ReiBoot Review: The Good, Bad, and Alternatives

Reviews • July 6, 2023

Reiboot review

If you have an iPhone, you should have arguably encountered malfunctions in one way or another and end up in a situation where your iPhone doesn’t behave as expected.

For this purpose, we have considered Tenorshare ReiBoot to find its potential and if it’s a solution for common iPhone problems. Through this review, you can determine if it is a reliable software that can prevent hefty repair charges charged by the service centers.

ReiBoot 101

What is ReiBoot?

Tenorshare offers ReiBoot iOS and Android repair/recovery tools, these repair tools that seek to make a variety of mobile device issues easier to resolve and ease the users’ struggle to fix their phones through complex tutorials.

ReiBoot has a reputation for resolving many software-related issues on all iPhone/Android models, mostly recovering the screen and mode stuck devices, fixing device bugs, etc. However, it has gotten the utmost recognition for its features, where most issues can be resolved in a single click without any intervention.

Is ReiBoot safe?

Yes, ReiBoot is safe to use. Developed by Tenorshare, a reputable software company, ReiBoot is designed to help users solve various iOS/Android device issues. It doesn’t contain malware or viruses, and it does not compromise your data or device’s security.

Always download it from the official Tenorshare website to guarantee its safety.

Is ReiBoot legit and trustworthy?

ReiBoot is both legit and trustworthy. It is a recognized software for troubleshooting mobile devices and has a positive track record among its users.

Many have found its services effective in resolving iOS/Android system issues. Remember to always read and understand the user agreement before using any software.

Is ReiBoot free?

No, ReiBoot isn’t free to use. Only a few features are made free, which is also Paywall restricted.

ReiBoot: The Good

ReiBoot isn’t just an iPhone recovery mode tool but a full-fledged iOS system repair tool capable of fixing system issues and even helping you downgrade your iOS 17 beta without using iTunes. Here are all the features that are great and easy to use:

1. iOS System Repair

As iOS System Repair is ReiBoot’s key feature and can address over 150 iOS system issues with a single click, we have considered checking it first. To assess its real-world performance, we tested ReiBoot on an iPhone trapped in a continuous boot loop due to an unfinished software update.


Initially, the standard repair function could not rectify the issue, and the iPhone rebooted. However, ReiBoot managed to recover the iPhone successfully by switching to the deep repair mode, though we had to sacrifice all our data in this process.

We couldn’t test and try to fix every possible issue on ReiBoot, but we believe this tool might fix most of the software-related issues, considering it fixed almost every issue we tried to fix using it.

You might experience the tool failing once in a while, and in such a scenario, disconnect your iPhone, restart your PC/Mac, and try again.

2.  iOS Upgrade/Downgrade

The upgrade process is quite easy with ReiBoot, as it enables you to upgrade to the latest iOS 17 and 17 Beta without losing data. It effortlessly accomplished the task without requiring complex technical steps or a developer account, which was impressive.

Unlike Android devices, Apple’s iPhones cannot be downgraded, and even an individual with technical expertise might arguably struggle to downgrade an iPhone and end up failing miserably.


Considering how complex it is to downgrade an iPhone, we felt excited to try ReiBoot’s iOS downgrade tool. For this purpose, we tried to evaluate its capabilities by trying to downgrade an iPhone running on iOS 17 Beta to iOS 16, and to our surprise, it has downgraded successfully.

If you also wish to return to iOS 16, this tool is probably the best. However, be prepared for extreme processing time and potential data loss.

3. Reset Device

Resetting an iPhone can be intimidating, as it involves many steps, but with ReiBoot, the process is simplified. It offers you two reset options, where you can perform a factory reset or a general reset.

You can revert your device to its original factory settings through the factory reset, helping you deal with issues like crashes, freezes, and system stutters. On the other hand, the general reset is to reset the device settings to default.

We tried ReiBoot on an old iPhone with inconsistent WiFi connectivity, and a general reset did the trick. Moreover, after performing a factory reset on the old iPhone device, we noticed all network-related issues disappeared and a considerable performance improvement.

4. Recovery Mode

If you have an iPhone, you must have got stuck in recovery mode unknowingly or while working with iTunes. In this scenario, many hesitate as it doesn’t boot back into normal mode and requires button combinations.


If you’re facing the same issue, ReiBoot’s got you covered. With just one click, it can pull your iOS device out of recovery mode. During our tests, we made a second attempt to successfully exit the recovery mode in which we put the device.

The tool worked as advertised, but we were disappointed that this feature could only be used five times before prompting an upgrade to ReiBoot Pro. In this scenario, we felt learning about button combinations is better than purchasing software.

5. Repair macOS System Issues

Regarding managing macOS system issues, ReiBoot offers a solution tailored to fix a wide range of issues through this feature.

The standard repair function is designed to address relatively straightforward problems. For instance, if your screen goes black or white or your MacBook is trapped in a seemingly endless loop with the Apple logo, the standard repair function could be your best bet.


