Is ClickUp Free? Everything You Need To Know About ClickUp Pricing!

Tips • Nov. 8, 2023

ClickUp free

Are you tired of having to switch between apps that help you keep track of your day-to-day tasks? All of these apps might feel similar, but each app has something extra that makes it special.

ClickUp is an app that combines all of these apps in one. With an all-in-one approach, ClickUp can easily replace all other apps for personal and business needs. Within the app, you can brainstorm, bring ideas together, and collaborate in teams. Almost no one relies on only one tool today, and that’s why ClickUp is a great platform to have the most versatile features in one place.

What is ClickUp and what is it used for?

ClickUp is a productivity and management platform that is most similar to apps like Jira, Asana, Airtable, Trello, Basecamp, and others. All of these apps are similar, yet different in certain ways. ClickUp was built as an all-in-one app that tried to bridge the gap between all other apps. The main goal is to provide its users with one place for dealing with all day-to-day tasks without having to rely on a couple of apps.

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Having all of the information available in one place, even larger teams can benefit from using one channel for clear and productive communication. With that being said, ClickUp is ideal for anything from keeping a simple to-do list for your daily tasks to managing and collaborating with large teams.

ClickUp is best used for creating tasks, assigning tasks to various members within the platform, setting goals, tracking progress and manage projects, with AI-powered. On top of that, you can also add comments, set due dates for tasks and projects, and even track the team’s stats and performance. Efficiency, productivity, and effortless communication are just some of the benefits of using ClickUp AI.

Is there a free ClickUp trial?

One of the most asked questions about ClickUp is if there’s a free trial. Of course, testing the app before paying for it gives the most personalized way to review and understand the app. This way, you can see if it’s a good fit for your needs and purpose.

The thing about ClickUp is that there’s no free trial. There’s no trial at all. However, that’s not the bad news. The reason there’s no free trial is because it features a free pricing plan that’s ideal for personal use.

Since there’s no free trial to give ClickUp a test, you can still give it a try using the free personal plan. Keep in mind that this won’t give you a chance to test all of its features and the experience is likely limited. The only way to bypass this is to go straight for one of the paid plans to experience all ClickUp features.

Can you get ClickUp for free?

You can get ClickUp for free, thanks to the free pricing plan. Another great thing about the free pricing plan is that it’s not a trial. Instead, it’s a part of the pricing plans, which remain free forever.

Of course, there’s only one downside. With the free pricing plan, you’ll have limited access to certain features and you won’t get to experience ClickUp to its full potential. The free pricing plan is best for personal use. This is more than enough to see if it’s a compatible tool to get your work in order and see if it’s a good fit for your needs and tasks. Another great thing to keep in mind is that you won’t even be asked for your credit card to access the free ClickUp plan.

While a free ClickUp account might not allow users a lot of free storage space, it’s important to handle space efficiently to make the most of the free plan. If you’re thinking of upgrading, keep on reading to learn how to find an even better deal with the use of coupon deals.

Are there any other ClickUp deals?

A free plan is a pretty great deal, but what if you want more from ClickUp? The prices for other plans depend on the amount of employees/users in the account, but also on the plan’s type.

Since these are the plans you need to purchase, there’s more good news. By searching for ClickUp deals using search engines, you can find coupons for available discounts. Now, keep in mind that these coupons and deals aren’t always available. Sometimes it can take a lot of work to find the working code for a better deal. If you’re on a tighter budget or are always trying to get the most value out of your deal, spending a little bit more time searching for a ClickUp deal is a good idea.

However, if you’re unsure of the ClickUp plan that will fit your needs, keep on reading to learn more about the pricing plans!

What are ClickUp’s pricing plans like?

We’ve told you a lot about ClickUp’s free pricing plan. That’s more than enough for personal use and to see ClickUp in action first-hand. However, now’s the right time to check out other ClickUp account plans for smaller, medium, and large teams. Available paid ClickUp plans include:

  • Unlimited– $7 per member per month
  • Business – $12 per member per month
  • Enterprise – Price available upon contacting sales

ClickUp is free for personal use but it’s paid for commercial use. The Unlimited plan is best for smaller teams, the Business is ideal for mid-sized teams, and the Enterprise plan is for the largest teams out there. It’s also worth mentioning that these prices are for yearly pricing, while the monthly prices are slightly higher ($10 for Unlimited and $19 for Business plans, per member per month).

The Unlimited plan includes all free features from the Free plan, but it removes limits on certain features like storage space, dashboards, guests, integrations, custom fields, and more.

