The Mac User Guide Book from Setapp

News • March 14, 2020

mac user book

Setapp launches a new Mac user guide book which provides tutorials, tips and tricks, Macintosh and macOS resources for everything new Mac users from Windows need to know.

Launched for the public on January 25, 2017, after a month of beta testing, Setapp, the first subscription service for Mac apps, promises to be your ‘shortcut to get the best apps for Mac!’

Setapp by MacPaw is ‘a bold alternative to Mac App Store,’ as described by TheSweetBits. It now provides numerous handpicked apps in various categories from several developers.

Since that time, the team has grown a lot and learned many ways to get the most of Mac. So many that the Setapp team decided to put them together into a book.


Setapp wrote a book. The longest of our long reads. The biggest collection of Mac tips we’ve ever had in one place. No, we’re not switching to a book publishing business. In fact, we’re not going anywhere but Setappwards. The idea behind creating the book is to share our complete vision of using a Mac effectively. And here’s why you might need it.

Since we want the book to be useful for different audiences — from Windows switchers to seasoned Mac users — it pretty much describes the full journey. If you have a specific Mac problem to solve, you can jump right into it. Every chapter has a detailed table of contents for easy navigation.

From the ebook, you’ll learn how to:

  • Set up your new Mac for years of use
  • Discover “Windows” alternatives for everything on Mac
  • Pick best applications for any job and pay less than they cost (or nothing)
  • Make the best use of macOS Catalina
  • Have fun. After all, Macs are not only about work.

The price of the book is $9.99, just as the cost of Setapp monthly subscription. You can buy the book from their official website here. It redirects to the special offer that includes a Setapp subscription+ Mac User Book as a free bonus available on their website which you will receive after you’re charged for a subscription plan.