FigJam AI

The AI-powered whiteboard for brainstorming, diagramming, and collaboration.

FigJam AI

What does FigJam AI do

Imagine a digital playground where ideas take flight and your team thrives. That’s FigJam, your AI-powered canvas for conquering projects and sparking creativity.

  • Turn brainstorming ideas into actionable plans with sticky notes, mind maps, and AI-powered suggestions.

  • Unleash teamwork superpowers on real-time whiteboards and live chat.

  • Unravel tangled marketing campaigns or navigate labyrinthine product timelines with visual workflows and AI summaries.

A quick look at pros and cons


  • The lightness of the FigJam is one of the pros since you can get started quickly and you can use it both online and offline.
  • A variety of custom boards that come with preinstalled templates.
  • Versatility and the ability to use FigJam for anything from organizing personal thoughts to taking a lead on team projects.


  • FigJam can seem less attractive to teams due to its simplicity and a possible lack of features for businesses.
  • You always need an internet connection to use FigJam.
  • Certain functions might be missing compared to FigJam competitors.

A deep dive into FigJam AI (TheSweetBits Review)

Keeping a clear idea of your thoughts can be hard. That’s why tools like FigJam AI can make a huge difference when you’re brainstorming, organizing ideas, and even developing products or services. We found FigJam AI to be an easy way to communicate my thoughts with others, especially when I’m collaborating.

Whether you’re struggling with organizing your inner thoughts or have a harder time communicating your thoughts when you’re working with others – FigJam can make things easier for you and here’s why. Down below, We’ll tell you everything there is to know about FigJam AI from our perspective and how it helped us discover new levels of sweet productivity at TheSweetBits.

Generation of Templates with an AI

With the boom of artificial intelligence, FigJam followed and introduced a sweet AI functionality that helps users ease into the tool. We asked FigJam to make us a to-do list as that’s the main way we keep things going daily and weekly at TheSweetBits.

FigJam over-delivered and surprised us with the way it created a to-do list for us. Instead of a simple to-do list, FigJam introduced us to a to-do list that can help us prioritize tasks, create task lists, and track the progress of these tasks.

FigJamAI todolist

Needless to say, this to-do list is good enough to keep things moving as a team, creating tasks, and getting things done while tracking progress. With the help of FigJam’s collaborative features, we were able to share the same to-do list board with other team members. The board is straightforward to understand so switching to FigJam was a breeze process for us.

The to-do list also features steps which is a bit unusual but it’s a great way to keep all of our tasks categorized in different processes (steps), which helps with the flow management. Additionally, we were also able to generate a simple budgeting plan with the help of AI in addition to our to-do list board. This helped us have a clear overview of our income and expenses across budgeting categories, but also a strategy to optimize our income and spending.

Library Full of Options

FigJam’s AI integration helps in the creation of any board type you desire within minutes. What we also like about FigJam is the number of available templates in the library. The library is full of premade templates that are also aimed at teams and sweet productivity increase.

On top of that, these items in the library are fully customizable so when you find a template you like, you can edit color styles for different teams, create your color styles, use existing color styles, edit text styles, create text styles, create various components you can integrate into the template, use existing premade integrations, and even publish your template.

FigJamAI library

You have freedom over the type and style of your template and since it’s aimed to fit teams too, once you finish a template, you can share it with your team and put it to use and track the productivity and performance.

Another great thing is that you can use the library both online and via the FigJam app for a desktop computer. There is a variety of templates and integrations so you can create simple but efficient templates for brainstorming, diagramming, meetings, workshops, strategies, and other planning.

There are also a variety of specific additions for the templates that feature customer journey maps, standups, project timelines, roadmaps, flow charts, and even weekly team meeting templates. Whatever it is you do on your own or within the team and your company, you can keep track of it with FigJam.

Automation With the AI

FigJam integrated AI to create the easiest way possible to go from a scratch board to a board full of templates and add-ons that will fit your specific needs. Earlier, we mentioned how you can input a sentence into FigJam’s AI chatbot and let it create the specific board upon request. This itself lowered the learning curve and sped up the setting up process.

With the help of AI, FigJam can speed up the switch to the tool and also increase optimization. We believe it would take us twice as long if we had to create these boards on our own and that’s why we think adding AI to FigJam is one of the best updates.

FigJamAI automation

Other than automated creation, AI can help FigJam users set various automation processes that can run across custom boards. For example, we were able to summarize our team meetings with a single click and have a clear summary in front of us in minutes. Otherwise, this would take us quite a while and now it’s a valuable resource we had FigJam generate in minutes for us.