On the other hand, the deep repair mode delves deeper into the system, attempting to fix more intricate software issues. It’s important to note that using the deep repair function may result in data loss.

To put these repair modes to the test, we used ReiBoot on an old MacBook that was affected by the infamous ‘stuck Apple logo’ issue. The tool worked well, successfully resolving the problem and restoring normal functionality. However, the deep repair couldn’t fix the boot problems we also experienced. Therefore we were forced to use a manual installation.

ReiBoot: The Bad

No software is built perfectly, and ReiBoot does have limitations. Here is what we felt bad about ReiBoot.

1. Limited Features

While ReiBoot excels in iOS System Repair, iOS Upgrade/Downgrade, Reset Device, and Recovery Mode, it falls short when offering various features.

At the same price, some of its competitors pack in many more features, and the only additional feature you get with ReiBoot is macOS upgrade and downgrade. Furthermore, the “more features” section, rather than being a repository of unique and helpful utilities, offers only simple guidance on entering and exiting recovery and DFU mode.


The steps for the entering and exiting modes are readily available on the Apple support website, making this feature feel somewhat redundant. Thus, one cannot help but think that ReiBoot has missed an opportunity to offer more to its users.Top of Form

2. Paywall Restrictions

While ReiBoot offers many useful features in its free version, the limitations imposed on some of its functions could be viewed as somewhat restrictive.

For instance, ReiBoot’s free version’s recovery feature allows users to use this feature only a maximum of five times before it necessitates an upgrade to ReiBoot Pro.

This limitation can cause some inconvenience, especially to users requiring more frequent use of the recovery feature. The limitation is felt even more when considering that numerous basic issues that users might encounter with their iOS systems can typically be resolved via Apple’s support forums.

ReiBoot: The Alternatives

If you have tried ReiBoot and felt it isn’t for you, here are some alternatives.

Dr.Fone – System Repair: This software from Wondershare offers a user-friendly interface and a high success rate for system repair. While it provides similar system repair and recovery mode functions like ReiBoot, Dr.Fone also includes additional features like full data backup and restore, screen unlock, and phone transfer functionalities that ReiBoot doesn’t provide.

iMobie PhoneRescue: It is an excellent alternative to ReiBoot, offering similar iOS system recovery functionalities. Unlike ReiBoot, which necessitates data loss during deep repair, it provides more comprehensive data recovery features, striving to minimize data loss during the repair process. However, it doesn’t offer an easy downgrade option like ReiBoot.

iMyFone Fixppo: iMyFone Fixppo is another robust tool for fixing iOS system issues. Like ReiBoot, it helps with iOS upgrade/downgrade and reset. However, Fixppo offers more diverse features, which ReiBoot lacks.

You can also read our roundup of the best iOS system repair software to get more options.

Pricing and Availability

Tenorshare offers ReiBoot iOS System Repair and Recovery for iPhone users and ReiBoot Android System Repair and Recovery for Android users. As we are working on fixing iPhone, we have considered ReiBoot’s iPhone software.

Reiboot iOS System Repair and Recovery is compatible with both Windows and MacOS. Users of the software have access to various packages, including Individual and Business plans, allowing them to select the most appropriate according to their needs.

The Individual plan for Windows users has three different pricing options: a monthly subscription for $24.95, a yearly subscription for $49.95, or the choice of perpetual access for $79.95.

However, MacOS users are given slightly different pricing options. The monthly subscription cost is $39.95, while the yearly and perpetual access prices are $59.95 and $89.95, respectively.

All users are entitled to assistance for one PC and up to five devices, regardless of their chosen plan, ensuring complete coverage for all of your devices. Along with free customer support, this is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee as a safety net. Business plans also include a one-year term and options for 15 or limitless devices for a single PC/Mac.

Pros and Cons


  • iOS System Repair is anall-inclusive tool for resolving most iPhone software problems.
  • It allows easy upgrade to the latest iOS 17 and 17 Beta without data loss
  • Offers a straightforward downgrade process without requiring any complex technical steps.
  • It simplifies the intimidating process of resetting a device.
  • It provides an easy one-click solution to pull your iOS device out of recovery mode.
  • Intuitive interface with tutorials for each feature.


  • Data loss is inevitable in deep modes.
  • Limited usage of recovery mode and additional features.
  • It comes with paywall restrictions.

Final Words

Through our thorough testing of ReiBoot, we have realized that it is a powerful tool for resolving many iPhone and MacOS system problems. Additionally, it can be used to upgrade or downgrade iOS and reset devices without being complex for the user.

ReiBoot does have a few limitations, most notably data loss in deep repair mode and limited usage in the free version. Even though ReiBoot provides fewer features than its rivals, its exclusive system repair tools, user-friendly interface, and extensive capabilities make it a good option for individuals wishing to avoid service centers and repair iPhones with software issues.

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