Type Faster on Mac with These Most Useful Text Expansion Apps

Utilities • Updated on Dec,6, 2022

Nowadays, you cannot imagine a world without copy and paste, right? These two functions save a lot of time — no matter who you are. That having said, there are limits to this function.

Haven’t you wished if you could keep certain things in the device memory and paste them as you wish. For instance, when you’d like to paste your entire Signature, you can just type sign. And, boom — you have the full signature with all the credentials.

This is exactly what text expansion software does. Text expansion works like this:

Suppose you want to use an entire paragraph, repetitively. Instead of copying and pasting the content time after time, you develop a shortcut. Through this shortcut, you can paste the entire paragraph by entering a simple keyword. As we said earlier, it may be sign for signature and btw for by the way.

But, how do you bring a text expander to macOS? Well, as it happens, macOS has a built-in text expander.

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Mac’s built-in automatic text replacement

Technically speaking, macOS has a built-in text replacement utility. It means you can set up macOS system to replace certain words with their full forms. For instance, as you can see below, you can change btw into a full form like By the way. macOS also lets you make certain customizations here. And, you can as many text-full-form combinations as you want.

Despite all these, the built-in text replacement in macOS is barebones. It’s not a productive solution for most people, especially professionals. For instance, if you are a social media manager who has to have hundreds of combinations, the macOS system won’t be enough. And, it doesn’t help that you have to go to Preferences to make these changes.

This is why most customers leave the built-in option for something more productive and reliable. Thankfully, we have so many text expansion software solutions to choose from.

Here, we are set to find out the best text expansion tool for Mac.

Top 3rd-party text expansion apps for the Mac

Here are the top 3rd party selections that would help you extend the text and type faster on your Mac:

TextExpander: The most popular option with subscription price

TextExpander is a brand-new version of the original TextExpander. It’s not just an update; it’s a total rewrite with many new features. TextExpander is a productivity utility for macOS that enables you to type short abbreviations that expand to long phrases or complete HTML pages, and much more.

It’s the fastest way to enter text on your Mac. For example, use ‘omw’ instead of ‘On my way!’ and TextExpander will automatically expand it into the entire phrase. Use ‘tg’ for ‘Thanks’, and you get a pre-filled email message thanking someone.

Use three dots (…) as a shortcut for ellipses in iWork documents, and so on. You can also set up shortcuts using multiple words, spaces, or punctuation characters; select from suggestions generated by TextExpander. You can create dynamic substitutions that appear when you need them; use dates and times; insert snippets of code or even graphics, or combine any number of expansions in one shortcut.

User interface

With version 7, they have introduced a whole new way to work with TextExpander — an interactive interface that makes working with snippets faster and easier than ever before.

The first thing you’ll notice when you launch TextExpander is that it now has two windows. On the left side is your library, where your snippets are into folders.

The one on the right side is where you will work on your snippets. It’s kind of nice to separate things like this because when you are creating a new snippet, you don’t have every single snippet that you’ve ever created cluttering up my screen.

Features we loved

Smart suggestions. TextExpander will analyze your keystrokes and make suggestions when given the right permissions. This could easily be one of the best features in the TextExpander suite.

Variables. This feature allows you to insert variable content like dates, time, and even system shortcuts as expanded text. Depending on your need, you can customize what appears when you type the trigger word.

Comprehensive Formatting Options. It supports all the same formatting options as TextExpander Touch, including inline images and custom typefaces, and includes a powerful search capability.

Easy Update Checks. TextExpander also makes it easy for you to check for updates in other apps that support TextExpander snippets.

Delimiters. Delimiters are certain letters or key combinations that trigger or prevent text expansion. For instance, you’ll be able to set up TextExpander to expand a certain piece of text-only after you have entered a specific key, say Tab or Space Bar.

One Tap Interface. With a simple tap of the finger, you can create an abbreviation that expands into much longer text—the perfect way to save time when writing email or text messages.

Awesome Snippet Library. It includes a snippet library, but more importantly, it lets you define your snippets and store them in that library.

Availability and pricing

Of course, it’s productive to have software that works seamlessly everywhere. As mentioned earlier, TextExpander is available for macOS, Windows, iOS, and Chrome OS. You will download these apps once you have created an account on the website.

Cross-platform availability is one of the best things about TextExpander. Once you have signed in using the TextExpander account, every snippet you save will be synced with other devices where you have installed the apps. Considering that TextExpander has applications available for macOS, Windows, iOS, and even Chrome OS, this becomes a great solution for productivity.

You can try TextExpander for free with a trial version or get it for a $3.33 per month subscription for the individual package, and the Business plan would cost you $8.33 per user per month.

