From Blank Slide to Stunning Presentation: A Review of Slides AI

Reviews • April. 2, 2024

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Ever open a blank Google Slide with a sinking feeling? We’ve all been there. Brainstorming content is tough enough, let alone wrestling with design and layout. But what if there was a tool that could whisk away the tedious parts and empower you to focus on crafting a killer presentation? Enter Slides AI, an AI-powered assistant promising to revolutionize your slideshow creation.

Here we put Slides AI to the test. Join us as we explore its features, ease of use, and ability to transform us from presentation novices to storytelling pros.

What does SlidesAI do

SlidesAI helps you create stunning slides for your presentation by combining templates, graphical elements, and AI generative content. This AI tool works alongside Google Slides, where you can get rid of the hassle of manual slide creation. It also packs multiple features that assist you in customizing your presentation.

  • Start creating a fully-fledged slideshow presentation by providing a few words of input.
  • Browse through an ever-growing collection of slideshow templates and graphic elements.
  • Use the power of generative AI to cite, paraphrase, and optimize the content on your slides.

A quick look at pros and cons


  • Creates an almost-complete presentation from the provided topic or text.
  • Slides AI is intelligent enough to choose the right multimedia for the PPT.
  • It brings the digital sweetness of digital assistance for those who create many slideshows.


  • The base plan and the entry-level paid plan have restrictions.
  • Needs further tweaking for high-quality presentations.

A deep dive into SlidesAI

The first thing we love about SlidesAI is that it is incredibly easy to set up.

As we said earlier, this is not a stand-alone presentation making software. Instead, it integrates itself as a plugin in the Google Work Suite. It means you can access all the features and the powers of SlidesAI from the comfort of Google Slides.

So, it took us only a few seconds to set up SlidesAI and start creating presentations.

Ease of use while creating slides

To get started, you open a blank presentation on Google Slides, go to Extensions, and click the Generate Slides button from the SlidesAI menu. Here, you will be able to find different ways to create a presentation, and the easiest options include providing the AI with a topic or a website link. Many of these features are limited, so you may not find them in all plans.

slideai generate1

We tried asking SlidesAI to create a presentation from a topic. In addition to specifying what the slideshow is about, you can also provide additional instructions. For instance, you can ask for a specific element in the slideshow. On the next page, you can select the number of slides, appearance preferences, and themes.

slideai generate2

Once you click Create Slides, SlidesAI will start its job. The process took only a few seconds, even when we’d specified 10 slides for the presentation. For what it’s worth, SlidesAI also created one of the stunning PPTs we could get on the topic. It was intelligent enough to include graphics and images suitable for the intended audience of the PPT.

Room for customization

You can use SlidesAI to edit individual slides as well. You get a couple of options here, namely Remix and Design. The Design pane is helpful when you want maximum control over how each slide looks. Once you’ve selected a theme for the presentations, you can change it, from top to bottom. SlidesAI makes it easy to customize aspects like background, fonts, colors, and layout.

slideai design

We found it impressive that you could save all these settings as a new slideshow template. So, if you have a consistent idea about slideshow designs, this template will be beneficial. The Remix option from SlidesAI also deserves praise. You can use this feature to improve the written/graphic content on an existing slide, with the help of AI.

slideai layouts

In all these aspects, the rich collection of layouts from SlidesAI turned out to be helpful. The collection has what it takes to help you create purpose-driven slideshows in seconds. Compared to the manual method of slideshow creation, SlidesAI helps you save hours, if not days.

To be clear, we do not think you can use the presentation from SlidesAI as is. The engine needs a lot of work and minute improvements. For instance, we spotted multiple spelling and grammar mistakes in the text. But you get an almost-baked slideshow that you can work with. It means you can focus more on the content of the presentation while leaving other aspects to SlidesAI.

SlidesAI pricing

SlidesAI offers multiple pricing plans for individuals, teams, and institutions.

Individuals can choose between the Basic, Pro, and Premium plans.

The Basic plan is free of cost, but you can create only 3 presentations per month. There are also limits on the character input and AI credits. We also noticed that you do not have access to all templates.

The Pro plan, on the other hand, lets you create up to 10 presentations per month. You also get 50 AI credits and improved character input limits. It costs $10 per month, though.

The Premium plan is made for business and marketing professionals who want to create unlimited slideshow presentations. It offers support for 12000 character input when you pay $20 per month.

Overall, the pricing plans from SlidesAI are expensive, and we think the Pro plan should allow more slides.

SlidesAI verdict

We believe that is a great assistant in creating impressive slideshow presentations. While it may not create a fully-fledged slideshow, it can give you a base from which you can start. As for the pricing, the basic plan gives you an idea about what you can expect. And the premium plans are reasonable when you consider the time and effort aspect of creating slideshows manually.


Who uses SlidesAI?

SlidesAI is used by professionals, educators, communicators and many others who need presentations for their life or work. As we said earlier, SlidesAI can simplify the process of creating a presentation by taking care of the basics and the graphics aspect.

Is SlidesAI effective?

When we consider slidesAI as a tool to create a 75% completed presentation for your slideshow, this AI tool is very effective, and it brings the power of generative AI into the scene because you get room for customization and control. With the premium plans, you also have access to multiple templates and graphics elements with dynamic editing capabilities.

Which is the best alternative to SlidesAI?

There are a couple of alternatives to SlidesAI, such as Beautiful AI or Presentation AI. You also have the option to use multiple GPTs that are available for ChatGPT. But it’s convenient that SlidesAI can integrate itself with Google Slides, which is commonly used for creating presentations.

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