no free trial options.)

A deep dive into HitPaw Photo AI

HitPaw Photo AI is a tool that enhances and optimizes your images with the help of generative AI, while also maintaining the best quality up to 8K.

It does not require registration or additional processes for setup. We also noticed that the app does not consume many resources. Instead, you can download the various AI models as you need them.

A clean and simple interface

HitPaw Photo AI comes an exceptionally straightforward and clean user interface. When you launch the app, you can load images by either dragging and dropping them onto the interface or browsing through your drives to select individual or multiple files.

photoai interface

Upon loading an image, Photo AI scans for subjects, human faces, and image quality issues, then automatically generates suggested corrections. A panel on the right side of the screen provides a selection of controls to fine-tune these automatic adjustments.

When working with multiple images, you can apply corrections to all images in the filmstrip simultaneously, eliminating the need to process each one individually.

Multiple AI image models you can count on

As an all-in-one image enhancer, HitPaw Photo AI offers multiple options you can explore. The best part is that they are available in an on-demand basis. For instance, if you simply want to improve the image quality, you can use the General AI model. On the other hand, if you are working with portraits, the Face AI Model will be a better option.

hitpaw photoai model

On the bright side, HitPaw Photo AI is not heavy on system resources. We also loved the option to preview different models and compare them in a single click. For instance, we could easily compare the results from Colorize and Color Calibration models. It also comes in handy that you can see how the image differs in the Low-light model.

Advanced customization options for most models

Compared to other image enhancer apps we have tested, HitPaw Photo AI offers advanced customization tools. These tools are available on most models. For instance, while using the Face AI model, you have the option to select multiple faces and optimize them. Once again, you can choose between multiple models like Soft, Soft (v2), and Sharp.

hitpaw photoai color

Conveniently, all these AI models allow you to enhance the image resolution. And, when going deep into the face model, you would notice the tiny improvements. The soft option from the face model will attempt to make the photograph more appealing by removing noise and other issues. And it is impressive that we can go ahead and edit the brightness and other aspects.

You can also ask the tool to choose the suitable model according to the image. The export settings also are practical because you can control the export format, DPI and whether to keep EXIF data on the image. As far as performance is concerned, the app lets you control the maximum number of active tasks and whether to enable high-resolution acceleration.

Lossless image upscaling

Many tools make the promise of upscaling images to 4K and 8K, but they are many a time less effective. But, HitPaw Photo AI is an exceptional case, indeed. We tried a wider variety of low-resolution photos including portraits and graphics. In all cases, the AI model could provide an improved photograph while keeping the file size to minimum.

hitpaw photoai upscale

We believe this is something we should appreciate in the HitPaw Photo AI package. Once again, thanks to its advanced customization options for exporting, you can maintain the desired quality and file format.

Finally, we believe the additional tools in the HitPaw Photo AI package also deserve praise. Even though the free version only limited attempts, it is great that you can try the background remover and object remover. And we found that both these tools offer one of the best accuracy levels.

ID photo and AI portraits

The latest HitPaw Photo AI version introduces ID Photo Maker functionality, allowing you to generate ID photos meeting exact specifications for passports, visas, and more with just a few clicks. It also offers AI Portraits, enhancing facial features, removing blemishes, and changing backgrounds, with over 50 art styles for creative expression.

As a frequent user of photo editing software, I found this version to be a significant upgrade. The ID Photo Maker is a game-changer for quickly creating professional ID photos, while the AI Portraits feature simplifies portrait editing for all skill levels. However, while the variety of art styles is extensive, there may still be limitations for users seeking highly specialized or niche artistic effects. Additionally, the processing speed for high-resolution images could be improved.

The pricing

HitPaw Photo AI offers a free version that allows you to preview all AI models. But you need a premium plan to export the images. On the bright side, the background remover tool offers three free attempts.

As far as the premium plan is concerned, you can get a one-month subscription for $24.99 or a one-year plan for $99.99. You can also go for a perpetual license, which will set you back at $159.99. We find it impressive that you can choose the pricing plan that suits you. Its PC versions are less expensive, though.

The verdict

Overall, HitPaw Photo AI offers a smooth image enhancement experience on Mac and Windows devices. For the price you pay, the available AI models are great and provide a lot of value. It is also great that you can make use of local system resources for better speed and performance.


Who uses HitPaw Photo AI?

HitPaw Photo AI is great for content creators and regular consumers who want to get the best of artificial intelligence in photo editing. This tool makes it easy to enhance photographs and remove unwanted elements from the images, while also improving the resolution of the images.

Is HitPaw Photo AI Effective?

In our experience, HitPaw Photo AI is incredibly effective in all the sections it claims to make a difference. For instance, the object removal tool and the different AI models work flawlessly, and you don’t have to worry about the lack of customization.

Which is the best alternative to HitPaw Photo AI?

You can find many web-based AI image enhancer and image upscaling tools out there. For instance, Cutout.pro and Vance AI are some options you can find. Many of the photo editing tools nowadays come with AI-powered utilities. We would say that there are countless alternatives to HitPaw Photo AI out there.

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