The Best Productivity YouTube Channels You Should Follow

Web   •  April 27, 2020

What is the one place we head to when we need to learn something new?


Surprising as it is – YouTube is a platform that features training for all trades.

With over 31 million channels on a platform that receives 500 video uploads every hour – we can guarantee you that you will be able to learn almost anything you lookup for.

We’ve been a big fan of learning to maximize our productivity and do more work in less time. Sounds impossible?

It’s very much possible with the proper productivity skills and the correct mindset.

And can you guess what’s the best place to learn how to become more productive – whether it’s in software use, everyday life, or when you’re trying to pick up new habits?

It’s YouTube!

Down below, find 10 best productivity YouTube channels that will help you organize yourself, improve the way you do your daily activities, and help you grow & learn more in a shorter period of time.

Additionally, if you’re looking for learning a new skill or a language, we’ve got a handy guide detailing the best education YouTube channels to help you grow and learn more.

Why is productivity important?

Everyone keeps talking about productivity, but what is it exactly?

It’s simple. Productivity is a measure of the efficiency of production.

This means if you had to write a blog post – time required to finish it would be a measure of your productivity.

Therefore, the more productive you are able to be – the more tasks you will be able to accomplish in a certain period of time.

Have you ever heard of a saying work smarter, not harder?

That’s exactly what productivity helps you achieve.

But how does one improve its productivity? Productivity is a skill and like any other skill, it requires practice to get better at it.

Productivity isn’t only related to work life. It can be used to boost productivity in any area of life, such as learning something new or simply maintaining a sustainable yet efficient lifestyle.

We’ve seen a lot of people who were able to increase their productivity and free up more time in their day.

It’s important to have your reason so you can stay motivated and move easily through increasing your productivity skills.

If you’re ready – keep on reading to find the top 10 productivity YouTube channels that cover almost all areas of life. We have no doubt that you’ll be able to find at least one or two channels that will fit your needs.

10 productivity YouTube channels you should subscribe

  1. Simpletivity – Productivity Improvement of Software & Apps Use
  2. Muchelle B – Building Productive Habits
  3. Matt D’Avella – Productivity Increase Through Minimalism
  4. Marianna’s Study Corner – Studying Productivity Improvement
  5. Carl Pullein – Everyday Life Productivity Hacks
  6. Nathaniel Drew – Mind Productivity
  7. DottoTech – Content Creation Productivity Tips
  8. Ali Abdaal – Skill Learning Productivity
  9. Thomas Frank – All-Around Productivity (Self-Help)
  10. Rowena Tsai – Self-Care & Proactive Lifestyle Productivity

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1. Simpletivity – Productivity Improvement of Software & Apps Use

Simpletivity YouTube channel is all about getting more things done and minimizing stress in your life. They take advantage of management software and apps that can help you increase productivity in both work and personal life.

Even though the whole channel started out around one of the most popular collaboration tools called Trello – it’s much more than that today.

The Simpletivity channel owner Scott Friensen digs deep into concepts of how biggest companies such as Google work and tools that can be used to your own advantage.

If you are someone who’s constantly around technology – using apps & various tools to stay productive in both personal & work life is definitely possible.

The videos are really short and straight to the point which so as long as you put time & effort, you will be able to practice your productivity.

The most recent video is one that many of you will find useful – How to get your Gmail inbox to zero and keep it tidy.

Check Simpletivity video here.

2. Muchelle B – Building Productive Habits

Productivity increases by building healthy habits and Muchelle B’s channel is all about that.

Staying in bed and watching Netflix is easy. We get it, no one likes to do the hard things. That’s why Muchelle B’s YouTube channel is great.

You will be able to find productivity tips to build healthy habits in everyday life situations. All the way from self-care, productivity when working from home, organization of your tasks, to the smallest changes that could have huge impacts on your day-to-day life.

Muchelle B’s channel features videos long that are 10 minutes long on average and they’re recorded in a simple yet productive way where your attention & focus won’t shift until the end of the video.

Everyone is supposed to love themselves, right?

It’s something that’s easy to say and yet it’s hard to do. Therefore, the most recent Muchelle B’s 10-minute video is exactly about this.

Check Muchelle B’s video here.

3. Matt D’Avella – Productivity Increase Through Minimalism

Minimalism seems like a deal-breaker for some people, Matt D’Avella has its own channel dedicated to increasing productivity by becoming a minimalist.

How does that work out, you might wonder?

Minimalism is all about taking the intent of finding out things that take your time throughout the day. Depending on your likings, it can even go to extremes.

However, it’s important to understand that even the smallest things that take seconds can add up throughout the day and free up even hours of your time.

No, you won’t have to sacrifice things you like to do for fun.

But you will have to look at things you do daily from a different perspective and determine which things you should keep on doing and which ones you shouldn’t.

By simply having a look at your morning routine, your email activity, and phone organization – you could cut things that aren’t helping you stay productive and learn how to do things in a certain way to increase your productivity.

We really like Matt’s main video that explains the connection between minimalism and productivity in his own day-to-day routine.

Check out Matt’s video here.

4. Marianna’s Study Corner – Studying Productivity Improvement

Do you know what’s the difference between learning and studying? If you’re a student – you most likely don’t get to fully choose subjects you will be studying.

Even if you could choose – you would still have to study all of them. That’s where this channel comes in.

Marianna’s Study Corner channel is all about increasing your productivity when studying.

What if you could spend less time studying and yet improve your grades? Marianna’s Study Corner focuses on studying concepts and things that actually help you study quickly and efficiently.

The main things in this channel are studying process optimization and organization. We find her video production to be high quality and yet all of her videos are very relaxing and easy-to-follow.

And do you want to know the best thing?

