iMazing vs AnyTrans, Which Should You Get?

Reviews • Aug. 22, 2020

“iTunes is dead on the Mac, split in the upcoming version of macOS into separate Music, Podcast, and TV apps. In truth, the much-maligned media player had already been buried years ago, crushed by nearly two decades of cruft.” – Brian Barret, WIRED

With macOS Mojave, we saw the official end of iTunes. Not that it was effective in the first place, but you’ve more reasons now to get a third-party iPhone manager.

The right iPhone manager can help you get the best out of your iPhone — often bypassing the restrictions set by Apple. Some of the impressive options include intelligent data transfer, comprehensive backups, and customizability.

As it happens, iMazing and AnyTrans are two of the most popular iPhone manager solutions out there. Each tool offers some dedicated features that make iPhone management easier than ever. However, there are a few similar features as well.

But, then again, you don’t want to purchase two manager software.

This means you have to pick one from the two options.

We had the same doubt about iMazing and AnyTrans. Fortunately, we had the opportunity to test both and compare the experience. And, that’s what we have done here. We have made a brief comparison of iMazing vs. AnyTrans for iOS that you can choose the best iPhone transfer for your needs.

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At a glance: iMazing and AnyTrans

iMazing is primarily an iPhone manager software that lets you manage your iOS devices with ease and extra control. Even before the death of iTunes, iMazing was popular as a better alternative to iTunes. This popular tool from DigiDNA packs almost every feature that people wish iTunes had in the first place. In addition, its compatibility with various iOS devices has also made iMazing a worth-recommending choice for years.

AnyTrans is a multi-platform device manager that focuses on data transfer between devices. Yet, AnyTrans for iOS often doubles as an effective channel to manage your iPhone, iPad, or iPod. In a way, AnyTrans does become a version of iTunes on steroids, mainly due to the data transfer options on focus. Then, again, it has received more and more features through timely updates.

We hope you have a basic idea about both tools now. This means it’ time to focus on the real take. Without further ado, let’s check out what makes both iPhone managers somewhat unique.

Note: We tested both tools on an iPhone 11, which is running iOS 13.6. Depending on the iPhone you have and the version of iOS that you use, some features may not be available.

What gives iMazing the edge?

Here are the features/aspects that make iMazing a better choice as an iPhone manager.

A Comprehensive iPhone Manager

iMazing is, at its core, a 360-degree iPhone manager. You can feel this as soon as you open iMazing and get your iPhone connected. For instance, iMazing instantly detects your device and offers to back it up, which is a great place to begin. As you get inside, you can access all the essential sections, just like you have got your iPhone on a bigger screen.

iMazing manage

Native-like Data Access

We weren’t exaggerating when we said iMazing creates a big-screen version of your iPhone. The app uses a hybrid method — of backups and real-time data — to access content that you have stored on your iPhone. It will be difficult to build a complete list since each section contains a good set of features. From photos to messages and from WhatsApp attachments to Podcasts, you can access anything via iMazing.

imazing photos

In-Depth Control

Compared to AnyTrans, iMazing gives you an advanced level of control over your iPhone. We are talking of features like update management and device console. In an event you want to customize your iPhone to an unprecedented extent, iMazing can help you get things done. You can also optimize the macOS app to give you the best experience.

iMazing options

Wireless Access

This is a feature that we have not found in many iPhone managers. You may need a USB cable to connect to iMazing for the first time. However, after that, you can access almost everything as long as your iPhone and your computer are connected to the same Wi-Fi networks. Besides, you can set up iMazing to back up your iPhone as you connect your iPhone to the same Wi-Fi connection as your MacBook.

iMazing backup

As we said, these features add immense value to the overall iPhone management experience, which is simply amazing. Read our full iMazing review here.

Why should you choose AnyTrans?

When it comes to AnyTrans for iOS, these aspects steal the show.

Dedicated Migration Options

AnyTrans comes with several migration options under its Phone Switcher tab. You can use these tools to move data between not only Apple but also other smartphones/tablets. You can quickly pick the source and target devices and finish the data transfer in seconds. There is even an option to transfer data to the iPhone directly from iCloud. In short, no matter which device you buy, this is the best way to switch.

AnyTrans switcher

Better Control over iCloud Data

AnyTrans is one of the very few tools that let you manage iCloud data with the same ease of managing local data. The app brings you many options to import, export, and sync the data that you have stored on your iCloud drive. This is the best solution if you want to stop paying Apple and want to free up space on the expensive cloud service.

AnyTrans icloud

Powerful Utilities

Compared to iMazing, AnyTrans has a cooler set of utilities inside. You can use these seemingly-small tools to manage your iPhone experience better. Some of the options include a ringtone maker, media downloader, home screen organizer, and app downloader. You can even use your iPhone as a USB drive using one of the utilities.

AnyTrans manager

Social Media Manager

AnyTrans helps you manage your social media data with advanced control. For instance, you can transfer all your WhatsApp data from an Android phone to your new iPhone. Now, this is something you cannot do with iMazing or other iPhone managers. We know people who purchase AnyTrans for this reason alone. And, if you ask me, it’s 10/10 superb.

AnyTrans social

Wrapping up, we have good things to say about AnyTrans for iOS. Read our full AnyTrans review here.

Where are they similar?

You can enjoy the following features if you pick either iMazing or AnyTrans.

Advanced Data Backup

Both iPhone managers offer plenty of options to create, restore, and manage data backups. You can create selective backups and restore selected content from an existing backup. These are privileges you didn’t have with iTunes in the first place.

Quick Data Transfer

You get quick data transfer options on both tools. Instead of the risky process we had with iTunes, you can simply drag and drop anything you want to transfer to the iPhone. iMazing and AnyTrans will recognize the data and place it correctly.

Media Access

Although the interfaces are different, both tools provide ample media management options. This means you get to access the local media library of your iPhone and make changes. If you think you need a bigger screen to explore your photos, videos, and more, these are the best choices.

Device Management

Despite the differences when it comes to details, both iMazing and AnyTrans allow a decent level of device management. You can not only gather so much information about your iPhone but manage certain aspects of the data.

How are they priced?

iMazing is available as a freemium iPhone manager. You can use its basic features without paying anything at all. However, you have to purchase a license for $49.99 to get full access to its features. The company has been offering education and enterprise discounts for a while, though.

AnyTrans also works in the freemium method. While you can preview most of its features, full access needs a purchase of $54.43 for the Lifetime license. You can also choose a Family License or go for education and enterprise discounts.

Which one should I go for?

Let’s wrap things up before a showdown.

iMazing is our recommended choice if you need a dedicated iPhone manager. Because it has been designed for iOS alone, you can notice a level of optimized performance. Wireless connection and near-native access to data are worth-having features indeed. We think it’s a great choice if you primarily live around the Apple ecosystem.

AnyTrans, on the other hand, packs so many features for multi-device users. If you use iPhone and Android at the same time, these transfer options can help you a lot. If you happen to be a Pro user, you will also love the additional utilities like screen recorder and home screen organizer. We think the extra features add so much value to the package instead of being gimmicks.

Too Long, Didn’t Read?

Go for iMazing if you need an optimized iPhone manager for iPhone alone.

Go for AnyTrans if you need better features and multi-device compatibility.

Fortunately, if you are still confused, you can check out the free versions of both tools. Both these apps don’t consume many resources from your system, either. So, depending on the features that you think you need, you can make a choice.

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