Best iPhone Manager & Transfer Software (2024)

Mobile   •   Updated on May 23, 2024


Editor’s Note: After new testing, we still consider the latest iMazing 3 to be one of our top picks. We’ve also updated the guide with two subcategories for alternative options.

Let’s agree at this point that Apple’s solutions for managing your iPhone are not the best.

So, you have only one option when you want to transfer data from and manage your iPhone: third-party iOS managers.

But, as you can guess, there are tens of iOS management and data transfer apps. You may not know which one suits you the best, either.

Here’s what we did. We tested over 20 tools from two subcategories. Now, we have narrowed things down to 9 apps.

Top picks

These are the best options you have in the market.

#1 iMazing 3: Best go-to iPhone manager

iMazing 3 is the go-to iPhone manager for everyone with an Apple device. With its latest update, iMazing is essentially what iTunes/Finder should have been. We recommend this all-in-one iPhone manager to control almost everything on your iPhone.



  • It offers a collection of powerful tools
  • Incredible compatibility with iOS/iPadOS devices
  • A smooth user Interface that suits pros and beginners


  • Wireless connection module needs work

We love almost everything about iMazing. Most of its features, from the smooth installation to full access to your iPhone, are designed for pros. At the same time, we can also easily recommend this for beginners. Thanks to its intuitive UI, you can always focus on the things you want.

Here are some core capabilities:

  • Complete restorable backups for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Vision Pro
  • A simple user interface that makes it easy to manage multiple devices
  • Data exploration features with specific modules for photos, messages, voicemail, calendar, etc.
  • Advanced tools for data transfer, OS installation, and device console.

We also love the focus iMazing has on security features. For instance, instead of accessing the information directly from the iPhone, it creates a real-time backup that you can use for restoring. This way, you do not have to connect your phone and wait minutes for the data to load.

However, we are not the biggest fan of the Wi-Fi transfer feature. It often comes across issues and generally feels sluggish. But it doesn’t affect the iPhone management process in general.

Pricing: You can get iMazing 3 for $39.99. You can also avail of some promotions and business discounts.

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#2 AnyTrans: Best go-to iPhone transfer

AnyTrans for iOS is the best iPhone transfer tool we can positively recommend. It offers all the essential features, including backups, phone cloning, and easy data transfer. Compared to options like Android File Transfer, it is an incredible option.



  • It offers a good balance between iPhone transfer and management tools
  • Additional utilities for creating ringtones, converting media, and recording
  • A powerful app management utility


  • It lacks wireless connectivity

Even though AnyTrans for iOS is designed for data transport, you can manage a few aspects of your iPhone. For instance, there is a full-on module for music and other media. Similarly, you can choose between multiple backup and restore solutions to keep your data safe.

We also loved how you can use the following utilities:

  • Manage iCloud files using Finder or Windows Explorer
  • Create custom ringtones from local files or Media Library
  • Download, install, uninstall, and manage applications
  • Mirror your iPhone to your computer and use it for recording

As far as the UI is concerned, it is easy to set up AnyTrans. It also has Quick Start links that allow you to access features like backups and home screen manager. We loved the option to manage social messages from applications such as WhatsApp and Viber. You can back up, transfer and restore messages from this app.

Even then, we would appreciate an option to connect your device to AnyTrans wirelessly. Right now, you need a USB connection to access your device.

Pricing: $39.99 for a one-year subscription; $59.99 for one-time purchase.

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#3 Dr.Fone: Best all-in-one iPhone toolkit

Sometimes, you need the best of both worlds, and Dr.Fone brings this balance into the picture. At its core, Wondershare Dr.Fone is a toolbox. It offers powerful tools like screen unlock, virtual location, system repair and phone transfer.



  • Comprehensive Toolkit: Offers a wide range of tools for various phone-related tasks.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Easy to navigate, suitable for all user levels.
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: Available for both Windows and macOS.


  • Costly: It can be expensive, especially for the full-feature set.

There is even a password manager that you can use to recover passwords from your iOS device. However, once you connect your iPhone via USB, you will find many options to manage data from your device. It starts with an excellent dashboard, which gives you an overview of the device.

Some things you can do with Wondershare Dr.Fone are:

  • Manage different aspects such as photos, music, videos, apps, books and even reminders
  • A fully-fledged backup management and history module
  • A screen mirror function that works smoothly
  • A robust set of professional device management tools.

In particular, we like the options for password management and data recovery. The data recovery statistics from this application are pretty good as well, and the phone transfer feature might come in handy when you want to transfer your devices.

One caveat we found is that you have to install the AnyTrans Link application on your iPhone to send files to the device from your Mac or PC.

Pricing: The complete toolkit is available for $94.95, but you can get the basic version for $29.95.

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iPhone transfer alternatives

Here are some alternatives for a standalone iPhone data transfer tool for Mac or PC.

#4 EaseUS MobiMover

EaseUS MobiMover is a relatively straightforward option for sending files from your PC/Mac to your iPhone and vice versa. It works just right out of the box as well.


The app’s core feature is Browse & Transfer, which lets you go through audio, pictures, videos, podcasts and messages on your phone and transfer them. However, you also get a few quick transfer options for phone to Mac, Mac to phone and phone to phone.

Surprisingly enough, you get a backup and restore option for your device or something specific, such as WhatsApp. There are a handful of media utilities, such as a video downloader and HEIC to JPG converter.

