A Collection of Best Free Canva Fonts

Creativity • March 3, 2023

Canva Fonts

Fonts are what make or break a design be it a poster, a social media post, a website design, a YouTube Thumbnail, or a blog banner. They are the branding of your products and services, and what defines your business.

Among the many tools that help you develop the best fonts, Canva is one of the best. It offers multiple templates and fonts that you can use to bring your fresh ideas to life. This article gives you a list of the best free Canva fonts and everything else you need to know about the app.


What are Canva fonts

Fonts are displayable typography in a set of words or text, used in print and digital media. For designers, there are many tools you can use to customize fonts into your desired designs. You can add colors, go for heavy or lightweight fonts, and even mix them.

Canva is one of most designers’ favorite design tools to create posters, flyers, social media posts, website designs, blog banners, and more. It comes with thousands of templates, over 200 fonts, and multiple features.

These features include a PDF editor, video editor, photo editor, different styles, office integration, and access to Canva’s all premium fonts.

Why Canva fonts matter

Canva fonts add clarity to your texts and help your audience receive the message as intended. For social media posts and ads, it is one of the key factors that attract the audience and keeps them hooked to your message. Here are more reasons to pay attention to your fonts;

Branding – many factors add up to branding a business and one of those factors is font. It is how your audience knows you and recognizes your products and/ or services. Even when randomly scrolling on the internet, they can easily identify your content just by the fonts.

Keep the audience engaged – it doesn’t matter how good your message is. What matters is how you present this message. Using the right fonts for the right message will help attract an audience and hold their attention.

Conveys a mood or attitude – if you are designing an ad, say for a luxury jewelry brand, you should use fonts that convey elegance, class, style, and luxury.

A collection of best free Canva fonts

When you open the Canva app and navigate to the “Home” page, you will find multiple different templates under multiple different categories for different types of content. While customizing these designs, you may wonder what fonts to use. Here is a list of the 20 best free fonts to try out.

1. Regular Fonts

Just as the name suggests, regular fonts are meant to be neutral. They are the most readable and expressive as they can convey different ranges of emotions. They are also the least affected by distortion and can blend with most other fonts in designs. You can find a range of cool regular fonts on Canva such as Dosis Regular, Adumu Regular, Eczar Regular, and more.


2. Anton

A product by Vernon Adams, Anton is probably one of the most used fonts when it comes to graphic designs. The letters are bold, thick, firm, and hard to ignore. They are often seen as stable, serious, mature, and business-like, which is why designers favor this font when creating formal content.

3. Bangers

This is a fun, comic-book-style font, designed after the superhero comics of the mid-20th century. They are the perfect fonts for all your personal, and fun designs. It also works great for light posts and posters with futuristic themes.

4. Serif Fonts

Serif fonts are among the very first typefaces that were used in printing. They are designed to mimic a quill or a pen with their decorative flicks that form at the end of the strokes. They also have multiple sub-categories that come in different styles including Droid Serif, DM Serif Display, Adirek Serif, LynxTH Serif, and more. They portray a sense of timelessness with a modern twist to them.


5. Poetsen

If you are creating a display design, then Poetsen might just be your best choice in fonts. It is also not just intended for straight-to-the-eye texts. You can use it in paragraphs and small bodies of text too.

6. Carter One

Carter One is a sub-category of the Regular fonts. It comes in handy when you are creating a fun and playful design. This could be interesting posters, covers, and even logos. It is great for branding, product packaging, or as a stylish overlay on a background image.

7. Sans Serif

These are sharp and modern-designed, making a great alternative to Serif fonts. You can design them for bolder and airy looks using heavy or lightweight letters depending on the message you are trying to convey. They come in a variety including Rustic Printed, Canva Sans, Tamrin, and more.

serif 1

8. Script

Script fonts, also referred to as cursive fonts are often wavy and/ or wispy to mimic handwriting. It is a good option if you want your design in between a formal and casual appearance. They can also be highly decorative, soft, and feminine, or loose and retro, depending on how you use them.

9. Decorative

As you would guess, decorative fonts come packed with colors, fun, and personalities. They are decorative versions of other font styles including Serif, Sans Serif, and Script. The main purpose of using these fonts is to grab attention. They are great for logos, posters, flyers, book covers, etc.


10. Archivo Black

Being a Sans Serif typeface sub-category, Archivo Black is mainly used in print and digital platforms. It is characterized by impressive aesthetics that offer a smooth balance, movement, scale, and visual weight, and was originally meant for highlights and headlines.

