VideoProc Converter Review: Solid App for Video Processing

Reviews • Nov.17, 2022

videoproc review

Videos have become the norm, and the hype about this particular media format is vast. People are even making an income from these videos, and it is, by no doubt, relevant in everyday life.

With the rise of demand in making videos and related content comes the skills that have to be known to produce good quality work. To convert video, compress and carry out all video processing actions, VideoProc Converter comes to the rescue.

VideoProc Converter is a powerful and efficient tool to convert and process video, audio, and DVDs.It is your all-in-one software that helps you to make the best video out there. Today we will discuss in detail about VideoProc Converter along with its features and uses.

VideoProc Basics

VideoProc is a great video converter where you can carry out multiple features to enhance the production of your video. With this one-stop software, you can convert, edit, resize and adjust videos, audio, and DVDs according to your needs. The app is a great choice, especially if you are looking for a basic video editing tool that supports and helps with a 4K video conversion.

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On the other hand, VideoProc stands out in this case because it is lightweight, provides exceptional features, and is very easy to use and handle. And due to its user-friendly interface, even beginners can use this tool without any confusion and worry.

What does VideoProc do?

VideoProc is a video converter app that encompasses 370 input codecs and 420+ output formats. For example, H264 to H265 (HEVC), MKV to iPhone conversions, GIF to MP4, AVI to YouTube, and 3D to 2D.

Apart from the essential conversion functions like cutting, cropping, merging, rotating, and adding subtitles, VideoProc also has advanced features like removing background noise and enhancing and upgrading the quality of the video. Further, it has built-in support for hundreds and thousands of audio and video sites.

Who is VideoProc good for?

VideoProc Converter is safer, stable, and faster and will finish your job quickly. If you need to quickly edit your videos and export them to your device, then VideoProc is the way to go.

Plus, if you have video files that you need to extract audio clips from or need to convert them to some other format, then VideoProc can help you with it.

So, make sure that the video editing and converting features suit your needs, as the app is amazing for beginners and pro video editors as well.

Is VideoProc free? How much does VideoProc cost?

VideoProc offers different plans according to your needs. You can try a free trial pack to check out the essential functions. This free trial pack offers a 5 min video processing and basic features. However, there is no option to save the file or access additional effects.

The most basic and affordable plan is the Premium 365, which you can get at $38.90 for one year per 3 PCs. This plan includes certain features along with technical and free update support. There is also a Lifetime License for $78.90 for one PC and Lifetime Family Licenses for $119.90 available for up to 5 PCs.

Is VideoProc safe?

Yes, VideoProc Converter was developed and introduced by a company called Digiarty. Digiarty is a popular and leading multimedia software provider of solutions for DVD and HD video conversion and other functions. So, you can rest assured as the app is entirely safe to use.

The app is helpful for especially beginners in the video editing field who need guidance on where to begin. The interface provided is not only user-friendly but also very easy and stable to use.

Is VideoProc any good?

There is no doubt that VideoProc is a powerful and awesome video processing software. It enables you to adjust videos and audio easily, change their formats, and compress them if required. It regulates and provides high speed with the help of full hardware and GPU acceleration while maintaining high-quality videos.

It is also helpful if the videos are 4K and you have to edit or convert them from devices such as cameras, iPhones, Androids, etc. So, it is best for people unfamiliar with advanced tools and softwares or for people learning about video editing.

VideoProc: A Hands-on Review

While the app looks good on paper and has many great video editing tools, I needed to test it to get a feel of how it works. While VideoProc did work great for most of my work, I did face some slight issues.

My hands-on review is based on all the features, tools, and experiences offered by VideoProc Converter below:

All-in-one media conversion

This is where VideoProc shines the most. VideoProc is impressive for its ability to convert all your media files, including video editing! You can convert files to different formats and devices (including iPhones, Android phones, and old MP4 players.

It provides you with fully accelerated speed while editing and processing videos, thanks to the power of GPU acceleration available as one of its features. This feature not only does the editing and conversion of videos quickly but without decreasing their quality. Also, if you’re further concerned about your cybersecurity, VideoProc has a built-in proxy server that protects your videos while downloading.

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The tool also enables editing 4K videos and 400+ input and output formats. Conversion of all the popular video formats is possible simultaneously due to batch transcoding features. The software also provides specific conversion profiles depending on the usage.

You can also upscale a 720p video to a UHD one or downscale it from 4K. It also allows you to compress a large-scale video by 90%, lowering its original quality.

You also get H264 support and 4K rendering options that make your videos consume less space and still offer the best quality. I could also extract audio clippings from my old videos to preserve them in a digital format.

Audio converter

The software supports various audio formats and easily converts or edits them. Further, you can also make audio clips by extracting from the videos without losing the quality. Another fantastic feature is changing the required audio file to the 5.1 surround format used in home theaters.

