Parallels Desktop 19 Rolled Out with macOS Sonoma Integration

News • Aug. 23, 2023

parallels sonoma

The latest iteration of Parallels Desktop for Mac, version 19, has been officially introduced, bringing a lots of enhancements to an already esteemed software. Notably, Parallels maintains its distinction as the exclusive platform for running Windows 11 on Arm architecture laptops without Qualcomm processors—a notable feat, considering Apple’s discontinuation of Boot Camp.

A look at the top new features

Revamped icon and user interface

A prominent alteration in Parallels Desktop 19 is the introduction of a fresh “icon” design, accompanied by a revamped user interface adhering to modern macOS design guidelines. These adjustments foster more seamless navigation, rendering the application more contemporary in the Dock. Additionally, the update includes native dialogs that facilitate smoother interactions with the software.

parallels icon

Enhanced compatibility with macOS Sonoma

Tailored for macOS Sonoma 14, the software boasts optimized Shared Printing through the Internet Printing Protocol (IPP), enabling out-of-the-box printing from Windows applications. Notably, users of the Pro Edition can remotely access a macOS Sonoma 14 virtual machine via port forwarding—an especially valuable feature when hosted on Amazon EC2 Mac cloud instances.

Password-less sign-in with Touch ID

The inclusion of Touch ID support for Mac eliminates the necessity of manual password entry. In the case of Parallels 19, Touch ID can now be utilized within virtual machines, streamlining daily login and authentication procedures. By leveraging Touch ID, Windows passwords are securely stored in the macOS keychain.


Expanded Windows software support

The updated OpenGL version 4.1 facilitates the execution of a broader range of Windows-specific CAD software on Mac. Notable additions include VariCAD, Deswik.CAD, and Vectorworks Vision 2023.

Additional updates

Apple Silicon Enhancements: The latest improvements encompass IPSW image support, streamlined basic virtual machine operations, support for two-finger gestures for scrolling and zooming, mass deployment capabilities, automatic resolution adjustment, and port forwarding.

Linux Compatibility on Apple Silicon: Parallels Desktop 19 extends support to the latest versions of Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, and CentOS for users employing Linux virtual machines. Notably, it also offers Rosetta support, enabling the execution of Arm-based Ubuntu VMs with x86_64 emulation through Apple’s translation layer.

Windows Device Management: Users can now enroll Windows 11 in Microsoft Intune by utilizing Parallels My Account Configuration Profiles.

Pricing and availability

Parallels Desktop 19 is currently accessible in several editions tailored to diverse user requirements. The standard edition is priced at $99.99 per year, while the Pro edition, catering advanced features, comes at $119.99 per year. For enterprises, the Business edition, delivering comprehensive functionalities, is available for $149.99 annually. Those seeking a perpetual license for the standard edition can acquire it for $129.99.

Final words

In summation, Parallels 19 emerges as a substantial update primed for macOS Sonoma integration, while refining and building upon features that have consistently drawn users back to the software. As an additional note, the upgraded OpenGL enhancements promise an improved gaming experience, exemplified by the enhanced performance of games like Metal Gear Solid V on Mac.

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