Business and Enterprise plans include additional features that aren’t available in Free and Unlimited plans, like Google SSO, custom exporting, advanced automation, time tracking, enterprise API, white labeling, and more advanced features.

What can you use ClickUp for?

ClickUp isn’t very expensive considering the number of features it includes and how these features can help improve your workflow and productivity. But to understand its true value, it’s important to get to know ClickUp inside out. Testing it with the free plan is one way to do it, but we’ll also summarize how ClickUp can help you down here.

No matter the plan, when you’re starting, ClickUp can serve as a to-do list. It’s also a great board for adding various tasks and projects in one place. With great visualized features, everyone can have a quick insight into what needs to be done, what’s getting done and is in progress, and what has been done so far. Within each task, you can assign it to certain members or dashboards, and you can also add comments, and due dates, and attach images, screenshots, or other documents.

Without having to rely on the ClickUp platform, you can have a quick insight into your board using the ClickUp extension available for a Chrome browser. This way, you can check, add, or remove tasks at any moment without even having to switch the tab.

Whether you’re trying to keep up to date with your shopping list, a to-do list for work, or multiple to-do lists full of tasks for a project, ClickUp is customizable enough to allow this. We noticed that with its customizability, you can easily adapt it to the way you work, instead of having to adjust to software. ClickUp won’t get in your way but it’ll always be available at a tap of a button.

Other than keeping an eye on the tasks, projects, and progress, it’s also a good place to communicate, collaborate, and share files between team members.

ClickUp compatibility

ClickUp is available in-browser. You can use any modern browser, but we recommend using Chrome so you can take advantage of ClickUp’s extension. With the extension, you can keep an eye on the most important aspects of your ClickUp account, board, and tasks in one small pop-up window.

With ClickUp’s full customizability, you can use ClickUp in third-party apps such as Outlook, Microsoft Teams, or other Microsoft apps. Since ClickUp can accommodate enterprises and the largest teams of up to 1,000+ users, its customizability and compatibility help integrate the use of its features in daily tasks and operations.

However, if you’re ever stuck or need any help, it’s good to know that ClickUp offers 24/7 support for members of all pricing plans, including the free plan. The support can be accessed via email and live chat (for paid plans only). Some webinars help teams organize better and make the most of the ClickUp integration.

Is a free ClickUp plan good enough?

We’ve mentioned that ClickUp has a free plan, which is a bit limited, but is it good enough for personal use? The long answer is yes, it’s more than just good enough.

Free plan stays free forever and you won’t even need to add your credit card. The only thing you need is to create a ClickUp account using your email address.

Free ClickUp account includes 100MB of storage which might be a bit too limiting, but with proper space management, you can make the most of the free account. On the bright side, you can have unlimited tasks, and connect your board with unlimited free plan members. To keep your information secure, you will still get a two-factor authentication system. There are also features such as:

  • Documents for collaboration
  • Whiteboards
  • Real-time chat
  • Boards
  • Collaborative calendar
  • 24/7 support
  • Video recording inside the app

Most of these features will have a limited number of uses. For example, you won’t have an unlimited number of whiteboards, like users in the paid plans have. Instead, you’ll have to deal with certain limits for each feature. But the limits are still decent and the biggest potential limit for some users is the limited storage space.

Considering that this pricing plan is free forever and you only need a valid email address, it’s more than what we expected from ClickUp. On top of that, you won’t be forced to upgrade if you’re happy with the free plan. However, if you’d like to upgrade to an Unlimited plan and still use it for personal use, this might be an option but we recommend contacting sales to check if there’s a minimum number of users for this plan.

Where to get ClickUp?

ClickUp is available within the browser and it doesn’t require any downloading and installing on a desktop. Therefore, you can register and get ClickUp by choosing a pricing plan via its official website.

If you’re trying to get coupons for a paid pricing plan, we recommend you ensure that you only grab a code. You shouldn’t use any other third-party websites to register or make the payment. To avoid scams and phishing attempts, it’s only recommended to use the official ClickUp website.

Finding the pricing page for ClickUp is fairly easy. Upon visiting the website, you can click on the “pricing” button from the top menu to quickly access the sales page.


The great thing about ClickUp is that it’s free and it’s forever free. You only need to register with a valid email address and you won’t ever be asked to add your credit card. The Free plan is more than enough for personal use, but if you’re part of a smaller or larger team, upgrading to paid plans makes a lot more sense.

Paid ClickUp plans include more functionality and advanced features, and they come with unlimited functionality for certain features. The only downside of the free plan is the limited storage space. If you’re good at managing storage space, this shouldn’t be an issue for you and you’ll be able to get a lot from ClickUp without paying anything.