Is AnyTrans a Good iPhone Manager? Independent Review

Reviews • March. 25, 2023

Anytrans review

At this point, it is no secret that iTunes/Finder is no ideal way to manage your iPhone via Mac. Unfortunately, even the most hardcore Apple fans have given up on the tech giant to fix the iPhone manager utility. So, whether you need a third-party iPhone manager is not a question.

Instead, it is about which one suits your specific needs. Therefore, the idea of an all-in-one iPhone manager utility sounds perfect. So, we were excited to try out the latest version of AnyTrans, one of the most popular apps from iMobie.

In this comprehensive AnyTrans review, we have discussed the different aspects of this iPhone management suite and how it compares to not just iTunes/Finder but also other iPhone management software available in the market.

What Is AnyTrans?

For those who are new to the scene, AnyTrans from iMobie is an all-in-one iPhone management suite. It has been designed to offer advanced control over your iPhone/iPad/iPod and its contents. As you can expect, it also claims to provide a better iPhone management experience than you may get from Finder on macOS.

It is also important to note that AnyTrans is available for macOS and Windows, meaning you do not need a Mac to manage your iPhone better. We have been using AnyTrans for over a year, and it has been our go-to solution to manage iPhone data, including backups, files, music, and apps.

The following review is based on our experiences and the AnyTrans features that have helped us the most. But if you want to check out a complete list of all the features available in the AnyTrans package, you should check out its official website.

Getting Started with AnyTrans

While I love the benefits of third-party iPhone managers, it is not fun when they ask me to install some apps on my iPhone first. In most cases, you must keep the application open for the iPhone manager on macOS to work.

However, with AnyTrans, we did not face these issues at all. On the other hand, getting started with AnyTrans to manage iPhone content felt incredibly easy. To get started, you can download AnyTrans from the official website or Setapp.

We simply had to launch AnyTrans on our Mac and connect the iPhone using the USB-Lightning cable. In just a few seconds, AnyTrans detected the device and redirected us to the Home Screen. Of course, you must unlock your device to provide uninterrupted access to AnyTrans.


The Home Screen of AnyTrans is designed to provide a comprehensive device overview. For instance, we could see a live preview of the iPhone home screen, the count of available media on the device, and quick links to everyday tasks like iPhone backup, data transfer, app sharing, and home screen manager.

In short, we loved how straightforward it is to start with AnyTrans. You can connect and manage your iPhone content without issues if you have a USB Lightning cable. We also noticed that AnyTrans maintains a stable connection throughout the experience—and there are no worries about data loss or corruption.

Core Features of AnyTrans

It is impossible to list all the features of AnyTrans. So, we have talked about the core features of the program, focusing on how these features helped us.

  • iCloud Storage Manager

We use iCloud Storage regularly, and understanding where our files are is a little tricky. So the iCloud Storage option on AnyTrans came in handy more often than we thought it would. Once you have signed in using your Apple ID, AnyTrans lets you explore different folders and content categories on your iPhone Storage.


The best part? You can open, copy, move, and export these files using a Finder-like interface. You can quickly toggle between content categories like Contacts, Calendars, Photos, Photo Videos, Reminders, and Notes. We also liked the iCloud Export option, which will download everything on your iCloud account to your Mac.

We believe it is a convenient feature when you want to move iCloud content to a portable SSD to reduce the monthly iCloud subscription fee.

  • Phone Switcher

Apple offers a quick way to switch to a new iPhone, but it is not the most convenient option. It also encounters multiple errors, especially while moving app data. Things get worse when you want to transfer data from an Android to an iPhone.


Therefore, we found it better to use the Phone to iPhone transfer utility on AnyTrans to move data to a new iPhone. You can connect two or more devices to your Mac and transfer data without restrictions. More so, AnyTrans helped us move data that Finder/iTunes could not.

And I’d say Phone Switcher is one of the core reasons you should get AnyTrans in the first place.

  • Social Messages Manager

If you are like me, you fear losing critical social media messages, including WhatsApp. Although these apps have a built-in backup system, they are unreliable or multi-platform friendly. So, keeping a separate backup of these messages sounds excellent.


You can do it with the Social Messages Manager utility in AnyTrans with maximum control. You can transfer content from your Android or even download the backup file from Google Drive. You can also transfer data between two iPhones if you want.

This section offers so much more value than iTunes/Finder ever will. By the way, you can also use the Backup Manager in the same way. You can transfer compatible data between Android and iPhone devices with ease. Again, you have better control over the backup manager on iTunes/Finder.

  • Content Management

Do you feel like the variety of content you have stored on your iPhone is a mess? If so, the Photo Organizer and Content Management section of AnyTrans will be a blessing, as it were to us. This section lets you take control of the media content on your device.

For instance, you can create multiple photo albums or video folders. It comes in handy if you use third-party apps to play movies and TV series. Also, you can save time trying to find out where you have kept a specific video or photo.

  • Miscellaneous Utilities

We love it when iPhone management software has additional utilities. And AnyTrans did not disappoint in this respect. You can use four of its major utilities to manage your iPhone from Mac.


