SaneBox Review: Will It Get You a Focused Inbox?

Reviews • July 19, 2023

SaneBox review

Although most of us use dedicated communication platforms for different scenarios, we cannot overlook the importance of having an email inbox. For starters, an email inbox is a place where you can find the most important updates, including those related to those dedicated communication platforms.

However, quite ironically, most people have to deal with a cluttered inbox that becomes a home for updates and messages that they would rather not see. And every day, you may have to spend a few minutes cleaning up your inbox as well. Needless to say, this routine cleaning can be time-consuming and frustrating in the long run.

Wouldn’t it be helpful, if not amazing, if a service could do it for you and ensure that only the most significant things reach your inbox? This is what SaneBox, an AI email management tool, promises to do. We have been testing SaneBox for the past week, and this review will tell you everything you need to know.

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What is SaneBox?

Basically, SaneBox is an email management tool that helps you declutter your inbox. It uses the power of artificial intelligence to distinguish between important emails and less important ones. As a result, SaneBox helps you have a more focused inbox, containing only the things you want to see. Therefore, using SaneBox can save you time and help you avoid going through annoying newsletters and unnecessary messages.

Now, you may know that some webmail providers have had this feature for a long time. For instance, Gmail categorizes your messages into Primary, Social, Promotions, and Updates. Similarly, following recent trends in AI adoption, many third-party email clients have also introduced multiple categories for emails. However, these methods are not foolproof, and you may still come across promotional messages in the Updates category and newsletters in the Primary category, for example.

However, compared to these, SaneBox uses a different technique to keep your inbox organized.

How Does SaneBox Work?

As you can imagine, SaneBox uses artificial intelligence to effectively categorize emails and give you a more focused email inbox. However, it is important to note that the service does not read the content of your email messages. Instead, it makes decisions to filter emails by analyzing the email header information.

Once the SaneBox algorithm has detected the nature of an email message, it then requests your mail service to move the email to a specific folder. Depending on your requirements, you can enable or disable different folders within SaneBox. For instance, you can enable the @SaneLater folder if you would like to move everything that doesn’t need your immediate attention.


SaneBox also does something else, which some find borderline ironic: it sends you a digest email containing the number of emails it has categorized. You can review these recent messages to make sure you don’t miss anything. However, as you may have guessed, the process is very counterintuitive and doesn’t make a lot of sense.

On the bright side, the SaneBox algorithm is trainable, and you can do it by simply moving emails between the different folders available.

Getting Started with SaneBox

Getting started with SaneBox is incredibly easy. Since the service communicates with your mail server, no extensions need to be installed. Instead, simply grant SaneBox access to your inbox. The process is super simple if you use a popular email service provider like Gmail, Outlook, or Yahoo.


To begin, create an account on SaneBox and grant it permission to access your email inbox. If you use Outlook, this can be done in a single click. You can also revoke this permission from the Outlook account management dashboard. After granting permission, you will be redirected back to the SaneBox website. The first step is to select the different folders you want to maintain. Do not worry; SaneBox will clearly explain what each folder means.


You can also choose to enable special folders for snoozing, categorization, or even avoiding certain senders. Once these tasks are completed, SaneBox is ready to function. You may have to wait a few minutes while the SaneBox algorithm goes through your inbox and moves email messages to corresponding folders.


As you can see, getting started with SaneBox is incredibly easy! You simply have to provide the service with the necessary permissions. However, you should try the different SaneBox folders if you want to make the most out of the service.

SaneBox Folders

It is important to note that SaneBox allows you to create multiple types of folders: Trainable and Snooze. Each of these categories is designed for specific purposes.

  • Trainable Folders

Let’s take a look at the Trainable folders, for instance. These folders use AI to categorize email messages, and you can train them by moving email messages in-between.


  • @SaneLater will contain emails that are not urgent; you can read them later.
  • @SaneNews will contain newsletters and other mailing list messages that you may want to ignore.
  • @SaneCC will contain email messages that were CC’d to you.

In addition to these, you can create custom folders for categories like receipts, family, work, etc. In this case, you will have to provide some information about the categorization process.

  • Snooze Folders

You can also create snooze folders that keep your email messages away from your inbox for a specific time. For instance, you can create the following folders:


  • @SaneTomorrow will keep the email away until tomorrow and then show it at the top of your inbox.
  • @SaneNextMonth will keep the emails away and show them on the 1st of the next month.

Likewise, you can create multiple snooze folders. There are also options to toggle the snooze feature across the email inbox.

We believe the ability to create and maintain different types of folders is impressive. It changes the way SaneBox makes your inbox clearer. But, SaneBox is not only about these powerful and versatile folders.

SaneBox Additionals

We will now look at some of the powerful features you get with SaneBox.


