TG Pro Review: A Useful Tool to Control Your Mac’s Temperature

Reviews • Updated on April 19, 2024

tg pro review

Everyone expects peak performance from Macs, right? And you very well should when you pay more than $1000 for a setup. But how do you know if your Mac is in the best environment for performance? How do you know whether components like the HDD and CPU are at the right temperature? More importantly, how do you know if your MacBook Pro is not thermal throttling?

TG Pro claims to help you through all these—and more.

TheSweetBits’ quick insights

Temperature Gauge Pro, popularly known as TG Pro, is a Mac utility that lets you check the internal temperature of your device and control the fans. It is designed to work with Intel-based and Apple Silicon-based Mac models. Here are a few things to remember.

  • TG Pro is one of the easiest and most effective ways to control the fan speeds on your Mac.
  • You can use the utility to track the internal temperature of your Mac and its components.
  • Its automation features also increase the productivity of your Mac by enabling smart cooling.

Though it’s a premium app, you get a decent free trial period.

Interested in a deep dive? Keep reading our review.

TG Pro: what’s good

Despite how complex it is, TG Pro employs a simple installation process. We completed the installation in a few minutes. Quite surprisingly, the TG Pro app does not demand many permissions on your Mac. It is also a relief that TG Pro is notarized by Apple.

That is, Apple has verified that TG Pro does not contain any type of malware.

Anyway, once you complete the installation, you can see the fully-fledged interface of TG Pro.

tgpro interface

The user experience

It’s one thing that TG Pro is an advanced utility. Surprisingly, the developers made sure that the overall interface of the tool doesn’t trouble much, even if you’re a beginner.

The main interface contains everything you need, from the temperature information to fan controls. A quick look at the left end will land you on a series of options. You can shift between sections and explore advanced information.

tgpro fans

Overall, even if you have never used fan control tools before, TG Pro will be a piece of cake.

We shall now look at some of its unique features.

Smart diagnostics

Smart Diagnostics is one BIG reason to get TG Pro.

Talking about my own experience, I was quite amazed when it recorded one of my improper shutdown sessions.

To be honest, I’m not the kind of guy who rushes into things, and putting my Mac to sleep is no exception. For that matter of fact, TG Pro listing that one rare session explains how well it is optimized to do its job. In my case, a sort of temperature hike in the CPU area was causing the improper shutdown issue.

Moreover, the tool is capable of providing a normally functioning fan and sensor diagnostics. Its ability to create new logs for varied administrators is indeed a promising approach to regularizing the tasks. Here is how it might help you.

You cannot always keep an eye on the optimal temperature of your MacBook components. However, with the help of TG Pro, you can automate this process. The app will keep track of essential temperature sensors and tell you if there is a problem.

In this case, I was notified that the CPU overheating was the reason for the shutdown.

Auto boost

Among the many amazing TG Pro features, Auto-Boot is one to fall in love with the most.

As the name suggests, turning on the feature will allow the tool to automatically tune up the speed of your Mac’s fan whenever the temperature reaches a certain level. Now I used the term certain because you have the power to set the value as per your requirements.

tgpro settings

Don’t you think you can use this feature and test how different tools operate based on their intensities? Well, I did the same, especially on those who weren’t working great for me before. So, if you have a basic idea about power-intensive tasks on your Mac, you can set up smart schedules for fan control.

One thing we can say is that the Auto Boost algorithm is far better than the automatic fan control decisions by macOS. macOS tends to throttle the performance when there is higher heat. On the other hand, TG Pro will optimize the fan speed to give you better performance without hardware damage.

M2 /M1 Pro/ M1/M2/M2 Pro/M3 support

TG Pro is compatible with devices that operate on macOS 10.11 or higher (including macOS 14 Sonoma), irrespective of its release date. In other words, whether it be the classic Mac from 2008 or the most powerful ones known to date, Apple silicon Mac, M2, M1 Ultra, M1, M1 Pro, and M1 Max, TG Pro should work great.

