iMobie Vozard review: a conventional but fun AI voice changer software

Reviews • April. 2, 2024

vozard review

Ever dream of having a voice like your favorite video game character? Or maybe you just want to add a touch of fun and mystery to your online chats. We’ve all been there! Introducing iMobie Vozard, an AI-powered voice changer for Windows and Mac that promises to transform your voice in real-time or pre-recorded content.

We took iMobie Vozard for a spin to see if it lives up to the hype. Here’s the inside scoop on its features, capabilities, and whether it’s the perfect tool for your vocal adventures.

What does iMobie Vozard do

iMobie Vozard uses AI to provide a complete and flexible experience for changing voices. These AI capabilities are specifically curated to create and alter voices, ensuring that the resulting sounds are realistic, of good quality, and suitable for various situations.

  • Mimic characters, alter pitch, create unique voices – real-time or pre-recorded.
  • Prank friends in chats, add voices to streams, create engaging voice-overs.
  • Browse 150+ sound effects, inject humor and personality into your voice.

A quick look at pros and cons


  • Comes with 150+ lifelike sound effects suitable for multiple purposes.
  • Offers customization to adjust the voice to your liking.
  • Comes with Real-time and Recorded Mode.
  • Compatible with most prominent gaming, chatting online, or live streaming platforms.


  • Not all sound effects are paired with AI capabilities.
  • While there is a free plan, it is extremely restricted, often leading users to opt for the paid plan.
  • The one and three-month subscriptions are overpriced, leaving the one-year subscription and perpetual license as the ideal choice.

A deep dive into iMobie Vozard

Unlike other tools/software developed for this purpose, iMobie Vozard goes simple by offering a straightforward interface and features. Although the limited number of features might be concerning, Vozard generally receives positive feedback as it includes all the essentials of a basic voice changer.

Wide range of sounds

Vozard offers realistic voice modifications, including the ability to mimic well-known characters and personalities. The voices are well-categorized, making them easy to use without a steep learning curve.

While this is common with most software in its segment, iMobie Vozard stands out with its AI capabilities, where it can analyze and mimic different characters’ tonal qualities and speech patterns.

Besides the above, manually adjusting parameters like Pitch Shift, Throat Width, Pitch Length, etc, is an added advantage.

vozardai realtime

Real-time mode

While there aren’t many issues with the sound effects it offers, the first limitation that we have come across is the lack of AI support with all sound effects. As a result, you’re forced to use certain voices/sounds for the AI to kick in and generate advanced-quality audio.

If you ask us if there is a difference between the AI voices and those without AI support, we have put it to the test by enabling the real-time mode on Discord and asking other participants in the call to rate the accuracy, and they were biased towards the AI voices.

However, irrespective of our voice, the accuracy sometimes went too off randomly. While the reason is unclear, we recommend using a good microphone, ensuring a stable internet connection, and meeting system requirements to potentially mitigate this issue.

vozardai record

Recorded mode

With Vozard generating decent results in real-time mode and being able to keep up with its promise of compatibility with other platforms, we shifted our attention to Vozard’s Recorded mode.

To get started, we set up the mic and started recording, and after finishing the recording, we faced the same issue that occurred with the real-time mode, where only a few voices were paired with AI mode. Hence, you don’t get the same level of audio accuracy with other voices.

We soon realized that this issue was persistent across the software. Hence, we ignored it and verified the voice change of pre-recorded/existing audio.

As we have expected, the limitation hasn’t gone. However, the results of the voice-converted audio for the uploaded audio are decent and can be relied on. Apart from this, the ability to support multiple audio formats gives you the feeling of being completely covered.

Vozard pricing

  • Free Trial Version: Limited voice effects, with complete features available in the Pro/Paid version.Monthly Package: $12.99 for use on 2 computers.
  • Quarterly Package: $19.99 for use on 2 computers.
  • Yearly Package: $29.99 for use on 2 computers.
  • Perpetual License: $49.99 for use on 2 computers; Lifetime Updates Free.

All paid features have similar features, and purchasing an extended subscription doesn’t add any benefits except for the price drop. While the pricing doesn’t feel convincing, the additional benefits for teachers/students and the 60-day money-back guarantee program greatly ease the inconvenience.

Vozard verdict

While iMobie Vozard delivers on its basic promises, our verdict lands somewhere between “giggles & glitches.” On the plus side, it’s fun! The real-time mode lets you prank friends in gaming chats or voice act silly characters. Plus, its compatibility with various platforms offers flexibility for content creation.

However, the limitations hold it back from serious use. Only half the voices have AI magic, and the accuracy can be wonky at times. Plus, the pricing feels a bit steep for what you get.

Overall, iMobie Vozard is a decent choice for casual fun with AI voices, but remember, for serious audio needs, consider premium audio tools or online voice converters.


Who’s Vozard for?

iMobie Vozard isn’t just any voice changer; it’s your AI-powered vocal companion. Whether you’re a gamer spicing up your Fortnite matches with wacky accents, a live streamer captivating viewers with unique character voices, or an online chatter adding a dash of laughter to Discord calls, Vozard empowers you to transform your voice in real-time or prerecorded content.

Are voice changers legal to use?

In most cases, using a voice changer is perfectly legal. However, some online games and platforms might have specific rules against voice modification. It’s always a good idea to check the terms of service before using Vozard to avoid any issues.

Is iMobie Vozard effective?

Yes, iMobie Vozard effectively changes voices with AI, offering realistic sound modifications and compatibility with major platforms.

Which is the best alternative to iMobie Vozard?

While specific alternatives depend on user needs, software like AudioDirector365 and Voicemod are popular for similar voice-changing features and compatibility.

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