The Best Video Converter Software for Mac (and Windows)

Entertainment • Nov. 28, 2023


Update, 11/28/23: Checked content for accuracy. Updated the guide with new picks for AI-powered.

Video is definitively the most popular media format for entertainment. If you own multiple devices, you know the hardship of finding compatible media formats. Things are worse when you have an iPhone and Android device, you know. I mean, you cannot simply copy an MKV file to an iPhone 15 and expect it to work.

And, this is why we need to talk about video converters.

Similarly, if you want something to work natively on macOS, you have to convert it into specific formats. The basic case of iOS devices is not different either. Because neither macOS nor Windows comes with a built-in utility for converting videos, you need something third-party.

TL;DR: a quick look at top video converters

Converting video in the digital age

There was a time when video converters were just some tools for shifting between media formats. It means they were used to stop the ‘Incompatible error” message. Nowadays, however, video converters do offer various benefits. Some of them are:

  • You can easily manage videos shot using various devices like GoPro, iPhone, Android smartphones, or high-end video-focused cameras. Even if you are on a non-ecosystem device, these videos would play very well.
  • When you convert videos, it means they become more shareable. The point here is that you can have the video in a more popular, convenient format — something that works across the web. This is one way to transcend the ecosystem boundaries.
  • While our videography techniques have grown, we still starve regarding data storage. So, you may want to reduce video size by compressing your 4K video to 1080p or 720p before uploading it to YouTube. Of course, it should be done without quality loss: Ergo, video converters.
  • If you love organizing video content, you’d love to have all videos in the same format for filing. A video converter can really help you at this point. Regardless of whether you got it from YouTube or downloaded it from somewhere else, you can have all of them in MP4, AVI, MKV, etc.
  • Video converters now also come with added features like web video downloader and converter. It means you’ll be able to directly download content from sites like YouTube.  Of course, you can go for a real YouTube Downloader, but having these extra features is indeed a help.

Choosing the best video converter

There is no scarcity of video converters for Mac or PC.

We first created a basic list of 20+ video converters, based on popularity and reviews. After that, all of these video converters were thoroughly tested, based on the following criteria. All of these were given the same importance unless specified otherwise.

  • User Interface: This is something we look at every software we test at SweetBits. We needed the video converter to be easy to use and intuitive. Of course, you don’t have to spend hours on the UI when you want to convert something.
  • Format Compatibility: The converter should be able to handle hundreds of media formats, at least. On top of this, we also looked for support for popular codecs like MPEG-4, H.264, and H.265/HEVC. This was paramount.
  • Conversion Speed: This refers to the time a video converter takes to convert a video. Because a normal video file weighs several hundred MBs or several GBs, you need the best speed you can get. It is great to have hardware acceleration (more about that later)
  • Conversion Quality: Of course, you don’t want to lose quality while doing the conversion. Because of this, we also looked at the output quality of the video converter. While we ignored the minimal loss of quality, consistency was of most importance.
  • Added Features: These features are always time-savers, you know. We checked the software for added features like a basic set of editing tools, quick presets, batch conversion, or auto-shut-down.

With these criteria in mind, we have chosen the best video converter for Mac and PC.

Our testing environment and methodology

Our idea is to test each of the shortlisted apps for their performance and features (Read the full rundown of how we select tools to feature on TheSweetBits blog). Once we had the basics ready, we moved on to hands-on experience. In this step, we wanted to understand the speed, performance, and overall User Experience of each of the video converter utilities.

To make this possible, we tested the video converter tools on an M1 Mac mini with 8GB of Unified Memory and 256GB of SSD storage. As you can imagine, the same video file was used as the source and a couple of media formats were tested in each scenario.

In this case, we have downloaded a full HD+ version of a YouTube video from MKBHD. It was downloaded via Downie, and the size is close to 800MB. This WebM file was used as the source for the entire test.

Regardless, we understand that the numbers are not universal. Therefore, you may have a slightly different set of speeds in different use-case scenarios. Anyway, since you have the basic idea now, we shall move on to the options.

Diving into top video converters for Mac

#1 HandBrake: Free and Open-Source

HandBrake is one of the best options when you need a free and open-source video converter that works on Mac and Windows. It calls itself an open-source video transcoder because you get ultimate options when it comes to customization.


The UI

The user interface of HandBrake is not the most graphical one, in the sense that you have to spend some time to get used to it. However, once you have gotten used to the UI, you can make the best use of the customizability. That is, you get to choose different aspects of video conversion and transcoding that other tools don’t really offer.