Pricing: Free, Pro version starting at $29.95.

#5 Wondershare MobileTrans

If you are looking for the simplest iPhone data transfer tool, you might want to check out Wondershare Mobiletrans.

It offers quite a few options through a super simple menu. You can go for WhatsApp Transfer, Phone Transfer, Backup, and Restore. In all these sections, you get a couple of options. For instance, when it comes to Phone Transfer, you can transfer data from phone to phone or import data to your computer.


There is also an option to transfer iCloud data to a new phone. We also liked how straightforward the backup process is. It even has an option to recover deleted WhatsApp data on Android devices. So, you can use this single app to manage your iOS and Android devices.

Price: $49.99 per year; $64.99 for lifetime.


WALTR Pro is arguably the best and most efficient way to transfer files or media to your iPhone. The process is straightforward.

You connect your iPhone and open WALTR Pro. Then, you drag and drop anything you want to transfer to your device. WALTR Pro will intelligently categorize them and put the file where it belongs. It can transfer all types of files this way.


This iPhone transfer tool does more than push suitable files onto your iPhone. It can intelligently convert anything that you throw at it. So, if you want to transfer a file that doesn’t work with iOS, WALTR PRO will convert it into a format that does.

Pricing: You get WALTR PRO and other apps for $9.95 monthly.

iPhone manager alternatives

Here are some other options you have when you need a dedicated iPhone manager.

#7 AltTunes

AltTunes is an iPhone management tool from Softorino that is currently available for Windows. However, the macOS version will be released soon.


AltTunes is designed to work as a complete replacement for iTunes for Windows. This tool can manage your device and transfer content to a new device without needing iTunes or iCloud. Judging by the other apps we love from Softorino, AltTunes will also be a massive relief for macOS users.

You also get nifty features, such as exporting text messages and songs and managing your storage space. And all of this is made easy by a very intuitive user interface. We particularly love that AltTunes uses WiFi for easy data transfer.

Price: $9.95 monthly for Universal License.

#8 DearMob iPhone Manager

DearMob iPhone Manager is another alternative out there. You can use it as a dedicated iPhone manager.


It checks all the essential boxes for managing files on your iPhone. For instance, you can use the app to transfer photos, music, videos and other files. Where it lacks is actual utilities that help you. For example, it does not have an app installer or SMS export feature.

It is also a little restrictive because you need to take a backup of your device first. More importantly, despite having few features, it is not the most affordable option. I also think the UI needs much work compared to the other options we have covered.

Pricing: Starts at $29.95 per year.

#9 CopyTrans Manager

CopyTrans is another Windows-only iPhone manager working with iPhones, iPads and iPod touch.


This is a straightforward app and offers plug-and-play access to your device. It focuses on managing video and backups for your device. You can also use the built-in tools to organize your picture library or edit the photo albums on your iPhone or iPad.

Even though CopyTrans advertises itself as an iTunes alternative, it does not have many features we found on iMazing and AllTunes. On the bright side, you get advanced features, such as converting your iPhone into a USB drive.

Pricing: $29.99 for the bundle.

Comparison table

iMazing 3Complete backups, data exploration, advanced toolsPowerful, user-friendly, great compatibilityWireless connection needs work$39.99
AnyTransData transfer, app management, media utilitiesBalanced tools, additional utilitiesNo wireless connectivity$39.99/year; $59.99 one-time
Dr.FoneScreen unlock, virtual location, system repair, phone transferComprehensive toolkit, user-friendly, cross-platformExpensive$94.95 complete; $29.95 basic
EaseUS MobiMoverBrowse & transfer, quick transfer options, media utilitiesFree option available, easy to useLimited advanced featuresFree; Pro $29.95
MobileTransWhatsApp Transfer, phone transfer, backup, and restoreSimple and effective, supports iCloud transferLimited to basic transfer tasks$49.99/year; $64.99 lifetime
WALTR PRODrag and drop transfer, intelligent file conversionEasy to use, great file conversionMonthly subscription$9.95 monthly
AltTunesDevice management, text export, WiFi transferGreat iTunes alternative, intuitive UICurrently Windows-only$9.95 monthly
DearMobFile transfer, backup requirementReliable file managementLacks some features, backup requirement$29.95/year
CopyTransVideo and backup management, picture library organizationSimple and effective, picture library featureLimited features compared to others$29.99 for the bundle

Tips and tricks for using iPhone management tools

  • Regular backups: Ensure you regularly back up your iPhone to avoid data loss.
  • Explore features: Spend time exploring the features of your chosen tool to make the most of it.
  • Use wired connections: For faster and more reliable transfers, use a wired connection instead of relying on WiFi.
  • Keep software updated: Ensure both your iPhone and management tool software are up to date for the best performance.
  • Secure your data: Use encryption features available in some tools to secure your data backups.

The final call

We have tried our best to cover almost all the best options, but if you are looking for some easy suggestions, here they go.

  • If you need a balanced iPhone manager and data transfer tool, you should always go for iMazing 3.
  • But if you need an easy way to transfer content between your iPhone and Android, AnyTrans is a quick option.
  • If you need a full toolkit to access, fix, recover and manage your phone, Dr.Fone is great.
  • You should also consider EaseUS MobiMover Free if you need a completely free option.

But, feel free to get a free trial version to see if it meets your needs best.

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