Hoppy Copy: An Honest Review & Beginner’s Guide

Reviews • May 23, 2024


Did you know that 73% of marketers say email marketing offers the best return on investment (ROI) for their efforts? Yet, crafting compelling emails can be incredibly time-consuming. Enter Hoppy Copy. This review explores Hoppy Copy, an AI-driven email writing platform tailored to help busy marketers streamline their workflow and boost productivity.

TheSweetBits’ key takeaways

  • Hoppy Copy streamlines content creation with user-friendly AI tools and a variety of templates.
  • Boost productivity and overcome writer’s block with features like Rewrite, Expand, and AI Chat.
  • Craft high-quality emails with built-in spam checking and a focus on brand consistency.
  • Ideal for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and content creators who prioritize efficiency.

First impressions

I remember the first time I was creating an email campaign, juggling multiple tasks that required my full attention and creativity. After trying several AI email apps, I found the desired results but had to experiment with prompts and make revisions, costing time and money.


Then I stumbled upon Hoppy Copy. Skeptical at first, I decided to give it a shot due to its curated AI tools. To my surprise, it worked as advertised and was easy to use. Hoppy Copy didn’t just help me meet my deadline; it transformed how I approached content creation entirely.

Let me share how this AI-powered tool revolutionized my workflow, including the features I liked and some areas for improvement.

What I like most about Hoppy Copy

AI-powered editor

Hoppy Copy features a Notion-like editor with AI capabilities, and with these, you can enhance your productivity and refine the content. These AI tools can be accessed from the menu bar at the top, which features Rewrite, Continue, Shorten, Expand, Tone, and many more.

To put it to the test, I tried writing an email and using the tools offered, but I was provided with promising results. While it does a reliable job, ensure you give it a look and edit to make it refined and free of errors.

Spam check

Hoppy Copy’s Spam Check, while it is a part of the editor, deserves attention as it is a crucial offering. With this tool, you can automatically find words that might send your emails to the spam folder and replace them with better ones.


To test if it works as advertised, I generated a sample email using its AI capabilities and the Spam Checker. For us, the text felt natural, and the Spam checker approved it as well.


Hoppy Copy’s Designs are curated according to several design requirements and user needs. While this is it, the best part about the templates is that they are editable using the built-in editor with AI features.

HoppyCopy Designs

To create a blog for our website, I used a template that could be used without restrictions and felt covered. While there are no issues, I felt that there could be more templates on offer.

Media support

The Media support comes in handy, especially for newsletters, Social media posts, and Websites. Using it is convenient as it offers free GIFs and images to use while offering the flexibility to upload images.

HoppyCopy images

While this is a standard offering, Hoppy Copy stands out with its text-to-image generator powered by AI. The results are promising, but if you’re giving it a try, ensure to change the style according to the text to avoid unreliable results.


Hoppy Copy offers an inbuilt monitoring tool to check thousands of emails from leading brands. With this tool, you can follow a new brand and automatically collect their emails.

To test it, I tracked a website and was able to preview a few emails. These can be used for reference and to gather insights to write better emails. While this is reliable, it would be better to expand their tracking as I had difficulty finding newly established websites.

Brand library

The Brand Library lets you store brand info and voice, images, products, and publisher info so you can easily access and use it for all your projects. This way, you can keep all your essential materials in one place and use them whenever you need them, saving you time and effort.

I put it to the test by adding our brand details, and as advertised, I was able to use it with any template of our liking with ease.

What I’d like to change about Hoppy Copy

While Hoppy Copy has enhanced my productivity and helped save time by automating content with ease, Hoppy Copy lacks a few, and here is what I’d like to change:

  • I want more design templates to choose from.
  • The text-to-image feature sometimes doesn’t match my style; it needs more flexibility.
  • I wish the email tracking could include newer and less-known brands, too.
  • More guidance on how to use advanced features would help.
  • It would be great to have more detailed analytics on how my content performs.
  • I think the pricing could be more flexible for small teams or individual users.

How to use Hoppy Copy to create emails

I used Hoppy Copy to generate content for various purposes, and it has been reliable for most of my purposes. While using Hoppy Copy, I noticed most people around me struggle to generate content, especially while writing emails, and I realized how well Hoppy Copy has enhanced my productivity.

# Writing an email with Hoppy Copy

With an easy-to-use interface and on-screen instructions, it is easy to work with Hoppy Copy. However, Hoppy Copy can turn confusing with its multiple writing tools, and in the case of an Email, there are around 25 writing tools. Hence, here are easy steps to guide you in writing an email with Hoppy Copy.

  1. Start by navigating to the home screen of Hoppy Copy and search for Email in the search box provided.
  1. Now, select the desired writing tool that matches your requirements. However, if you’re unsure, proceed with Multipurpose Email.multiemail
  1. With the Multipurpose email tool loaded, navigate to the input box on the left and provide inputs in the input box under “What do you want to cover?” Also, set the tone and format to your liking.emalset
  1. After you fill in the necessary inputs, Hoppy Copy uses its AI chat capabilities to generate an email. If you’re happy with the generated content, click on Insert into document.

# Using AI chat with Hoppy Copy

AI Chat is embedded with the writing tools of Hoppy Copy. However, if you want to use it separately, here are steps for it with an example.

  1. Navigate to the options on the left and click on AI Chat to access it.aichat
  1. After the AI chat is loaded, be specific while providing inputs like product or service, the goal, target audience, and any other relevant details in the input box provided.
  1. If you get it right, you will have the content generated instantly (refer to the prompt used for reference).aicreate

Who is Hoppy Copy for?

Hoppy Copy is a perfect fit for busy content creators of all stripes. Small businesses, entrepreneurs, and individual creators can leverage AI assistance to generate high-quality content quickly and efficiently. Even larger marketing teams can streamline email creation with Hoppy Copy’s powerful features.

Is Hoppy Copy legit?

Absolutely! Hoppy Copy is a real and reliable AI-powered writing tool designed specifically for crafting high-converting email copy. Unlike some AI tools that scrape information from the web, Hoppy Copy is programmed with proven copywriting formulas to generate effective content.

Is Hoppy Copy free?

No, Hoppy Copy offers tiered subscription plans to cater to different needs. However, they do provide a generous 7-day free trial with no credit card required. This allows you to explore the platform’s features and see if it aligns with your workflow before committing.

Here’s a breakdown of their plans:

  • Starter ($23/month): Ideal for solopreneurs and creators, this plan provides 20,000 words/month, AI image generation, and competitor monitoring to streamline email creation.
  • Pro ($39/month): The popular Pro plan caters to individuals and small teams, offering 100,000 words/month, expanded features for content creation, and support for up to 3 users.
  • Pro+ ($79/month): Designed for growing teams, this plan unlocks unlimited design exports, increased competitor monitoring, and 300,000 words/month for efficient content generation. It also supports up to 5 users.

Try Hoppy Copy today

Hoppy Copy isn’t just an AI writing tool, it’s a productivity booster for the modern content creator. By offering a helping hand with repetitive tasks, Hoppy Copy allows you to focus on what matters most – crafting compelling content and engaging your audience. While pricing structures might vary, the core functionality makes it a valuable option for anyone looking to overcome writer’s block and streamline their workflow.

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