Conversion and Performance

The conversion process with HandBrake is pretty straightforward because you can simply load the video that you want to convert and choose the aspects you wish. We also loved how there are multiple options to choose between in terms of not just the format, but also the overall quality of the output content. There is always an option to optimize the content for different scenarios, such as the web or different devices.

According to our hands-on experience, the performance is pretty optimized for M1 and M2 devices. When we used our standard video for testing, the process was pretty quick, and it was able to convert the video without compromising the quality, which is something quite impressive. Because the tool offers multiple profiles, it is easy to choose the right and the most compatible option for the device.

Format Compatibility and Customization

As we said, customization and compatibility are the strongest things you can rely on when it comes to HandBrake. For instance, because it has multiple device profiles and presets, you can simply not worry about the format and choose the preset. As far as compatibility is concerned, you can create content in MP4, MKV, and WebM. It also supports video encoders such as AVI, H.265, and H.264, for instance.

Even without launching a particular preference pane, HandBrake allows you to customize the output and the conversion process. For instance, you can choose the right audio encoder and audio path through technology. There is also an option to maintain the quality and bitrate of the video. In fact, the tabbed interface of this tool makes it easy to focus on specifics during the video encoding process.

Additional Features

As we can expect, the tool comes with a couple of additional features. For instance, it allows you to select the range in terms of titles and chapters. There are also options to batch scan and queue typical encoders that you may come across. The constant quality option is also impressive in that you do not have to worry about how the content turns out. Finally, there is an option for live and static video previews on your Mac.

Availability, Pricing, and Value

The best thing about HandBrake is that it’s available for Windows, Mac, and Linux and you don’t have to pay a single amount of money for this tool.

It is completely open source and receives constant updates, and it’s a go-to option for most people, even when you are a professional.


  • Built-in device profiles
  • Incredible compatibility
  • Rich feature-set for professionals
  • Fairly easy to use


  • The UI is not as graphical as other options
  • No specific hardware acceleration

#2 Permute: Easy and Affordable

Permute from Charlie Monroe Software is another option when you want premium features without spending a lot. This media converter has been designed for maximum effectiveness without compromising the usability factor. That is, if you need the same amount of control that you could expect on HandBrake, Permute offers that without charging you a lot.


The UI

Compared to the user interface of our first pick, Permute has a very basic interface. It takes time to learn a bit, but once you are used to the process of opening files and adding the details, you don’t have to worry about a single thing. In that way, the clean interface of Permute makes it a great option for those who want to deal with multiple video files.

Conversion and Performance

The conversion process with Permute is pretty easy in that you can simply add the video to the list. Once you have added it, you can choose one of the presets. Once you have done this part, there are also options to crop, trim, and change the audio track of the selected video. Then, a single press of a button is all it takes for permute to get the job done.

In our hands-on testing, Permute was pretty fast in that we did not even have to turn on a specific hardware acceleration tech. Instead, it was able to convert the file into the desired format without any action from our side. The timing support for the conversion was also precise in that we could understand how much progress it was attaining every second.

Format Compatibility and Customization

Something we love about Permute is that it has support for some rare formats that do not get proper support from the common video-converting tools. For instance, you get complete support for WebP, SVG, and PDF. So you can use this media converter to handle almost all the types of files that you will come across as a content creator.

And because the developers are frequently adding better compatibility, there is never an instance where Permute lets you down. The customization aspect of the tool is also equally impressive in that you can access the options right before you convert it. Of course, you can always create a preset that maintains a balance between quality and compatibility as you wish.

Additional Features

The additional feature set of Permute is pretty professional-focused. For instance, there is an option to schedule the tasks, for instance, when you are not using the computer. And the UI is also great, as we said before, for multitasking. The support for tools itself and the drag-and-drop technology are helpful when you want better control over the process.

Availability, Pricing, and Value

Permute is currently available for macOS only, and you can get its permanent license code for $14.99. There is also an option to get a subscription through Setapp.

The developer also offers discounts for students. Overall, compared to the features it offers, Permute is an incredible deal for professionals and beginners alike.


  • Simple and focused UI
  • Impressive value for money
  • Top-notch compatibility
  • Rich editing options


  • Advance options need training

#3 Movavi Video Converter: Fast Conversion Option

Movavi Video Converter stands as a formidable contender in the realm of video conversion tools, catering to both macOS and Windows users. It strikes an admirable balance between functionality and user-friendliness, a combination that makes it a viable option for both novices and seasoned users.