DVD converter

All DVD types are supported by VideoProc and converted into any format of your choice. You can add features like subtitles to make it more accessible to the viewers. The DVD Converter also offers different profiles, just like Video Converter.

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Media downloader engine

VideoProc has an in-built Media Downloader Engine which is compatible with many sites. You can quickly download the content you prefer from online sites and convert it into any format. Moreover, the proxy server ensures the file is protected while downloading.

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Basic video dditing

The tool is where you can get all the necessary tools to edit and change your video. These functions include features such as Cut, Merge, Crop, Rotate and Flip images. You can also add or delete subtitles as necessary and select from a list of available languages.

Importing and exporting subtitles is also possible through a USB connector or hard drive. You can even add effects to make your videos stand out, change the brightness, and add filters if required.

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There is a function to stabilize the videos that seem to have shaky footage taken from your phone, which is such a life-changing feature. VideoProc is the only video editing tool available with full GPU acceleration. This is one of the best features for video editing, and it uses level-3 hardware acceleration for processes such as encoding, decoding, and processing videos.

It is powered by NVIDIA, AMD, and Intel, which further helps to have a satisfying video editing experience. And because of GPU acceleration, the video editing process is 47 times faster than other tools. I

found VideoProc to lower video output size by up to 90% more than the original while preserving 98% of image quality. It also reduces and frees 40-60% of CPU usage. This is an awesome way to save a lot of resources without compromising on quality.

Some additional features

You can find other additional features apart from the ones mentioned above in VideoProc’s Video Editor Toolbox. These more advanced features help make your video look more professional and neat.

The app also allowed me to use functions to remove noise and bad fisheye distortion from the videos to create more appealing videos. The Add Watermark option helps you to add any text or logo to protect your video. Further, you can also create GIFs and convert the video format to MKV by maintaining original quality and resolution. You can also develop M3U8 files and synchronize audio with the video you want to edit.

VideoProc has great screen recording features which can be used on platforms like YouTube. This feature is beneficial for vloggers to record audio and video together simultaneously and for people who do reaction videos. You can record your device’s screen in a few quick steps and record the video by using a webcam and later do a voice-over for the video.

videoproc 2

Decide on the recording area on the screen and add new content while recording for the best experience. This feature also allows you to delete the original background and add a new one of your choice.

VideoProc even allowed me to process large-sized 4K videos without changing their original quality. These videos can be of any media format, and you can quickly process multiple files. You can also load 30,60,120, and 240 FPS videos for editing or conversion and make slow-motion or 3D videos.


You might think that VideoProc might have compromised somewhere, but I’m happy to report that it’s not the case. The app’s performance is excellent, and I never faced any annoying lag or interruption while rendering and converting videos and other media files.

I did notice it running a bit slow while rendering high bit-rate 4K videos. However, VideoProc never failed to work during my tests. So, you can even use it on less powerful devices without getting stuck on any projects.


I ran multiple tests, from converting videos to extracting audio on VideoProc. However, the app never crashed or corrupted any data. So, you can rest easily and use VideoProc for all your editing and converting needs without worries.

VideoProc: Alternatives

Other video converters can be used for editing purposes. It is always helpful to know other options that you can go for instead of VideoProc. Below we will discuss VideoProc alternatives you can use for video editing.

  • Movavi Video Converter – Movavi Video Converter is a video converter that can be used in both Windows and macOS with relatively high speed. It also has a straightforward user interface recommended to both beginners and professionals. You can get it at $25 for an annual license or a Lifetime license at $34.
  • Wondershare UniConverter – Wondershare UniConverter supports 150 presets, but you can create presets of your choice.  A toolbox also has advanced features like a GIF maker, Screen Recorder, Image Converter, YouTube downloader, etc. UniConverter is user-friendly, and you can get it at $19.99 monthly. With six additional special add-on features, you can buy this converter at $59.99.

VideoProc Review: Final Words

Overall, VideoProc is a fantastic video editing software that offers a variety of valuable features and functions. These features not only help to enhance your video and its quality but also helps to make it professional and creative at the same time. It offers high-speed conversion, and it is very stable to use.


  • User-friendly interface, best for both beginners and professionals
  • It comes with a toolbox that contains additional advanced features
  • Supports a variety of output formats
  • Converts 4K videos and has GPU acceleration
  • It has a built-in Media Downloader Engine
  • Converts in high speed and is safer and more stable to use
  • A 30-day money-back guarantee is provided


  • The trial version offers only a 5 min video processing
  • It does not work on Linux
  • Additional tools can be added for professionals

The customer reviews of this tool have several positive reviews praising the fantastic experience with this tool. Even though the free trial availability could be more helpful, you can still buy it for an affordable price, and it is worth your time and money.

You can also choose VideoProc alternatives if you need a different video converter. We hope your doubts are cleared and you will have a great video editing experience.

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