VMware adds 3D acceleration for Windows 11 on Apple Silicon Macs

News • July 13, 2023

VM Fusion

VMWare Fusion, a popular virtualization software enabling users to create and run virtual machines on Mac computers, has recently announced an exciting update that promises to enhance the Windows 11 experience on Apple silicon Macs with the new macOS Sonoma.

Complete 3D Acceleration

The latest VMWare Fusion preview introduces comprehensive hardware-based 3D accelerated graphics support for Windows 11 on Arm, operating seamlessly on Macs with Apple silicon,  including the new M2 Ultra-powered Mac Pro and Mac Studio. This breakthrough allows users to run full DirectX 11 3D games and applications.

Thanks to this support, Apple Mac users can now enjoy emulated 32-bit and 64-bit Windows DirectX games with ease.


This advancement in full 3D acceleration extends not only to apps and games designed for ARM but also to emulated 32-bit and 64-bit software. Gamers are in for a pleasant surprise, and even non-gamers will benefit from the overall performance enhancements that come with VMWare Fusion 2023.

VMWare explains, “Now, not only can you harness your Mac’s computational power for productivity tasks, but you can also immerse yourself in captivating gaming or multimedia experiences.”

Additionally, the new version of VMWare Fusion includes VMware Tools tailored for Windows 11 virtual machines running on Apple Silicon Macs. These tools facilitate features like drag-and-drop functionality, clipboard sharing between macOS and Windows 11, and autofit, which instantly resizes the resolution when dragging the console window. Moreover, the update boasts enhanced security and initial compatibility with macOS Sonoma.

Try Out the VMware Preview

VMware Fusion 2023 is currently available as beta software, with no official release date announced yet. If you wish to test all the new features on your own Mac, you can download the VMware Fusion 2023 Tech Preview from VMware’s website. Then, check out the guide to know how to run Windows on Mac.