The UI

The interface of Movavi Video Converter is a notable highlight. Its design philosophy centers around simplicity without sacrificing efficiency. The layout is intuitive, with toolbars strategically placed for easy access.

Conversion and Performance

Adding videos for conversion is effortlessly straightforward, thanks to the drag-and-drop functionality. The ability to handle audio files, images, and even DVDs in batch conversions is a significant plus, streamlining the conversion process. The SuperSpeed Conversion feature, leveraging GPU resources, ensures quick conversion times without compromising video quality.

In terms of performance, Movavi Video Converter is a fast option for many. The best part is that it maintains the core quality of the video content even with compression. You also have the option to choose between multiple compression techniques. For instance, if you want the output video file to have a specific file size, Movavi can help you set that up.

Format Compatibility and Customization

Movavi’s format compatibility is extensive, supporting a wide range of audio and video formats. The feature that stands out is its ability to select the optimal format based on the user’s device, simplifying the process for those less versed in technical details. The customization options, including codec selection and AI video upscaling, are commendable, adding a layer of flexibility to the tool.

The customization options include adjusting audio settings such as volume, sample rate, and channels. Moreover, Movavi Video Converter offers a range of tools for trimming, cropping, and rotating videos, as well as adding watermarks and subtitles. This comprehensive package caters to personalizing and enhancing video content.

Additional Features

Movavi has added a balanced set of additional features to the package. For instance, you can use the video upscaling feature to improve the overall quality. Similarly, the built-in editing features are helpful when you want to make quick changes to the content. Finally, Movavi has added subtitle support, making it a suitable choice for content creators.

Availability, Pricing, and Value

Movavi Video Converter is available as a free trial with a watermark, allowing users to test its capabilities. The premium version, priced at $54.95, offers a full suite of features sans watermark.

Considering its performance, range of features, and ease of use, the price tag seems reasonable, positioning it as a worthwhile investment for those in need of a reliable video conversion tool


  • Intuitive, user-friendly interface.
  • Fast conversion speeds with SuperSpeed Conversion.
  • Extensive format support and device-specific optimization.
  • Effective maintenance of original video quality.
  • Batch conversion capabilities for efficiency.


  • Limited video editing features.
  • The free version includes a watermark.

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#4 Smart Converter Pro: Intelligent Video Management

Smart Converter Pro is a video conversion tool available for Mac, and it is designed to make the process as simple as possible. Intelligent video management is perhaps the best feature in the package, and it is well-optimized for Apple devices among other platforms.


The UI

Smart Converter Pro has probably one of the smartest UIs when it comes to video converters for Mac and other platforms. It uses a drag-and-drop technology where you can drag and drop any video or music files and select the destination. Then, based on the selection, the conversion process would start and give you the results on the destination itself.

Conversion and Performance

The conversion process is pretty straightforward once you have imported the files that you want to convert. You also have the option to select the conversion speed from slowest to the fastest, but of course, there will be changes to the converted quality. You can also choose one of the many device profiles available in the list if that’s what you prefer.

The conversion process itself is pretty fast, and our testing was done with the help of the standard video that we had chosen. Smart Converter Pro can choose the right conversion speed depending on the compatibility of the two devices in question. For instance, if you are converting from a format that is not natively supported on the target device, the conversion speed will always be the slowest.

Format Compatibility and Customization

Smart Converter Pro comes with extensive compatibility for media formats, and you can choose one depending on the preferences you have. At the first level, you can choose between the devices or simply the form, but if you want something more specific, you can go to the More section and choose one of the device profiles.

This process design is not the most convenient option for customization. For instance, you don’t get the option to change the codec or even the conversion speed. Because Smart Converter Pro is supposed to be a smart choice and a convenient option for users, it does most of the thinking. On the bright side, the preferences section of this tool offers a couple of advanced options for audio and video.

Additional Features

Most of the additional features in this package are designed to provide maximum convenience for you. For instance, you don’t have to worry about whether the selected format is suitable for the device. That is, if you want to convert a video so that it works perfectly on an Apple TV, you can simply choose an Apple TV instead of worrying about which format would work well.

Availability, Pricing, and Value

Smart Converter Pro is currently available for macOS and you can download the free version which gives you limited access to the features.

If you want the full version, you have to pay $14.99 which seems okay. Considering the feature set and the convenience it offers, we think it is a good deal.


