Backblaze Adjusts Pricing Structure Alongside Computer Backup v9.0 Launch

News • Sept. 17, 2023

Backblaze V9

Backblaze, the renowned leader in specialized cloud storage platforms, has just dropped a major update that promises to revolutionize the world of data backup and recovery. The highly-anticipated Computer Backup v9.0 is now available for early access, with the full rollout scheduled by the end of September. Here are the key highlights of this exciting release.

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Features a dedicated restore app

One of the most eagerly awaited features in Computer Backup v9.0 is the introduction of a dedicated Restore App for both macOS and Windows users. This game-changing addition streamlines the file recovery process like never before. Instead of navigating through a web interface, users can now initiate file recovery directly from their desktops. Once logged into their Backblaze account within the app, users gain immediate access to their backed-up files through a user-friendly file tree interface. This not only simplifies the restoration process but also eliminates the need for cumbersome steps that were once required.

Backblaze restore

Additionally, the Restore App includes an in-app authentication process, enhancing both security and ease of use. Users can validate their Backblaze accounts within the application, eliminating the need to switch between web browsers and the app. Furthermore, there are no limitations on the size of files that can be restored. In the past, users had to download large ZIP files and then extract them, often requiring additional disk space. The new Restore App does away with these restrictions, allowing for seamless and worry-free file restoration.

The Restore App also offers a convenient Restore Log, enabling users to monitor the progress of ongoing restoration processes. This added visibility is particularly valuable for tracking large file restores and diagnosing any potential issues.

Raises prices

Starting from October 3, 2023, Backblaze will be implementing a modest price increase for its services. The new pricing structure will be as follows:

  • Monthly Subscription: $9 per month (up from $7)
  • Annual Subscription: $99 per year (up from $70)
  • 2-Year Subscription: $189 for 2 years (up from $130)

While the price adjustments are noteworthy, Backblaze is taking steps to ease the impact on its users. The company is revamping its pricing structure related to extended version history. Backblaze will now include one year of extended version history in the base price, which offers better value to customers. Users who want to maintain version history indefinitely can do so for a fee of $0.005 per gigabyte per month for versions changed or deleted over a year ago.

Notably, existing licenses will be honored for their original duration, ensuring that current customers can continue to enjoy their current pricing.

Makes extended version history standard

With the launch of Computer Backup v9.0, Backblaze is making a significant change by standardizing extended version history. Starting from October 3, 2023, every Backblaze user will have access to 1 year of extended version history as part of their base subscription. This simplifies the pricing structure and provides users with greater value.

For users who wish to maintain version history indefinitely, Backblaze introduces the “Forever Version History” plan. Under this plan, the $2-per-month fee for extended version history is removed; however, it introduces a slight increase in the per-gigabyte monthly rate for files that have been altered, modified, or deleted over a year ago, now set at $0.006.

In conclusion, Backblaze’s Computer Backup v9.0 release introduces a host of user-friendly features, ensures the sustainability of its services through a pricing adjustment, and makes extended version history a standard offering, giving customers more flexibility and control over their data backup needs. Early access to these exciting features is available now, with the full rollout just around the corner. Stay tuned for a more intuitive and affordable data backup experience with Backblaze!

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