And the latest good news is that software developer is offering 20% Off 1 year of a TextExpander Life Hacker plan. Regularly starting at US $40, now only US $32 for a year of increased productivity.

  • Save you time and keystrokes by expanding text abbreviations.
  • A handy tool for any Mac user, but it’s beneficial for those who regularly have to deal with many different email addresses and phone numbers.
  • Help you save time and be more productive in your work.
  • Knowing how and where to add and modify snippets can be complicated.
  • TextExpander also pops up with suggestions of snippets to create, based on your commonly typed phrases, which some users find annoying.

In Short, Considering all the things, we think TextExpander deserves the position to be our top pick. On top of offering some of the best features and control, it also gives you multi-platform support and saves a lot of time. At the end of the day, you can make your macOS experience more productive and less repetitive.

Typinator 8:  The powerful option with one-time purchase

One of the limitations with TextExpander is that you have to pay a subscription fee every month. This could be a problem for some of you, and you may look for a one-time-purchase alternative. This is exactly where Typinator 8 comes in. This text expansion software is an awesome alternative if you aim at a medium-priced software solution for your productivity needs.

More of a direct competitor to TextExpander, Typinator has several features that you all will love. This is why we have chosen the product as the second-best option.

User interface

Getting started with Typinator is easy, but we found the UI to be a bit complex. As you can see in the given screenshot, all the options are available on the same screen. You will be able to select abbreviations from the left pane and see their trigger-expansion combinations on the right. You might need more time to figure out where to begin and end.

We won’t say the getting started process is easier, but you can do it anyway. Despite this, you will have a good time managing the collection of combinations once you have figured out the UI. Although not as good as TextExpander, we loved how Typinator has been arranged and offers its options.

Features we love

Magic Keys. Typinator allows you to use the modifier keys such as Shift, Control, Option, and Command in different abbreviations as if they were real characters. 

Date and Time Inclusions. Using various markers, you can also use Typinator to include real-time data such as the current date and time.

Built-in Functions. Typinator includes built-in functions that help you get faster text expansions in HTML and Mail clients.

Advanced Options. Typinator comes with some advanced settings that can help you customize it as you would like. You can also assign some keyboard shortcuts to it for easier access.

Statistics Mode. Typinator 8 comes with a new statistics mode where you will be able to see the usage counts for abbreviations and sets. 

Availability and pricing

Probably the least impressive thing about Typinator is its availability. This text expansion tool is available only for macOS. So, you don’t get the benefits of multi-platform sharing or collaboration features. This could be an area where the developer can improve a lot. As we saw in the case of TextExpander, the multi-platform support makes all the difference.

Coming to certainly one of the good parts, Typinator offers a one-time purchase option. You will be able to purchase a single license of Typinator 8 for just EUR 24.99 and forget everything else.

  • Awesome statistics mode to figure out your best snippets
  • Advanced date and time integration
  • Typinator allows you to save time by adding custom text expansions
  • Typinator does not include dedicated settings for capitalizing sentences
  • Typinator does not bundle any options for using delimiters

In Short, we think the pricing is pretty okay with the list of features and the okay User Interface that the program offers. And, you don’t have to worry about monthly payments. There is also a Family version if you want to save money.

Other text replacement shortcut utilities for the Mac

Below, you can find some applications that we had considered while trying to find the best text expansion software for Mac. However, they did not make it to the top positions due to certain reasons. That said, you can consider the following options if you are looking for an alternative of some sort.

Rocket Typist

If you take almost all the necessary text expansion features and shrink everything into a small package, you will get Rocket Typist. It’s one of the most trusted and popular tools in the domain, offering an amazing set of options.

That having said, Rocket Typist is not as advanced as the other tools. For instance, you can easily manage the whole system from a menu-bar widget itself. The full version of Rocket Typist is available for €9.99, and you can get it on Setapp as well.


Espanso is a powerful Text Expansion app that works on both Windows and macOS. It supercharges your typing experience with custom snippets and other such integrations and helps you type multiple sentences quickly.

It comes with advanced features such as shell and script support, forms support, date, time, and emoji support, making it a little confusing. However, you can still get it for free, which is awesome.


TypeIt4Me is an amazing choice if you need a more affordable, minimal, and trustworthy text expansion tool for macOS. Starting with a simple User Interface, TypeIt4Me has almost every feature you would need, such as the support for calculated data and other algorithms.

You also get support for variables and scripts such as Applescripts. Despite all these, when compared to other tools, this one looks way simpler. One-time license purchase of TypeIt4Me costs $19.99, but a free trial is available.