  • Smart video management
  • Easy compatibility options
  • Straightforward UI
  • Advanced settings are available


  • Limited customization options
  • No codec management support

#5 UniConverter: All-in-one Video Solution

Wondershare UniConverter, formerly known as Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate, is a comprehensive tool that stands out in the crowded field of video converters. Its broad range of features surpasses many competitors, including Movavi, making it a top choice for an all-in-one video converter solution.


The UI

The software’s user interface is intuitively designed, making it easy to start even with its multitude of features. Tasks like video conversion, audio conversion, video compression, DVD burning, and downloading from platforms like YouTube are handled with consistent speed. It’s important to note, though, that this uniform performance might slightly impact speed and quality.

Conversion and Performance

Unique to Wondershare UniConverter is its ability to choose the device profile directly, avoiding the need to guess the correct video format. The software also offers options for in-depth format customization, including codec adjustments. Users can create custom presets, which is beneficial for those seeking an optimized conversion experience. The software efficiently handles batch conversions, further enhancing its utility.

The developer says that Wondershare UniConverter offers 130x faster conversion speeds, with the help of GPU acceleration.

Format Compatibility and Customization

UniConverter offers full support for numerous video formats, including popular ones like MP4, AVI, MKV, and lesser-known formats like VOB and WEBM, making it really versatile. This extensive range is essential for users who work with various media types, from standard video files to more niche formats. For audio conversions, it supports formats like MP3, WAV, AAC, and FLAC.

The customization capabilities of UniConverter are particularly noteworthy. Users can delve into detailed settings, adjusting video codecs (such as H.264, HEVC, or VP9), tweaking resolutions up to 4K, and modifying bit rates to balance file size and quality. This level of control is invaluable for professionals who need to meet specific technical criteria for their projects.

Additional Features

The editing features in Wondershare UniConverter are extensive. Users can crop, split, and modify video attributes, burn videos to DVD, or transfer content directly to smartphones. The included Toolbox adds even more value, with tools like a GIF maker, VR converter, DVD copier, CD ripper, Screen Recorder, and Image Converter. These additional tools are handy for professional users.

Availability, Pricing, and Value

Wondershare UniConverter is available for both macOS and Windows. It offers a free version with some limitations and a full version priced at $49.99 annually or a one-time fee of $79.99 for lifetime access.

This pricing positions it as a competitive option for users needing a versatile, all-encompassing video conversion tool.


  • Intuitive Interface
  • Broad Conversion Capabilities
  • Device Profile Selection
  • Advanced Customization
  • Versatile Editing Tools


  • Performance Trade-offs
  • The options can be overwhelming for some

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#6 VideoProc: AI Video Converter and Enhancer

In this age of AI, it is difficult to not include a video converter powered by Artificial Intelligence. VideoProc Converter offers all the standard options for video conversion on Mac and Windows and offers the option to enable certain features and options thanks to the AI tools.


The UI

First, we should understand that Video Pro Converter is an all-in-one tool. It means you get multiple options for video conversion, DVD ripping, downloading, and screen recording. So, when you get started, you have to select the actions that you are looking for. In this particular case, you can choose the option to convert 4K audio and video.

Conversion and Performance

The conversion process is pretty straightforward, and you can enable certain features like the High-Quality Engine or auto-copying before you do the conversion process itself. As far as the process is concerned, you can drag and drop the files that you want to convert and choose one of the target formats. There is an option to choose between different criteria such as video, device, and popular options.

During the testing process, the conversion process was pretty quick and VideoProc Converter offers a real-time overview of the conversion process when you are waiting. There are also options to shut down the computer when the conversion is completed. The hardware acceleration features work flawlessly, which is an impressive task.

Format Compatibility and Customization

VideoProc Converter does not compromise in terms of compatibility either. As we said earlier, you have an option to choose the target format depending on the need. For instance, if you are not sure about the format that suits the device best, you can simply select which device you are converting it for. You can also choose between specific formats from the available options.

Similarly, the toolbox makes it easy to customize the video before it is converted.  This is in addition to the standard editing features that you get when choosing a video. That is, you can cut, crop, or add effects to the video. There is also an option to add a watermark. As far as advanced customizability is concerned, you have a wonderful option to choose a quality video codec and audio codec.

Additional Features

There are many additional features in the package, and the developer says that most of the AI-based tools will be coming to the macOS version pretty soon. In particular, we allowed the option to edit different aspects of the video and the quick edit tools are pretty effective compared to the softer footprint of the tool. We should also appreciate the fact that you get a powerful media download engine and editing options,

Availability, Pricing, and Value

VideoProc Converter is available for both macOS and Windows, but specific features are available only on the Windows version.