11. League Spartan

League Spartan is a new classic, bold, modern, and heavy version of San Serif fonts. Its simplicity and beauty make it possible to create excellent and compelling typographies and animations, bringing out original designs. It is also easy to blend with other fonts.

12. Montserrat

Looking to create simple and clean web designs? Montserrat will help you get the job done fast and easily. It has at least 6 styles, from thin to thick, that you can work with and offers great readability and clarity.


13. Brown Sugar

This is an upgraded version of the Script font. Whether you are working on a branding project, a logo, social media posts, a watermark, product designs, T-shirts, badges, or any other design that needs a posh handwriting taste, you can customize Brown Sugar to your needs.

14. Rushk

This ink and tints inspired hand-drawn brush font is designed to create a beautiful mess. It gives supercharged street vibes and high energy. It is a great option for any design meant to deliver energetic and fast-paced messages.

15. Hazelnut

A firm, bold, handwritten font, you can use Hazelnut for just about any design. The medium-weight font is best for simple designs when you don’t want to go all crazy. The Extra-bold font comes in handy when you want to emphasize your message. You can also easily blend them with multiple other fonts to bring out the uniqueness of a design.


16. Yellowtail

If you want to incorporate a few old-school vibes into your design, Yellowtail has got you covered. The flavored flat brush Script typeface has a medium weight and offers uniqueness and legibility.

17. Lemon Tuesday

Lemon Tuesday offers a handwritten touch. It uses ink and a parallel-like pen to bring out a unique taste and is great to use in branding, logos, packaging, t-shirt printing, inspirational quotes, or an overlay to any background images/ videos.


18. Lora

Lora is a serif typeface font. It is simple, lightweight, and an excellent choice if you are going for a soft and feminine taste. Its delicate and pretty feel makes it perfect for wedding posters and invitations, birthday cards, and more.

19. Norwester

Another sub-category of Sans Serif, Norwester appears to be a bold, condensed, urban, geometric font. It works well with all sorts of symbols, all uppercase texts, and numbers, and fits displays such as headlines, posters, and short messages.


20. Lulu

Lulu is a modern font inspired by tech and grotesque typefaces. Its edgy and elegant appearance makes it the best suitable for display. It also provides a great contrast with other fonts, to create beautiful and stylish logos, book covers, business cards, invitation cards, wedding material, posters, and flyers.


How to use Canva Fonts

To get started with Canva, all you need to do is sign up or log in with your Google or Facebook account. You can download the Canva app from the Google Play store for Android and Apple store for iOS, or use it directly on the Canva website at Canva.com.

Once you have an account and can log in, you are welcomed into a sea of fonts and features to explore. The user interface is simple, and you have a search feature to help you navigate fast and easily. Canva allows you to easily customize the fonts to your liking. You can choose any one or pick the ones that best compliments your design and brand, and work them out.

To change the fonts, first, pick a premade design, click on the texts (or the text fields) in the template, click on the font menu, and choose the font that you want. Alternatively, click on the search bar and type in the specific font you are looking for.

How do I choose the right font?

To choose good fonts for your brand or design, consider your brand identity, the fonts you admire, typography and typographic hierarchy, and the versatility of the font. A good guideline to follow is to pick from a category of font, consider your own style, use the search box to find a match, and create your own elements

Canva offers different fonts and templates for different content and platforms, allowing you to specialize fonts for unique situations. To find a specific font, use to search bar to discover the font quickly. The app may offer a million templates but it also offers all the resources you need to create a fresh design of your own, right from scratch.

Should I use Canva Premium Fonts?

Both the free and premium versions of Canva are great to use in personal and/ or commercial designs. The app offers thousands of free fonts you can customize and at least 500 more premium fonts. It all comes down to your requirements.

Most designers still use the free version of Canva. The app offers thousands of ready-to-use fonts that anyone can access and customize to their requirements. However, not all of them are free. You can always upgrade to their premium version if you wish to access all the fonts and features.

The price is affordable and you get one-month free access to their paid version. Canva Pro goes for $6.49/month or $54.99/year per person. If you have a team, you can go for Canva Teams which allows up to 5 people for $8.49/month or $84.90/year.

Try Canva fonts today

Whether you are creating a social media post, a blog banner, a YouTube thumbnail, a presentation, or even ads for Instagram and Facebook, you can use the free Canva fonts mentioned on this list.They are great for anyone to use and get started.

If you want even more font options in Canva, you can get 30-day free trial of the Canva Pro plan. Canva Pro fonts that are guaranteed to make your brand stand out and look professional.

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