Collaborative Feeling

After we created our two templates for our main FigJam board, upon testing the board as a team, we noticed that there was a great collaborative feeling that was much better than what we’ve experienced in other similar tools. Working remotely is still extremely popular and FigJam introduced features that can help teams interact. Not only is FigJam good enough of a tool to keep virtual communication clear, but it also has a great way of keeping the conversation going and empowering the team to communicate more.

FigJam also added a human aspect to virtual communication by featuring audio and live chat functions, which can be used as comments on tasks. This way, each team member will receive feedback that’s most similar to the actual feedback he’d get in the office.

Expressing yourself isn’t hard either, which is the second thing we like about FigJam’s communication. There are various reactions you can use to tasks and comments in the FigJam, but they’re not overwhelming or in the way. With a great amount of optimization, FigJam was able to strike a great balance between the interaction you’d do on social media and the expression you’d do within tools we often use for work. Needless to say, we found this good balance to be a warm addition to the tool that helps teams stick together even when they’re not together in the office.

Also, this is one of the ways FigJam helps give a say to every member of the team, regardless of the role, so if you’re trying to strike a healthy balance in your team and have everyone get the credit they deserve, you will like this feature as much as we did, and so will your team members. There’s even an option to create your avatar, so that’s how much further FigJam went to provide that collaborative feeling for the teams.

Freehand Sketching and Creative Flows

Artificial intelligence is an incredible addition to FigJam and it can do a lot for you. From creating templates from scratch upon request to automating processes. However, one thing you can still do in FigJam is freehand sketching. If you have an iPad or any other tablet, you can turn your ideas into action by drawing them out.

If typing and creating ideas using templates isn’t your thing and you like free workflow and visually presenting your thoughts, that’s also something you can do in FigJam. With plenty of integrated tools, you can choose from a variety of brushes to make your visuals exciting and attractive.

While you’re sketching and expressing your thoughts via digital ink, you can use FigJam’s music integration to keep things interesting, as well as a task timer to ensure you get the sweetest efficiency across without burning yourself. There’s even a voting option so your team so your drawings can still be used as the centerpiece of your workflow. With such versatility, FigJam was able to accommodate our team members in unique ways, so in such an optimized way, the thought flow is outstanding. With or without AI, sweet efficiency is guaranteed!

FigJam AI Pricing

If you’re in love with FigJam already, wait until you hear that FigJam is free to use. There’s a free plan, which isn’t a trial, so you can use it for free for as long as you wish. Of course, it comes with certain limitations, so you can only use it for 3 design files with basic file inspection.

However, there are other FigJam pricing plans you upgrade to, to meet your company’s and team’s needs:

  • Starter Plan – Free
  • Professional Plan – $3/month
  • Organization Plan – $5/month
  • Enterprise Plan – $5/month

For increased admin security and more custom templates, we highly recommend going with the Organization plan. If you need an Enterprise plan, remember you’ll need to contact FigJam’s sales department.

FigJam AI Verdict

First things first: FigJam’s packed with features and honestly, it can be overwhelming at first, but don’t be scared off! We got up and running in 30 minutes, and within an hour, were brainstorming like the new section for TheSweetBits where we discover the sweetest productivity and AI tools.

But FigJam’s real magic is the AI. Imagine meeting summaries written on the fly, to-do lists born from your sentences, audio chat, live comments and custom templates whipped up in seconds. It’s like your productivity just got rocket boosters.

Plus, a free plan lets you take a test flight, and affordable upgrades scale with your team’s ambitions. FigJam AI even plays nice with Figma, making it a dream duo for creatives.

So, whether you’re a solopreneur or a captain of a creative crew, FigJam AI has the tools to unleash your team’s potential. Ditch the clunky old ways and dive into the AI-powered future of brainstorming, organization, and action. Your next big idea is waiting.


Who is FigJam for?

FigJam is suitable for anyone. It’s ideal for personal use, even for the simplest way of keeping a to-do list, shopping list, or managing your time. However, it’s also a very powerful tool for small, medium, and even the largest teams and companies that need a way to stay efficient while collaborating and working together on tasks and projects.

Is FigJam efficient?

FigJam is very efficient and the best thing about it is that you can fully customize the templates or create them from scratch. This gives you a chance to create a custom way to improve workflow within your team or a company. With the use of AI, FigJam is one of the most powerful collaborative tools on the market.

Can you use FigJam without Figma?

Yes, FigJam can be used without Figma. However, if you still use Figma, the good thing is that you can open FigJam files within Figma.