You can use the free trial of the tool to understand how things work, but a lifetime license of the tool would set you back at $45.95. Instead, you can also go for a subscription, which will cost $25.95 per year.

Once again, the value proposition of this tool is pretty impressive, considering that you get multiple utilities that will be beneficial.


  • All-in-one video management tool
  • Built-in downloader and recorder
  • Best-in-class format compatibility
  • Native support for acceleration


  • Specific features are unavailable on Mac

#7 Waltr Pro: Best for Apple Devices

Waltr Pro from Softorino positions itself uniquely in the realm of video converters, especially for macOS and iOS users. This software goes beyond traditional conversion methods, offering a streamlined experience for transferring content to iPhones and iPads.


The UI

Waltr Pro’s interface deviates from conventional video converters. It eliminates the typical window-based interface, favoring a drag-and-drop system. This approach simplifies the process of transferring and converting files to iOS devices. By recognizing the file type and automatically converting it to a compatible format, Waltr Pro ensures that videos and music find their way to the appropriate applications on the device.

Conversion and Performance

Waltr Pro claims to offer impressive conversion speeds, reportedly five times faster than its competitor. This efficiency is a significant advantage for users who need quick conversions. However, at the same time, the tool focuses on the convenience of quick conversion. Instead of worrying about which formats work for your Apple devices, you can simply drag and drop the files.

In testing, Waltr Pro demonstrated its prowess in speed and efficiency. Conversions were completed swiftly, and the files were readily accessible in the corresponding iPhone apps. The seamless Wi-Fi connectivity further enhances the user experience, offering flexibility in how content is transferred. But it also means you have to compromise the level of customization you get.

Format Compatibility and Customization

Waltr Pro takes a unique approach to compatibility management. The tool simplifies the process by focusing on seamless compatibility with iOS devices. Its strength lies in its ability to automatically recognize and convert various file types — be it audio or video — into formats that are readily playable on iPhones and iPads.

However, this simpler approach has a downside when it comes to customization. People who want to have precise control over the conversion process, like adjusting bit rates, resolution, or codec preferences, might find that Waltr Pro’s abilities are somewhat limited. This makes Waltr Pro perfect for users who prefer a straightforward and hassle-free experience without extensive customization in their file conversions.

Additional Features

Probably the best feature, Automatic Content Recognition, helps Waltr Pro in identifying the correct format for files, ensuring compatibility with iOS devices. Similarly, the tool supports wireless transfers, which is convenient for users preferring a cable-free experience. The automatic Wi-Fi feature promises optimal upload rates and consistent connection quality.

Availability, Pricing, and Value

Currently, the only purchasing option is the Softorino Universal License, which includes Waltr Pro among 12 premium software packages, available for $9.95 per month or $2.92 annually. Even though the package can be less appealing for some, it offers a lot of value.


  • Streamlined, drag-and-drop interface.
  • Fast and efficient file conversion.
  • Automatic content recognition and format compatibility.
  • Wireless transfer capabilities.
  • Integration with iOS apps for immediate file access.


  • Limited customizability and control over the conversion process.
  • Premium pricing may deter some users.

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#8 WinX HD Video Converter: Best for HD Videos

WinX HD Video Converter for Mac is another powerful solution for HD video conversion, particularly for handling 4K/UHD videos. Catering to the needs of those dealing with large video sizes and quality concerns, this software offers a blend of efficiency and quality. It also packs a couple of powerful utilities that would be helpful for content creators, among other professionals.

The UI

The interface of WinX HD Video Converter is remarkably straightforward, making the process of adding and converting videos intuitive. The simplicity of the interface, combined with the diverse range of supported formats and output profiles, caters to both novice and experienced users. If you belong to the second category, you can focus on the customization options.

Conversion and Performance

For starters, WinX HD Video Converter expertly compresses large 4K video files by up to 90% without sacrificing quality, making videos more manageable for mobile devices. Thanks to the familiar UI, the process itself does not take a lot of time. We also noticed that this conversion app can smoothly handle 8K video at incredible speeds.

Our tests show impressive conversion speeds, with a 1GB video clip being processed in just over two minutes, although the final size may vary based on chosen settings like the High-Quality Engine. Of course, to know the actual capabilities of this quality-focused tool, we used 4K quality video. And the results were remarkable, to say the least.

