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The Best YouTube Downloader for MacOS

Are you a Mac user and stuck with downloading YouTube videos to watch offline? Then you must pay attention to the best YouTube downloader software we actually tested.

The Best Mac Cleaner (and why you need one)

macOS Sierra and later can save space by using built-in storage optimization feature, but it's not perfect. That’s why using the best Mac cleaner software out there.

The Best PDF Editor for Windows 10

PDF editors are important for people who deal with a lot of PDF files. With so many options in the PDF editor software category, how do you know which one to choose?

The Best Disk Usage Analyzer

Before cleaning to regain more disk space, it is important to use a disk analyzer to manage your disk space usage and find out what is taking up the most HD space.

The Best Music Management Software

Managing the music you have on your computer or any other storage device might get a bit painful. There is a music management software can help you.

The Best App to Block Distracting Websites/Apps

Multitasking is great, but it is less productive. So, make sure you get rid of your distractions and start working on things that matter - with the best distraction blocker.

The Best HDR Image Processing Software

It would not be wrong to say that Aurora HDR 2018 is the HDR processing software for everyone. It boasts a lot of features that both professionals and newbies would find useful.

Acrobat Alternative: 2018 Best Mac PDF Editor

PDFpen, according to our repeated tests and collected feedbacks from other users, it is faster than Preview and nearly as feature-packed as Adobe Acrobat DC.

The 2018 Best Mac Text Expansion Apps

Text Expansion is a savior when you have to type a lot, especially when it’s repetitive. That’s why we spent the last week testing the most popular text expansion apps for Mac, and we have some winners.

PDFpen: Be more productive - powerful PDF editing for Mac, iPhone, and iPad.

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