The New IObit Advanced SystemCare PRO 17 Review

Reviews • Updated on Oct. 18, 2023

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Often we face issues regarding our Windows PC getting slower over time, and the ultimate solution we end up making is to replace it with a new one. But that’s not the only solution that is left for us to take.

The main cause behind this might be the piling up of unwanted trash in our devices, including junk files and other unimportant data and apps. As a result, this maximizes the RAM’s storage space, making the OS pretty slow and late to respond.

With that being said, this issue can be easily solved using a responsive UI. This will help to clean your device and to optimize the OS for a smooth experience in the future. Moreover, this will help you to save money without utilizing it on a new PC.

But to do this process one by one is time-consuming. And that is where a PC Optimizer tool comes and the latest in the market is the new IObit Advanced SystemCare Pro 17. It has all the essential features you look for in a PC Optimizer tool and some features that have been improved with the new version.

Without further delay, let us discuss in depth about this app and its unique features to help improve the functioning of your PC.

The what’s new

IObit’s new Advanced SystemCare Pro 17 is your ultimate rescue from a Windows PC that slows down your workflow. The new version has been introduced with excellent improvements and a few additional features for the users to have a great experience with the app. The following is an overview of the new and improved features introduced with the Advanced SystemCare Pro 17.

AI Mode – The new version comes with an AI mode that helps to clean your PC thoroughly depending on the PC’S performance status and optimization habits. Further, it detects any risky files and data in your device and immediately removes them, making your PC perform faster.

Firewall Protection – With the increase in cyber threats and crimes, protecting your data and information has become essential. Securing your system with technologies that help you detect these online risks is necessary. A firewall is a fantastic example of such a technology. The advanced SystemCare Pro comes with this and protects your system and data by keeping the Firewall running.

Software Health – Updating the several softwares and services you constantly use on your PC is necessary for it to function well in the long run. Updating also helps to protect your PC from vulnerable situations that can enable attackers to use it for various cyber threats. The new Advanced SystemCare Pro can be used to update all your programs. It will ensure that your system works smoothly and is risk-free from malicious threats.

Real-time Tuneup – As we mentioned in the introduction, one of the main reasons for our PC to slow down is not having enough free space in your RAM. Therefore, optimizing memory and space by cleaning and removing unwanted files is essential. With Advanced SystemCare Pro, you can monitor the complete performance of your PC in real-time and automatically release more disk space and RAM for better use.

Startup Optimization – This feature ensures you experience a faster startup by controlling the programs launched at the startup. By disabling the unwanted apps that are launched during the startup process, your device can have a startup process that is 200% faster than before. The lastest version has a significant amount of improvement in the Startup Manage Database. Subsequently, this will increase the speed of the startup base by at least 45% compared to the last version.

The workflow

Advanced SystemCare Pro finds different issues in your PC and fixes them within minutes. Every process regarding this app is simple and automatic. When you consider all the apps used for cleaning PCs, Advanced SystemCare Pro has the easiest and quickest installation with a clean, modern interface. You can download the setup file from the official website of IObit.


The one thing to be noted about the new version is that it is almost 10 MB larger than the file size of the PRO 15 version. That means the file size is around 48 MB but it only took me a few minutes to complete the installation, so it wasn’t a problem. It is also great that even though the app has a lot of tools, it will never slow your PC, regardless of the number of features you decide to use.

You can download any of the features you like and try for a quick scan. Now you should be able to further do your work smoothly without facing any issues. Each tool with a feature has a mouse-hover explanation about its functions. This lets you know their functions and uses.

Advanced SystemCare Pro contains a desktop widget showing your PC’s CPU and RAM usage. You can also get a scanning report after you proceed to scan. This will further enhance your experience and help you figure out which issues must be tackled first and given the most priority.

My scan took around 30 minutes to finish, and I was presented with a list of issues that should be resolved. I immediately went through the “Junk files” and deleted all unwanted files. Then I click the “Fix” button to remove these files from my PC. This process takes around 5-10 minutes and could be a little longer, depending on the size and number of junk files that should be removed. Once this process is completed, the app gives you an overall view of the fixes it has done and the amount of data it could save.

The features we love

Many useful Optimization features are available with the new IObit Advanced Systemcare Pro 17. It is not possible to list every one of these features. Therefore we will go through the most used and beneficial features. These features are listed on the left side panel of the app and can be accessed easily within a few clicks.

Speed up tool

This is the section that includes different features that help to improve and maximize the speed of your system. As we discussed earlier, features such as Startup Optimizer and Real-time Tuneup can be found in this section. Startup Optimizer helps to manage the Startup items. It disables unwanted apps during the process, and Real-time Tuneup makes sure to optimize the performance of your PC by introducing Performance Monitor and Auto RAM Clean.


Turbo Boost is another tool that can remove unwanted services by turning it on for regular monitoring of the system’s performance. Hardware Accelerator can update the device drivers, and App/Extension Cleaner is to remove malicious extensions from the browsers you use. There is also an option called More Optimization Tools, which includes advanced features such as Smart RAM and Internet Booster. These features improve your device’s overall speed and performance.