Format Compatibility and Customization

The compatibility aspect of WinX HD Video Converter is pretty remarkable for Pro users. It offers dedicated support for 370 input formats, including UHD, HD, SD, multi-track HD, and Blu-ray, WinX HD covers an extensive range of camera and device formats. You also get over 420 output profiles, ensuring compatibility with a wide array of devices from Apple, Android, and Microsoft, among others.

Customization is probably one of the strongest forte of WinX HD Video Converter. Because it’s been designed for professional users, you get maximum control over how the output file turns out. For instance, you have the option to adjust the quality and file size limitations. However, we loved the option to simply drag the UI to adjust the quality.

Additional Features

You also get basic editing functionalities like volume adjustment, subtitle addition, video trimming, and cropping. These tools, while limited, are user-friendly and sufficient for basic editing needs. Beyond conversion, it includes a feature for online video downloads and the ability to use a webcam as a recording device.

Availability, Pricing, and Value

WinX HD Video Converter for Mac is available in two modes: subscription and one-time payment. If you like a perpetual license, you can pay $39.95, but you can also choose to pay $19.99 per month.

This price, especially considering the lifetime license and upgrades, presents it as a cost-effective solution in the video converter market.


  • High efficiency in compressing large video files.
  • Extensive support for various input and output formats.
  • Simple and user-friendly editing tools.
  • Rapid conversion process.
  • Useful additional features like online video download and webcam recording.


  • Limited advanced editing capabilities.
  • Output file size can be large, depending on settings.

#9 HitPaw Video Converter: AI Video Converter and Downloader

HitPaw Video Converter is another option that you could consider, especially if you are looking for something AI-powered. This utility can help you with video conversion and downloading, and the AI options make the process easier and more convenient.


For starters, the package includes a Video Converter, Video Downloader, DVD Ripper, DVD Burner, and a 2D to 3D Video Converter. As far as the conversion process is concerned, you can do lossless conversion with a 4K video with up to 120x speeds. There is always support for more than 1000 formats and there are built-in device profiles that you can use.

It is also one of the tools to offer dedicated support for lossless music conversion. As far as the AI features are concerned, there are options for Instant Transcription, AIR Generation, and Video Optimization. Finally, you also get an Audiobook Converter that is helpful many times. We also liked the tabbed design of the tool, which makes the process easier.

The free version of HitPaw Video Converter is available with limited options, but you can get the full version for $19.95.


What criteria should I consider when choosing a video converter?

Selecting the right video converter depends on your specific needs. Consider factors such as supported formats, conversion speed, ease of use, and additional features like editing capabilities. Our guide in Section 3 provides detailed criteria to assist you in making an informed decision.

Are there free video converters that are as effective as paid ones?

Yes, there are many free video converters that offer excellent performance. However, the features and capabilities may vary. In Section 4, we’ve highlighted both free and paid options, detailing their strengths and weaknesses to help you choose the best one based on your requirements.

Can video converters handle large files efficiently?

Most modern video converters are designed to handle large files efficiently. However, conversion speed may still depend on factors like your computer’s processing power and available resources. Choosing a converter with optimization for large files, as discussed in our guide, can enhance performance.

Are there converters that support batch processing?

Yes, many video converters support batch processing, allowing you to convert multiple files simultaneously. This feature is convenient for saving time, especially when dealing with a large number of videos. Check the features section of our recommended converters to find options that support batch processing.

Online vs. desktop converters: how to choose?

It depends on your specific needs. If it is a one-time thing or you need to convert small files, you may go for the online converters like But if you need to convert large videos and get high quality along the way, go for the offline ones. They offer advanced features, customizations, and enhanced security.

The bottom line

We believe you found our collection useful. As always, a diversity of options was our aim here, and you will be able to find a video converter that suits your needs. For instance, you may be looking for maximum speed, compatibility, or control.

For starters, if you are looking for the fastest conversion speed, you can use Movavi Video Converter or Wondershare UniConverter. Both of these tools enable hardware acceleration, which makes the process easier. But, if you want something more focused and dedicated, you can check out Permute or Smart Converter Pro. Both of which are designed to make the process simpler.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a balance of control and customization, you have free options like HandBrake and something like WinX HD Converter. On both of these options, you will have an easy way to change the codec and other aspects of the video output.

Then again, all these tools have been tested and compared against the popular options in the market, and we have chosen the best options considering reliability and security as well. Therefore, you might not find some tools that are not supported by the developers.

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