Marianna introduces templates that you could easily follow to be more productive when studying.

Check out Marianna’s video here.

5. Carl Pullein – Everyday Life Productivity Hacks

If you aren’t sure how to increase your productivity or which area of your life would need some improvement – we highly recommend checking out the Carl Pullein YouTube channel.

Carl Pullein’s YouTube channel is all about getting better at time management and increasing productivity in everyday life situations.

We like how Carl combined tools and apps most of us use daily with tips & tricks that could change the way you go with your day.

Therefore, you can expect to find videos from “How to work with Apple products” to “How to plan the next decade” or “How to reduce your stress right now”.

If you aren’t a big fan of relying on software tools – you might not like Carl’s YouTube channel.

On the other hand, if you are using software & apps and yet you still feel overwhelmed – Carl Pullein’s channel could help you to increase your productivity.

Most of Carl’s videos are “how-to” type videos and we’ve attached an ideal video that sums up Carl’s whole YouTube channel.

Check out Carl’s vdieo here.

6. Nathaniel Drew – Mind Productivity

Having a correct mindset is one important thing you have to learn when you’re trying to increase your productivity.

Everything starts from the mind, right?

Nathaniel Drew’s YouTube channel is all about the connection between mind and productivity. It focuses on mindful methods that can help anyone ease their way into doing things in a more productive way.

We really like how Nathaniel doesn’t only focus on increasing productivity when working or when being in personal relationships – but he goes way deeper.

He focuses on the most important things from within and as a result of this, you could even find a video that could help you deal with boredom.

If you are questioning yourself, not having a direction, or you simply feel stuck in an unproductive routine that you aren’t a big fan of – Nathaniel Drew’s unique approach definitely helps clear up the mind and focus on solving the issues from deep within yourself.

Check out Nathaniel Drew’s video here..

7. DottoTech – Content Creation Productivity Tips

Whether you’re writing, recording videos, or having your own podcast – you’re creating content.

Content creation is a time-consuming process and it definitely can get the best of us sometimes. Did you ever wonder if there’s an easier way to do something and if you could do something in a much shorter time frame?

If yes – you should check out the DottoTech YouTube channel.

This YouTube channel touches on everything from marketing software to tools & apps we use to create content.

We are a big fan of DottoTech videos since they are very engaging and yet relaxing so you end up learning a lot without feeling the pressure of learning.

The owner of this YouTube Channel, Steve Dotto, is really good at involving viewers in his day-to-day life, and therefore, he keeps all of his tips simple & easy to act on.

Check out DottoTech videos here.

8. Ali Abdaal – Skill Learning Productivity

Ali Abdaal’s YouTube channel is all about staying productive when learning a new skill. But we believe that this YouTube channel is ideal for everyone who’s looking for ways to improve their everyday life.

Ali’s techniques involve everything from the technology we use, software & apps we rely on, and the way we process information.

Therefore, you will be able to find anything from the next best laptop that will help you increase your technological productivity, up to the learning process that teaches you how to efficiently organize & handle information.

Since we care a lot about technology & software, this is personally one of our favorite productivity channels.


Even though you might feel like you’re watching a review of a laptop or a new smartphone – Ali is actually subtly teaching ways to increase your productivity by showing you the true capability of these products.

Check out Ali Abdaal’s video here.

9. Thomas Frank – All-Around Productivity (Self-Help)

Thomas Frank doesn’t only offer tips on how to be productive in every aspect of your life – but he is also an inspiration as he was able to do what he loves straight out of the college.

His videos range from morning routines, learning tips, improving sleep quality, and even tools & music that can help with productivity.

While most of the tech productivity YouTube channels focus on apps & tools – Thomas Frank focuses on the smallest things such as file organization on the computer.

What we’ve also noticed is how Thomas takes on the topics from different angles. A great example is his morning routine video. Thomas doesn’t only show an example of a productive morning routine.

But he also shows an average morning routine and tips on how to improve such routine, rather than simply showing a routine that might not be everyone’s fit.

If you only had time to watch one video a day – Thomas Frank’s YouTube channel would be an ideal choice since you’d gain information that could help you with all areas of your life for just 10 minutes of your day.

Check out Thomas Frank’s video here.

10. Rowena Tsai – Self-Care & Proactive Lifestyle Productivity

Rowena Tsai’s YouTube channel is really unique and it’s a bit different from other productivity channels.

How come?

Rowena teaches productivity from another angle. She focuses on practical videos and things we do daily to implement the changes that could lead to better productivity results.

Therefore, in some of her videos – you might even feel like you are bonding and engaging with Rowena when you are actually about to learn a lot of new things to improve your productivity.

You will be able to find productivity videos & tips that range from weekday & weekend routine, workday life at home, efficient use of a journal, all the way to topics such as breaking the stress and motivating yourself.

If your daily life took a turn during the recent pandemic situation – Rowena Tsai’s channel is ideal for getting back on track with improvements that will help you in the long run.

Check out Rowena Tsai’s video here.

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With so many YouTube channels out there – when do we even get time to watch all of those videos to learn & improve, right?

As we’ve mentioned, no one likes to do the hard work. However, building healthy habits (including productivity) is all about taking one step at a time.

These are some of the most productive YouTube channels in our opinion, but we are aware that there are hundreds of other productive channels out there.

Therefore, you shouldn’t limit your focus to just one channel – but getting into a habit of watching at least one or two videos a day is a great way to keep learning and improving.

Of course, don’t forget to implement even the smallest things you learn – as that’s how we improve, right?

It’s interesting how it seems like nothing has changed since yesterday, but when we look back a year – many things have changed.

Give this a thought and keep on learning as that’s the only way we improve and overcome obstacles!

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