“iMazing is Amazing”

Case Studies • Updated on Dec.1, 2020

tim imazing

Today we would like to share a case study of Tim Purcell, Senior Executive at Purcell Consulting, who describes how iMazing by DigiDNA overcomes iPhone data transferring problems in his device update.

Q: What challenges made you search for this kind of software?

Tim Purcell: Most of us struggle to keep up with the technology releases. When Apple releases a new version of their flagship iPhone and I do decide to “update” our phones the big question is how can I move my data across from the old to new device.

By default, we should just plug in our old device into our computer, open iTunes and do a backup of the old device. Once done, plug in the new device, restore the fresh backup and just like magic it works. But the first I get the backup failure below.

iphone failed backup

After numerous attempts and multiple reboots I went looking for this kind of answers and software solutions.

Q: How did get to know about iMazing?

Tim Purcell: I found it with Google by accident. I download and try and then had found this tool that solved the first problem.

Q: Please, describe how you are using iMazing?

Tim Purcell: The iMazing app has an option to transfer one phone to another device. Based on my successful backup, I connected my new phone via lightening cable and told it to transfer. It was a little slow process, but I didn’t care. It was done! I don’t know if the speed was a function of my MacBookPro’s CPU, the speed of access or writing information via cable or some other function I am unaware of but it was completed. My new phone was done and ready for use. iMazing is Amazing! Thank you.

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