Swift Publisher 5 for Mac Review

Reviews • July.14, 2022

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Using the greatest desktop publishing tools that are currently available on the market, you can create mesmerizing treasures. Experienced masters do prefer multifunctional tools for their digital and print media assets. This approach saves a lot of time and money, enabling them to prepare complex projects from scratch in a short period of time. One of the decent and distinctive programs to test is Swift Publisher.

As a page layout Mac program, this software is distinguished by several premium features. The basic functionality is amazing. Compared to InDeisgn and its drastic learning curve, the suggested alternative will perform the assigned tasks faster and easier.

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Suitability & ease of use

The fact that the interface is intuitive for end users doesn’t speak for itself anymore — designers require proof. The well-balanced menu makes Swift Publisher easy publishing software for Mac, but not only. This program is distinguished by an extensive palette of professional templates. These project samples can be customized and used for any purpose on the internet and offline.

With 500 prospective layouts for brochures, web page design projects, etc., novice customers are enabled to enter the professional market and impress their own clients with interesting and decent designs.

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Gorgeous aesthetics

Whatever type of publishing material you might consider, its visual value plays a huge impact on the message’s recipients. Users can apply any of thousands of clippers and image masks (the price depends on what collection you apply). This also helps cope with another problem — a constant search for stock-free and top-notch photos and illustrations to implement in your templates. For more amazing results, check the quality of Core Image Filters and Depositphotos.

Text patterns

Apart from paying attention to the visual brilliance and brightness of publishing materials, it is crucial to consider how the text message is delivered to recipients. Your challenge is to pick up the right font style and size to make your headings wow. This desktop publishing for Mac cooperates with Art Text, which lets designers create vector graphics texts for any page. You can customize the styles, create a new font, and save it as a sample for future layouts.

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Project rotation

The analyzed Mac software desktop publishing tool compliments numerous manipulations with the visual content of your project, whether it relates to the text or images. At the same time, interested parties have several life-saving tools to boost their performance:

  • Master Pages will definitely make you fall in love with their efficiency. The main role of this function is to reduce hustle and bustle of your creativity in design. This market can be full of routine necessities, especially when it comes to multipage documents. The Master Pages feature is responsible for copying the repeated content with a simple click, minimizing a manual approach demand for such trivial matters as page numbers or footers.
  • Interested parties are welcome to design any project and modify the content by layering different visual signs and patterns. By the way, the number of layers to include per page is unlimited. You just have to ensure the final result doesn’t look messy and overcrowded with details and information.
  • Another feature that is worth all the prizes and rewards is Two-Page Spreads. As the name implies, it enabled creators to form different formats of visual performances on paper. Editing two pages side-by-side is the core principle of creating magazines and booklets, and this opportunity of desktop publishing for Mac OS X makes your duties as simple as ABC from this perspective.

Printing and publishing value

One of the performance peculiarities to look for is the ability to print the designed layouts both at home and in professional print shops, and the analyzed publishing software for Mac OS X copes with the task to the greatest extent possible:

  • This home publishing for Mac is an all-inclusive machine for printing. First of all, it is possible to transfer the color palette language to the desired style. You will be able to select from CMYK and RGB models.
  • To ensure the final outcome won’t lose its brightness and include all the original elements, feel free to specify the bleeds. This feature will come in handy for rather tiny layouts like business cards and invitations.
  • Publishing flyers and brochures will be smooth, but what about barcodes and disk labels? Depending on your printer, of course, the choice lies within several paper types and ISBN, QR Code, and other styles that are demanded by the industrial norms.
  • With the Text to Curve function, both beginners and professionals can protect their text from deficiencies after printing out. Since the signs are transformed into vector symbols, the system will decode them correctly, whether you use a home printer or go for third-party assistance.

Along with publishing your layouts, take a closer look at the menu features for exporting files online. Designers can save their projects in unique formats such as EPS and TIFF. To avoid any quality loss, experts suggest choosing PDF over others (and it is also on the list).

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Swift publisher future

This brand has already become a multifunctional desktop publishing software for Mac, which compete as an equal-powered rival with Adobe products like Photoshop without difficulty. Its palette of features is varied, but more is yet to come. The company has recently announced the release of the Swift Publisher version for iPad and iPhone mobile devices. In the future, such modifications as multi-user working modes, extra add-ons, and plugins from third parties can become the next goals for the organization.

So far, it is one of the best Mac desktop publishing programs, which let interested parties create flyers, brochures, CD labels, and other unique layouts for their commercial or personal needs. It is not a problem to get acquainted with its intuitive interface here and now — just visit their official domain (https://www.swiftpublisher.com/) and check out for their free trial.

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