You may want to use TG Pro to monitor the temperature level on your M2 MacBook Air, which doesn’t have a mechanical fan. It also means you cannot enable fan control. But, having TG Pro by your side can help you understand when the temperatures go overboard.

Single view from macOS menu bar

The menu-bar utility of TG Pro also offers great convenience. A single click lets you quickly switch between System, Max, and Auto Max settings, for times when you need an instant cooling boost.

tgpro menubar

Apart from giving you a quick shortcut to the different fan speed control options, you also get a full-view display of temperatures at which the different components are operating.

Other uses for TG Pro

We must also mention how TG Pro can double as other utilities.

For instance, if you have a fan-less Mac, you won’t need fan controls. In these instances, you can use TG Pro to keep track of Mac temperature. Compared to other system monitoring apps in the category, the calculations from TG Pro are accurate and reliable. It also goes the extra mile to provide temperature sensors from sub-sections.

On my M2 MacBook Air, which does not have a Mac, I use TG Pro to keep track of overheating issues. That is, if an app slows down the entire system, I check whether it is shooting up the temperature sensors. It is an effective way to keep your Mac healthy.

TG Pro: room for improvement

Learning curve

The information that the tool provides can be overwhelming for new users and some options are placed deep below various windows. Overclocking the fan speed without knowing what you’re doing is quite easy, but in most cases, this won’t cause any damage.

When it comes to slowing down the fan speed, there are multiple safeguards in place in the form of warning pop-ups, so there won’t be any critical hardware failure at any point. Unless you ignore these warnings, you will have a smooth journey.

Installation conflicts

Although not frequent, a handful of users have reported installation issues with TG Pro. As claimed by users, an attempt to download and install from the official website landed them an error message.

But, in all fairness, we did not face this issue during our review. We did notice that the TG app on the App Store is outdated, but you get upgraded to the latest version of TG Pro even if you purchase the older version.

However, we’d urge the developers to avoid these potential conflicts during installation.


Is TG Pro safe?

The temperature monitoring tool TG Pro is designed with all the security measures in mind. Being notarized by Apple itself, TG Pro is something you can trust. TG Pro uses the Hardened Runtime and offers a specific and unassailable fan control service.

Is TG Pro free?

TG Pro does not have a free version but does offer a free trial. The app is usually available for $20, but you can get this tool for 50% off, only $10, thanks to the sale that has been running for days now.

The best part is that the developers also throw in Disk Diet for a bundled price of $11.80, making it a great buy.

Is TG Pro compatible with old Macs?

TG Pro is compatible with almost any variant of Mac. No matter if you own the brand-new M1 Pro 16-inch MacBook, or you’ve been operating on the 24-inch iMac, you can buy and install TG Pro with no issues whatsoever. But make sure your device runs macOS 10.11 or higher.

How does a fan control app improve MacBook performance?

The internal processor of the Mac, similar to any other computer, will work at peak performance when the temperature is low. While Apple has designed the MacBook to keep itself cool when under constant workload, external temperature can also affect the performance. TG Pro is recommended for users who reside in tropical or arid regions where the external temperature is higher.

TG Pro vs Macs Fan Control?

After taking a closer look at the biggest competitor to TG Pro in the fan speed control apps space for Mac, here’s what we found out about Macs Fan Control:

Similar to TG Pro, Macs Fan Control also offers a menu bar view with advanced fan speed controls, but the user interface takes a while to get used to.

Comparing the two price-wise, the TG Pro costs less ($11.80) compared to the Macs Fan Control ($14.95).

Verdict: is TG Pro worth it?

In the end, we love everything that TG Pro offers. The feature-set is impressive and you don’t need to be a geek to understand how the tool works.

In particular, we love the option to choose between intelligent automation and manual control over the fan speeds. It is handy for those who are learning the ways of optimizing their Mac.

What else? Considering the same feature set, the price seems reasonable as well.

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