PhraseExpress for Mac

PhraseExpress is worthy of mentioning, just in case you are looking for a text expansion software that is not the richest in terms of features compared to other tools out there.

That having said, you won’t have trouble creating some snippets and using them. The developers have also done some optimizations, making it easier for doctors.


aText is another text shortcut tool that uses macros and text expansion to do its job. It works by replacing your custom abbreviations with frequently used phrases that you define. It works on the latest macOS Monterey OS and supports Windows devices.

It doesn’t come with fancy features but is a great pick overall. You can get it for free with a trial period or buy it for $4.99.

Text Blaze

Text Blaze is an asy-to-use templates app with endless customizability and powerful automation. It comes with various tools that you can use to add custom snippets and expansions. However, it works only as an extension in the browser.

So, if you want to use it on a Mac, then you would need to use the browser extension. However, it is free to use, making up for a great package.

Gmail Snippets

Gmail Snippets is built specifically to work with Gmail and is a Gmail-only text expansion tool. You won’t be able to use it on any other app, and so it is heavily limited to the Gmail platform.

However, if you do use Gmail a lot, then configuring Gmail snippets is a smart thing to do. It will boost your productivity and help you type faster, and it does it all for free.


Alfred is not technically a text expansion software but a Spotlight alternative. It creates a singular platform where you can search things across your Mac and do some automation. However, you will be able to use this productivity app to expand snippets.

The only problem is that you should have its Powerpack to avail of this feature. Alfred is free to use, but Powerpack costs you £45, which is required if you want text expansion.

Keyboard Maestro

Yet another multipurpose solution, Keyboard Maestro, was our top choice when we covered the best macOS automation tools. Because we are dealing with task-based automation here, you can use Keyboard Maestro to expand certain words into phrases or other content.

You have to create an interconnected system of trigger and action. Keyboard Maestro costs $36 for the latest version and is available for macOS only.

How we chose the best?

We had a few factors in mind while choosing the best text expansion software for macOS.

  • Advanced Features: We looked for advanced features that make text expansion more productive. By features, we mean the options for customization, different modes and support for multimedia etc.
  • Intuitive UI: As we always do, we are strict about suggesting software that is easy to use. You won’t have to spend your valuable time trying to figure out stuff.
  • Integration: More importantly, the text expansion software should be able to integrate well with the macOS system. Only this will you be able to make the best of the features
  • Support: In this context, support refers to two things, which are the amount of updates and the level of customer support from the developer. We’ve tried to bring the best of both worlds.

Of course, we had looked at general aspects of security, privacy and popularity before suggesting software solutions to you.

Text Expanders, Snippets, and Shortcuts: what are they?

Text Expanders, snippets, and shortcuts are all names for the same thing: text that appears on your screen after typing a specific abbreviation.

Are you tired of typing out long phrases or entire emails? Text expanders can help solve this problem by allowing you to create a shortcut that will automatically insert into whatever program you happen to be using.

Trying to work with long lines of text can be very distracting and hard to read. For example, writing out a list or describing something might drag on forever. Using a text expander lets you know exactly how many characters you have left in your document so that you can easily keep within the character limit of Twitter or other social media sites.

When editing images or working in Photoshop, it is effortless to mess up the file by pressing the wrong keys on your keyboard or accidentally clicking somewhere else in the program. Using a text expander will let you copy and paste important information to ensure that you are not losing any data during your editing session. Text Expanders are great for creating headings in Word documents or emails. They’re available in most word processing programs and email applications.

For example, if I want to start a title with “Company”, I would type “co”, and my expander would fill it in with the rest of the phrase.

There are a lot of great benefits to using a text expander, and everyone should consider it. Text expanders also work great if you have a certain way that you like to format your documents. If you prefer a specific structure every time you write, then using a text expander will help save time from having to format everything manually.

Text snippets are small codes you create for phrases you often use. For example, if you’re a writer and have a website, you might have text snippets for your bio information, contact details, etc. They don’t require a unique program, and they can speed up your productive time exponentially with just a little bit of setup time.

For instance, if I want to write “thanks so much”, I would type “tsm”, and my shortcut tool would change it. Instead of typing “Prime Minister”, you can create shortcuts “pm”, for it.

Final thoughts

We hope you liked our list of the best text expansion software for macOS. As we mentioned, we have chosen products that are reliable and trustworthy. So, regardless of which program you choose to use, you will not have any trouble in scaling the productivity options. It’s always good to go with something like TextExpander, which offers you control as well as multi-platform experience. At the end of the day, it all comes down to what you expect from text expansion tech.

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