Protection tool

Many improvements are specially made in this section with the Advanced SystemCare Pro 17 version. The three primary protection features are System Protection, Browser Protection, and Privacy Protection. Each feature includes additional tools and improved features for various specific uses. These features include Email Protection, Ads Removal, Anti-Tracking, and so on, which all can be accessed from the “Protect” section of the app.


Software updater

This tool is helpful for automatically updating all the apps on your device. Advanced SystemCare will search and inform you if there are any software updates and you can immediately update them.


The Software Updater now includes additional application support, expanding its compatibility to include popular software such as Audacity, Google Drive, Signal, Slack, and OBS Studio.


Apart from all the improved or introduced tools in this version, Toolbox is an excellent feature to add. This tool is a collection of useful utilities mainly used by Pro users. You can either use the ones already present or download the ones you would like to try.

If you are interested in using the products under the “Featured Products”, then you should install and then use them. These are other recommended products from IObit. These products include the Drive Booster, Uninstaller, Malware Fighter, etc.


The IObit Advanced SystemCare Pro is your device’s required and essential product. With an AI-powered scanning tool, it scans all the data on your PC intelligently, preventing the system from slowing down. This version can optimize your browser settings, improving the internet surfing experience by 300% and 200% more of your system’s performance by clearing the RAM.

Another add-on feature that can be used is FaceID. It uses a webcam and face recognition technology to analyze whether or not the user is you. There are also features such as Disk Doctor and Disk Cleaner for further detecting and removing any issues or files in your hard drive. Other excellent features include Cloned File Scanner, which searches for duplicate files, and Large File Finder, which finds large files and helps to remove them.

You can also personalize the app the way you like. The background, icon, and text can be changed along with the theme of the app as “Dark” or “Light” mode. This Advanced SystemCare Pro is an excellent app that is extremely useful and responsive with unique features.

Pricing and compatibility

The IObit Advanced SystemCare offers three different plans: a Free version, a $16.77 plan for 1 PC, and a $19.99 plan for 3 PCs.

The Free version, while providing basic functionalities, is quite limited in its offerings. It only offers basic speed-up for internet connection and PC performance. This makes it a rather elementary choice for users who might need more comprehensive features.

The $16.77 plan, designed for a single PC, offers a significant upgrade from the Free version. However, when you consider the price point, it’s not the most value-for-money option.

For just an additional $2.22, the $19.99 plan offers all the features of the $16.77 plan but for 3 PCs. This makes the $16.77 plan seem less appealing, as users can get complete access to the software for multiple devices.

Regarding compatibility, the app is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, and Win 7, as well as Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, and Windows 11.

Advanced SystemCare Pro vs Free

The Free version is a great way to use this app, but at the same, it misses on so many features that come with the Pro version. The following are some of the features that are available on the Pro version and not in the Free version:

  • Speed up Internet Connection: Pro offers up to 300% faster internet speed.
  • Speed up PC Performance: Pro boosts PC speed by up to 200%.
  • Registry Deep Clean: Pro provides a deep clean of the registry to prevent PC crashes and errors.
  • Real-time Protection against Virus Infection: Only available in the Pro version.
  • Stop Online Tracking: The pro version offers features to stop online tracking and sweep your online privacy trace.
  • 1-Click Software Update: Pro allows one-click updates for all software.
  • Auto Care for PC: Pro offers automatic care for the PC as scheduled.
  • Auto Update: Pro version automatically updates to the latest version.
  • Premium Technical Support: Only available for Pro users.


Is Advanced SystemCare Pro safe?

IObit Advanced SystemCare Pro has improved features and is a safe app. The app is verified and has zero issues when scanned with Windows Defender and Malwarebytes. Therefore, you can download and use it without any worries about invading the privacy of your data and information to any third party.

Does Advanced SystemCare work for real and provide good results?

Over the years, through many customer reviews and ratings, it has been proved that IObit Advanced SystemCare Pro is an excellent app to use. It helps your PC to perform smoothly and transfers it from its sluggish state. It also automatically cleans and removes files, enabling free space in your RAM and disk. But it does have some nitpicky issues that could be solved. Besides that, it is a great app and has helped me improve my PC’s performance.

Should you get Advanced SystemCare?

Of Course, like every app, Advanced SystemCare has merits and demerits. From my experience, it is a great app and performed well during my testing and improved the overall performance of my Windows 11 PC. But at the end of the day, the decision to use it depends entirely on you.

  • One solution for cleaning, protection, and optimization purposes
  • AI-based scanning for removing unwanted files
  • Startup Optimization to speed the Startup process
  • One-click automatic software updates
  • Internet Booster to increase the speed of internet surfing
  • Upselling of other apps
  • The free version has limited features

Advanced SystemCare Pro is a handy tool with its features. This version has improved and has some new features for better usage. If you are looking for a tool worth every penny and doing the job well, then this is the best solution for you. We hope that this review is helpful and helps you to have an improved experience with your PC.

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