iMobie AnyUnlock Review: The Good, The Bad and More

Utility •  Aug. 31th, 2023

imobie anyunlock

Have you ever been in a situation where your iPhone becomes unusable? We’ve all been there, as we might have forgotten the lock screen password, iCloud credentials or accidentally locked it. You must have tried many DIY techniques to get over these issues, but you must have left with no progress.

To address such critical issues, many software have been developed to fix them, and iMobie AnyUnlock is one of them. Through this review, we will find out if it helps resolve the critical unlocking issues of iPhones.

Continue reading to discover what it packs and if it is the right software you’ve been searching for.

iMobie AnyUnlock 101

What is AnyUnlock?

iMobie AnyUnlock, developed by iMobie, isn’t just a dedicated iPhone unlocking solution but comes with many unlocking tools.

This software is considered and suggested by many as one of the best software for its ability to fix most iPhone unlocking issues with just one click, eliminating the need for additional inputs and the need for lengthy and confusing guides.

Is iMobie AnyUnlock safe?

iMobie AnyUnlock is a trustworthy tool, as iMobie has been regarded as a trustworthy software developer for many years. You can be assured of its safety, as it is free of malicious software and ensures that your iPhone and data stay safe.

We suggest downloading it directly from the official iMobie website to avoid undesirable outcomes.

Is iMobie AnyUnlock legit and trustworthy?

As mentioned, iMobie is a well-recognized developer and has been developing software for many years. To this day, none have brought up the lack of security or claimed they were exposed to malware with any of their software.

Is iMobie AnyUnlock free?

No, iMobie AnyUnlock isn’t entirely free. While it offers some free features, there are restrictions, often leading users to opt for its premium version.

iMobie AnyUnlock: The Good

Considering iMobie AnyUnlock is one of the best iPhone unlocking tools, we have tested it to find its potential, and here is everything we have felt good about.

1. Unlock Screen Passcode

When faced with the most common and frustrating screen lock issues on one of our old iPhones, we tried AnyUnlock to see if it could unlock our iPhone.

Usually, you might find yourself locked out of your iPhone if you have forgotten your passcode or the Face ID malfunctions. We’ve all been there, and it is mostly due to forgotten passcode.

unlock scr

Upon testing and successfully unlocking the iPhone, we found AnyUnlock a powerful tool in most scenarios. Whether it was a simple 4/6-digit numeric code or those tricky situations where Face ID or Touch ID was unresponsive, AnyUnlock easily handled them and bypassed the issue.

However, it’s essential to point out that our unlocking experience wasn’t flawless. While AnyUnlock performed impressively on most iPhone models we tested, there were instances with certain iPhones that didn’t immediately unlock.

This isn’t to say it doesn’t work entirely, but it may require more patience for specific models.

2. Bypass MDM

Getting a second-hand iPhone can sometimes come with unexpected challenges. One of the most frustrating issues we’ve encountered with one of our second-hand refurbished iPhones is MDM locked.

When this happened, we felt that our purchase had gone to waste, but we have given AnyUnlock a shot to see if it could fix this issue.

If you’re stuck on the Remote Management login screen or wish to remove those MDM restrictions from your iPhone, AnyUnlock can be the solution you’ve been seeking.

bypass mdm

We were particularly impressed by its capability to bypass MDM remote management without needing the username and password. Additionally, it removes the local device management from your iPhone, ensuring that your content and settings remain untouched. The best part of this tool is that it requires no jailbreak.

Even though we could remove the MDM restrictions, we had multiple issues, and the entire process wasn’t as smooth as screen passcode unlocking.

We have been patient throughout the journey, considering many were able to fix this issue, so we kept trying, and surprisingly, we could fix ours on the third try.

3. Bypass iCloud Activation Lock

AnyUnlock’s iCloud Activation Lock bypass is simple, and once you’ve connected your iPhone and completed the jailbreak, it’s just one click away to bypass the Activation Lock.

bypass icloud

We felt the process was simple, and the best part is it didn’t ask for previous passcode or Apple ID. One might fear jailbreaking the iPhone as it voids the warranty, and Apple denies service. Even though jailbreaking has severe limitations, you can use your iPhone instead of throwing it away.

While bypassing iCloud Activation Lock using the tool, we stumbled upon one significant limitation you should know. The software supports iOS 12 to iOS 16.5 on Mac, and for Windows users, it supports iOS 12 to iOS 16.4, excluding iOS 12.4.5 & 12.4.6.

If your iPhone operates on a version above iOS 16.4 (Windows users), AnyUnlock won’t assist. However, please don’t lose hope, as the jailbreak tools are being consistently worked on to break the newer versions of iOS, and soon software like AnyUnlock will use them.

4. Unlock Apple ID

If you’re locked out due to forgotten credentials or stuck with a pre-logged Apple ID on a second-hand device, you cannot use your iPhone to the full extent. We found it very useful as AnyUnlock can remove an Apple ID without requiring the password, and then the struggle using Apple services is gone.