  • For instance, the HEIC to JPEG converter makes it easy to share photos from your iPhone. It is an effective way to keep a backup of your photos without wasting a lot of storage space.
  • The Ringtones utility lets you create and assign iPhone ringtones from multiple sources. You can create ringtones from existing music on the device as well.
  • The App Downloader is another awesome thing. We found it useful while installing apps that are not available in the App Store due to geographical restrictions.
  • The media downloader utility also comes in handy when you want to store YouTube videos or music on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. You can download YouTube videos directly to the iPhone as AnyTrans will take care of compatibility issues.
  • You can use AnyTrans to mirror content from your iPhone to the Mac. It is a powerful option when you want to better view the smartphone screen content on a bigger screen.
  • We also loved the convenience that Home Screen manager offers. It lets you back up home screen arrangements and restore them. You can also use AI to organize home screen items based on their categories.

Together, AnyTrans brings a balanced combination of core iPhone management tools and related utilities. If you have felt that iTunes/Finder is not enough, you will love this combination for sure. For us, AnyTrans has been a life-changer since we frequently move between smartphones. So, having a tool that can work with almost every type of file is a blessing, and the additional utilities make things easier.

So far, we have talked about the core aspects of AnyTrans, including how to get started with it and use the major features in the package. We will now share our personal take on the tool.

What We Liked

First, we have become big fans of how easy to use AnyTrans is. From downloading the app to connecting the iPhone, it only takes a few minutes. It means you can focus more on content management instead of all the technicalities.

We found this feature pretty notable, especially compared to the other iPhone management tools we have tested before. AnyTrans does a great job of maintaining the connection, so we do not have to unlock the iPhone every now and then.

Even though AnyTrans does not ask for privacy-concerned permissions, it does a great job of giving you total control over the device. For instance, you can easily access a variety of media and categories. This feature is awesome when you want to back up everything from the device, including photos and videos.

The presence of dedicated utilities is also a time-saver for most people. For instance, you can easily generate ringtones from existing media on your device. Compared to downloading ringtones from the web, it is easy and time-saving.

We also noticed that AnyTrans is 100% bug-free. All the features in the package work as they should. We can never say this about all other iPhone managers in the market. So, we have extra confidence while suggesting this tool to our readers.

What Could Be Better

While everything works fine, some people have found trouble migrating from iPhone to Android. It is due to two reasons. One, the migration utility is designed with iPhone in mind. Two, there is a problem with files and their compatibility. So, it would be nice to see AnyTrans fixing this section.

Another problem people see with AnyTrans is its pricing structure. Compared to iTunes/Finder, which is built into macOS, AnyTrans is a pricey affair. However, you should keep in mind that the software offers so much value for what you pay.

However, with some seasonal promotions and other discounts, you can reduce the price to a minimum. So, we would not say AnyTrans is super-expensive.

Availability and Pricing

AnyTrans for iOS is available for macOS and Windows. You can download the free trial for both platforms—and use them for three days. After the free trial, you have to purchase a paid version.

You can get AnyTrans in two ways. One, you have to pay a yearly subscription fee of $39.99. In this way, you can ensure timely updates from the developer. Two, you can go for a one-time purchase, which would set you back at $59.99 per Mac.

However, keep in mind that both options let you connect unlimited devices to your Mac. We recommend the one-time purchase option if you do not want to pay yearly. However, in this case, you will miss out on updates to the newer versions.

In addition, AnyTrans offers a 30% discount if you are a teacher or student. You can verify your student email ID to claim this offer. The company also offers bulk discounts when you purchase multiple AnyTrans licenses for your business.

AnyTrans Vs. Alternatives

We wanted to offer an overview of how AnyTrans compares to other iPhone management tools we’ve used and tested in the past.

Compared to most tools we have used, AnyTrans is incredibly easy to use. You do not need any kind of tech knowledge to use even the most advanced features. It is also impressive that the UI is straightforward. You can explore different sections from the sidebar menu. We also noticed that, unlike other apps like iMazing, AnyTrans does not compromise performance.

For the most part, AnyTrans has a minimal software footprint. So, if you already use multiple apps on your Mac, you do not have to worry about multitasking issues. AnyTrans does an impressive job taking care of its resources and iPhone resources. All these happen when you have maximum control over the device and its contents.

Considering countless other reviews, we have noticed that AnyTrans works particularly well while moving third-party data from Android to iPhone or between iPhones. For instance, many experts recommend this tool for the effortless transfer of WhatsApp chats from Android to iPhone, which is a number one priority when you upgrade to a new iPhone from your Android smartphone.

Altogether, when considering these features, the price you pay for AnyTrans offers a better value proposition than other iPhone management tools in the market.


Wrapping up, we have good things to say about AnyTrans for iOS. In addition to letting you manage almost every aspect of your iPhone, multiple additional features are available in the package. That AnyTrans works great while transferring on-device and third-party apps content is also impressive from many vantage points. Overall, for the price you pay, AnyTrans is one of the best investments for iPhone management.

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