CleanMyMac X Has New Moonlock-Powered Malware Removal Tool

News • July 19, 2023

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Great news for Mac users! MacPaw, the developer behind one of our favorite Mac cleaning software, CleanMyMac X, has just rolled out an exciting update. The latest version introduces a brand-new malware removal tool fueled by the cutting-edge Moonlock Engine.

Introducing Moonlock Engine

Created by MacPaw’s cybersecurity experts, Moonlock Engine is a state-of-the-art malware removal technology designed to proactively detect and eliminate threats, providing robust protection for your Mac.

With Moonlock Engine, CleanMyMac X‘s malware scan is now twice as fast as before. It can explore additional areas like external drives, email attachments, archives, and even browser extensions, leaving no stone unturned.


What’s even better is that the Moonlock Engine brings several benefits to the malware scan process:

  • It works lightning fast, saving you time by spotting malware twice as quickly.
  • You get to choose between a quick scan or a more thorough check, according to your preferences.
  • You have full control over system resources usage, making the scanning process smooth and efficient.
  • It scans every nook and cranny of your Mac, providing comprehensive protection.

According to Dmytro Melnyk, Lead Product Manager at CleanMyMac X, the new Malware Removal module has quickly become a user favorite, just behind the core Smart Scan tool. Users love it for its user-friendly nature and reliability. With the integration of the Moonlock Engine, this module’s effectiveness gets a significant boost, offering an even higher level of protection and security to all CleanMyMac X users.

Moonlock’s cybersecurity tech

Looking ahead, MacPaw plans to make Moonlock Engine an integral part of their Moonlock cybersecurity product line, making digital defenses even stronger.

Surprisingly, the Mac Security Survey 2023 uncovered some concerning facts. About 57% of Mac users are unsure whether their macOS is at risk, and some believe there are no malicious programs at all. Even more surprisingly, one-third of Mac users think their data isn’t valuable to cybercriminals. Despite these beliefs, over half of Mac users have experienced malware, account breaches, or fraud personally or through someone they know.

With a proven track record of turning complex technologies into user-friendly tools, MacPaw has been serving more than 30 million users worldwide for 15 years.

Oleg Stukalenko, Lead Product Manager of Moonlock, has a clear vision of a world where technology reliably protects everyone. In line with this vision, MacPaw is committed to creating simple and easy-to-use cybersecurity products.

Give CleanMyMac X a try

Ready to experience the enhanced protection of CleanMyMac X with the updated Threat Cleaner powered by Moonlock Engine? Download it now at MacPaw and fortify your Mac’s defenses. Your safety is just a click away.