  • Do Not Disturb

If you want to have a notification-free period across your devices, you can enable the Do Not Disturb (DnD) feature of SaneBox. You can schedule the DnD period, and all emails from your inbox will be moved to the DnD folder. Once the scheduled period has elapsed, everything will reappear in your inbox folder. Because it works on the mailbox-level, the DnD feature is more effective than device-level DnD modes.

  • Power Tools

Power tools are extra-intelligent folders that you can enable on SaneBox. For instance, the @SaneNotSpam tool helps you recover potentially important emails from the Spam folder. Similarly, the @SaneNoReplies folder tracks emails you have sent but have not received a reply to. You can also configure some of these power tools for additional control.

  • Inbox Cleaning & Organizing

SaneBox can be used for various tasks besides email filtering. For example, the Email Deep Clean feature helps you find and delete old, unnecessary messages. You can filter messages based on a time period and delete older ones to save space. We were able to remove over 1GB of emails, freeing up storage space. This is one of the easiest ways to manage your Gmail account if it’s full.

We found these three features capable of saving not only time but also storage space. Moreover, many people will vouch for the fact that an organized email inbox can help improve productivity. Therefore, from every aspect, SaneBox is a great choice.

SaneBox and Privacy

According to the company, SaneBox takes several measures to ensure maximum security and privacy. Here are some takeaways:

  • SaneBox does not access the email content. Instead, the service relies on the subject line and metadata to understand the nature of the email message.
  • The service uses the highest-level encryption technology to store your email credentials, making hacking almost impossible. Additionally, you have the option to disable authorization tokens.

We also found it great that SaneBox has dedicated an entire page to describing its privacy and security policy. On this page, you can read about how SaneBox protects your data. Moreover, the page contains reports from third-party entities.

Overall, you do not have to worry about privacy and security when using SaneBox. It is much more secure than services that require you to install browser extensions. These extensions often have full browser access, which is not necessary in the case of SaneBox.


SaneBox is a premium service that believes in charging for good services. So, if you want the benefits of a clean and organized email inbox, you have to choose between the following plans.

  • Snack, which gives you support for 1 email account and 2 features, starting at $7 per month.
  • Lunch, which gives you support for 2 email accounts and 6 features, starting at $12 per month
  • Dinner, which gives you support for 4 email. accounts and all features, starting at $36 per month

In addition to these, you can check out the Appetizer plan, which costs only 7 cents per day. In this case, you can connect one email account and use only one feature of SaneBox.


Even though SaneBox is strictly premium, it offers various ways to check out the service. You can save money by choosing to pay annually or biannually. We also love that the company offers a 25% discount for educational, non-profit, and governmental agencies. If you belong to one of these, you can get the discount post-verification.

On the bright side, SaneBox offers a two-week free trial as well. During this trial, you can explore all the awesome features and see how your inbox becomes more focused. By the way, since there is a cancel-at-anytime policy, you can get rid of the subscription if you do not want it.

However, you will have to keep in mind that the emails kept in SaneBox folders will be moved back to your inbox.


How safe is SaneBox?

According to our analysis and third-party audits, SaneBox is 100% safe and privacy-friendly. For one, the service does not read the contents of the email messages. Instead, header information is used to categorize email messages into different folders. More importantly, SaneBox developers use the best-in-class encryption while handling and storing user-data.

What is the alternative to SaneBox?

Of course, there is the manual alternative to SaneBox, which is moving emails to specific folders all by yourself. But, as you can imagine, this process will take minutes, if not hours, and you can’t do it all day. Some other email management tools like Mailbutler and Clean Email also offer similar services.

Is SaneBox worth it?

Yes, after testing SaneBox for a week, we can say that SaneBox is 100% worth the hype. It is one of the most effective ways to deal with email overload while ensuring that you do not miss anything important. We also loved the power-tools and organization options SaneBox has included within the package.

Pros and Cons

Let’s look at the major pros and cons.


  • It is effortless to set up SaneBox and its folders
  • It works with most popular email service providers
  • You can choose between various pricing plans
  • SaneBox features do not affect your email service
  • There are no privacy concerns altogether


  • The Digest mail, which you can disable, can be a little ironic
  • The dashboard may seem a little clumsy to some people


It must be clear to you by now that SaneBox can convert any email inbox to something more focused and effective. More importantly, SaneBox does this without compromising the overall aspects of privacy and security.

You do not have to worry about installing extensions on your web browser, either. As we mentioned earlier, the powerful features and the easy set-up process add value to the product. At the end of the day, you do not have to pay a lot, either.

Therefore, you could check out SaneBox free trial for two weeks and analyze the performance of the email management tool. Then, you get to decide whether you need the perpetual plans.

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