By removing the existing Apple ID, AnyUnlock allows you to log into another account, which means you can again enjoy all the services, apps, and music you’ve been missing out on.

unlock id

However, there’s one significant consideration to keep in mind. If the “Find My iPhone” feature is activated on the iPhone you’re trying to free up, then using AnyUnlock will lead to a loss of all your data. We believe you must be aware of this potential issue.

However, if the “Find My iPhone” is disabled before performing the Apple ID unlocking, the data loss won’t occur, and the data remains intact, but the settings might reset.

5. Intuitive Interface

In our experience with numerous software interfaces, we rarely discuss interfaces, as many of such software share a familiar design and layout. However, when we used iMobie AnyUnlock, we felt it must be addressed.

To begin with, its interface is genuinely one of its standout features, offering ease of navigation. Even if you’re new to this software, the intuitive design ensures you can use it effortlessly without prior knowledge.

main scr

One of the most notable features of the iMobie AnyUnlock interface is the embedded walkthroughs with each tool. As you continue using the tool, you will realize its usefulness. The automation for firmware selection requires a special mention as it prevents you from downloading the wrong firmware and potentially bricking your iPhone.

Even though everything’s good, we believe it needs a workaround. A black theme option would undoubtedly be a great addition, as it not only improves aesthetic but can make it stand out from competitors. Additionally, a better font could enhance the user experience even further.

iMobie AnyUnlock: The Bad

No software is built perfectly, and iMobie AnyUnlock does have limitations. Here is what we felt bad about AnyUnlock.

1. Remove SIM Lock

AnyUnlock eliminates the need to worry about the SIM lock issue. This tool makes unlocking your iPhone’s SIM restrictions easy and could save you significant time and hassle. There is no issue with the tool, but it’s the outcome that is to be blamed.

However, we suggest doing against this as it doesn’t work for users with blacklisted devices. Secondly, the feature requires that ‘Find My iPhone’ be turned off on your device before unlocking. This is a crucial security feature, and deactivating it, even temporarily, may pose safety risks.

Of the two, the most concerning issue is the need for jailbreaking. While AnyUnlock assures you won’t lose any data during the process, jailbreaking comes with many risks.

Usually, jailbreaking can void any warranty, and you will no longer receive system or security updates, and might face random crashes and be vulnerable to malware and hackers.

Instead of going through all the hassle, get the issue sorted by visiting your service provider or using a cloud-based mobile number.

2. Paywall Restrictions

The iMobie Unlock free version certainly provides users with handy features such as scanning Screen Time Passcode, inspecting passwords stored on iOS devices, and even delving into iTunes Backup Passwords.

However, while these features allow a sneak peek into its capabilities, the full recovery options are reserved for those who upgrade to the paid version. Like its competitors, which offer limited functions in its free version, iMobie Unlock has many paywall restrictions.

But for users who need to fix several unlocking issues on their iPhones, consider purchasing the premium version as it is a worthwhile investment.

NOTE: The entire review of iMobie AnyUnlock is based on iPhones. It is necessary to know that some of the above features work and apply to iPad and iPod touch series.  

Pricing and Availability

The iMobie AnyUnlock is available in a comprehensive “Full Toolkit package,” priced at $79.99 yearly. This package offers a 1-year subscription that covers up to 5 devices and 1 PC.

Customers are provided with an entire year of free upgrades and a subscription. Should any queries or issues arise, the dedicated customer support team is available around the clock every day of the year. You also have the flexibility to cancel your subscriptions at any point, and also it comes with an auto-renewal feature for a 1-year term.

Although the package structure might lack flexibility regarding subscription durations, iMobie acknowledges that some users might require only specific tools. To cater to these needs, tools such as “AnyUnlock – Unlock Screen” or “AnyUnlock – Bypass MDM” can be acquired as standalone purchases.

Lastly, educators and students can claim a 30% discount on purchases. Ensure you avail of this offer if you fall into these categories.

Pros and Cons


  • It comes with comprehensive unlocking tools bundled in one software.
  • Easily handles a variety of iPhone unlocking scenarios, including Screen Passcode, MDM, and iCloud Activation Lock.
  • Removes Apple ID without password and provides access to all services and apps.
  • Intuitive software interface with embedded walkthroughs and automation for firmware selection.


  • Not completely free; the free version has a lot of paywall restrictions.
  • Some tools may not work flawlessly on all iPhone models or require multiple attempts.

Final Words

iMobie AnyUnlock is a comprehensive solution for various iPhone unlocking issues, be it forgotten passwords, iCloud lockouts, or MDM issues. While impressive with its robust range of features and intuitive interface, the software isn’t free of some limitations.

“Certain models may pose challenges in immediate unlocking, and the need for jailbreaking in some instances can be concerning for users.”

Additionally, while it offers a free version, the most significant features lie behind a paywall. Nevertheless, if you’re looking for a reliable unlocking tool for your iPhone, iMobie AnyUnlock is a worthy consideration, especially with its dedicated support and flexibility to buy individual tools.

Always ensure safety by downloading from the official site and understanding the features thoroughly before using them. However, if you have used iMobie AnyUnlock earlier, or don’t seem up to the mark, check out Tenorshare 4uKey, as it is arguably one of the best alternatives.

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