Case Study: Tim Ferriss & PDFpen

Case Studies • Dec.3, 2017

case study pdfpen

Today we would like to share a case study of Tim Ferriss, who is known as the “four-hour guy”.

Tim’s book – The 4-Hour Workweek, was an instant New York Times bestseller when it debuted in 2007. It has been translated into 35 languages, with nearly 2 million copies sold worldwide. His other books, “The 4-Hour Body,” “The 4-Hour Chef” and “Tools of Titans” have also sold millions of copies.

The 4 Hour Workweed and 4 Hour Body are basically a series of mini-books. To create excerpt “mini-books” PDFs, Tim finally gets around to let us know how PDFpen – from SmileSoftware – has helped his business.

Below is Smile followed up with Tim to learn about how he uses PDFpen, and found out about his clever use of mini-books for promotional purposes, attractively designed with images linked to Amazon.

Smile: How did you find out about PDFpen?

Tim: My assistant, Charlie Hoehn, who scours the web for the best of the best.

Smile: Were you using another tool that didn’t work for you? Why?

Tim: There was nothing remotely effective and easy-to-use for what we wanted to do: quickly create special PDF excerpts of my new books.

Smile: What are you using PDFpen to do?

Tim: To create excerpt “mini-books” that can be promoted by bloggers via blogs and Facebook as free downloads.  It was important that we made them attractive, and that we include image clickable links to Amazon, etc.

Smile: Do you have any PDFpen tips or tricks to share?

Tim: Haha… not really.  The reason I love PDFpen is that I don’t need any tips and tricks to make it work.  It’s a five-minute learning curve.  I just want to get #$%& done

Smile: Would you recommend PDFpen to other Mac users?

Tim: Absolutely.  It saved the day.

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