I Tested the Latest iMazing 3: It’s Still the Best iOS Management Tool, Way Better than iTunes

Reviews • Updated on May 16, 2024

iMazing review

Ilove many things about iPhones, but iTunes is not one of them. I was hopeful when Apple announced that iTunes would become a part of Finder.

Yet, this new iTunes has not improved how I manage my iPhone or iPad using a bigger screen.

This also means I am looking for effective iOS device managers for Mac and Windows. And iMazing has been an easy choice these past years.

So, when I came across iMazing 3, I wanted to do a proper hands-on review. I was excited to test it out when the developers unveiled iMazing 3 beta, but, now, I have a full review of the stable version.

I tried to answer three main questions through this review.

  • Is iMazing 3 a better option than iTunes/Finder?
  • How does the new UI simplify device management?
  • Is iMazing 3 worth the upgrade?

I’ll start with a quick introduction to iMazing and discuss the testing setup.

What is iMazing?

Developed by “DigiDNA”, the software was first released in 2008 as DiskAid and then renamed iMazing.

True to its name, iMazing is an amazing device management tool that works like a Swiss Army knife.

imazing overview

It lets you manage every aspect of your iOS and iPadOS devices, allowing you to back up and restore your devices wirelessly and effortlessly. You can use iMazing to transfer data between all Apple devices (iPads, iPhones, iPods, Macs), and it supports Windows and macOS. Do you know something better?

imazing transfer

Unlike iTunes, iMazing offers the same features on Windows and MacOS.

For almost a decade, iMazing had kept its core design the same. However, this changes with iMazing 3—or they say. So, we thought we would look at the new version with a focus on the latest changes, of course.

Testing environment

I currently use an Apple iPhone 13, running the latest version of iOS. For this review, I installed iMazing 3 on a MacBook Air M2, my daily driver laptop. I have tried wired and wireless connections with iMazing. An iPad Air was also used to understand how iMazing 3 deals with iPadOS devices.

Full disclaimer: we cannot comprehend the entire feature set of iMazing. So, we have focused on areas that make a difference when managing Apple devices.

Getting started with iMazing

As always, installing iMazing 3 was a breeze. The tool was up and running in a few seconds. When you start iMazing, you will be asked to provide the license key. If you don’t have one, you can start a free trial.

imazing welcome

You must connect your iPhone/iPad/iPod via USB to start. Here’s something I should clarify at this point. iMazing does not access data from your iPhone in real time. Instead, it creates a complete backup of your device and uses the backup file as the data source. However, essential device info is pulled in real time.

This process takes a few minutes—or more, depending on how much data you have. But, I have come across other tools with real-time access. So, except for this 10-minute delay initially, it feels easy to set up the entire iMazing system.

The new UI: is it worth the hype?

Now that you have set up iMazing, let us share our take on the new UI.

For reference, iMazing had a decent User Interface. Compared to iTunes and Finder, it was a blessing indeed. However, I used to think of it as a little congested. Now the developers have fixed that complaint. And the new UI design makes it effortless to take control of your Apple devices, including the Apple Vision Pro.

imazing discover

First, you can explore the Discover pane, which contains quick-access links to important features of the app. You can use this action to access commonly-used features. iMazing 3 will customize this page based on your usage patterns.

imazing devices

For starters, the new UI makes it easy to toggle between your Devices, Backups, and Quick Actions. I use an iPhone 13 and an iPad Air 5. So, I can conveniently keep track of both devices from a single screen. Thanks to its Wi-Fi connectivity, I don’t even have to keep them connected.

imazing backup

There is also a dedicated pane for managing device backups. However, to make the best use of this feature, you must first take a full device backup. The backup process is a little lengthy and may take anywhere from a few minutes to an hour.

In my test, the backup took 15 minutes. For reference, the iPhone 13 is my daily driver, and it has all those apps, including WhatsApp and Google Suite.

Overall, I’d say that the new iMazing UI is just incredible. It makes a huge difference for those who need an in-depth understanding of their iPhone or iPad.

Core features: a quick look

To help you quickly understand everything, I have arranged this part into three subsections: Overview, Data, and Tools. Instead of giving you a list of features, I will share how helpful these subsections were.


This section offers an overview of your iPhone or iPad. As you can see on the screen, there are many sections, each showing details like device info, quick actions, storage and battery. So, if you want to understand the current status of your iOS or iPadOS device instantly, the overview is super-useful.

imazing details

I loved the sheer amount of information that iMazing pulls from your iPhone. Of course, you can find all this manually, but iMazing presents everything in an accessible form. For instance, I could see the battery charge, temperature and percentage from a single screen.

You can also export all this information into a TXT file. It would be convenient for dealing with multiple iPhone/iPad devices.


The Data section of iMazing is probably one of its most advanced features. You can use this section to access different data types, such as the following.

  • Photos
  • Music
  • Messages
  • WhatsApp
  • Call History
  • Voicemail
  • Contacts
  • Voice Memos
  • Calendar
  • Ringtones
  • Podcasts
  • Safari Bookmarks
  • Apps
  • File System
  • Profiles

As you can see, you can explore plenty of options. When you open a shortcut, iMazing sometimes asks you to perform an incremental system backup. It was helpful while checking WhatsApp messages.

In addition, each of these data-management apps has unique features.

Photo Management

For instance, you can use the Photos app to manage your entire media library.

iMazing Photos brings a lot to the table with ease-of-life features that people like you and me will appreciate. We all have been in a situation where we want to clean our gallery, but the amount and bulk of unwanted photos may be a disaster, and it was the same with me.

imazing photos

But batch deletion worked a charm in getting unwanted images deleted with a single click, which saves a lot of time. It can also help you convert ProRAW images to popular formats like JPEG or PNG. It is also a lifesaver when dealing with photos in bulk.

Music Player

The Music app offers complete control over your music library on iPhones, iPads, and iPods and introduces a dedicated Music Player feature. This addition allows you to sample songs before copying them, offering an alternative to Apple Music or iTunes by enabling direct listening through computer speakers.

imazing music 1

It’s important to note that iMazing, like many other software programs, can’t access or copy music streamed through Apple Music due to limitations set by the service itself. These limitations are in place for copyright protection reasons.

However, iMazing offers complete control over your locally uploaded or purchased music library. You can easily transfer, manage, and play these files. So, if you have a collection of DRM-free music files, iMazing can be a valuable tool for managing them.

Messages & WhatsApp

If you want to explore your messages or WhatsApp texts on a big screen, iMazing makes perfect sense. I use this feature to bulk-manage messages and export them often. I have not been the biggest fan of iOS WhatsApp backup options. So, it is better to export the most important texts occasionally.

I also loved how iMazing exports all the chats into a beautifully-styled PDF. It is so fun to share and keep, for memory’s sake.

From an enterprise point of view, this message/DM export function of iMazing offers more options. You can, for instance, use the feature for Phone Evidence, where you need a well-organized record of texts or instant messages. You can use it while keeping communication records and uploading the logs.

This way, you can manage almost everything stored on your iPhone/iPad.


Tools is probably the most useful section in the iMazing package. It packs many valuable features that help you manage your iOS/iPadOS devices better.

imazing tools

  • General: Quick Transfer, Backup, Manage Apps, Export Data, Detect Spyware, Restore Backup, and Transfer to another Device.
  • Operating System: Update iOS and Reinstall iOS
  • Management: Supervision and Apply Blueprint
  • Advanced: Export Info, Device Console, Check Warranty, Export Raw Files
  • Backup: Manage Snapshots, Repair Backup, Edit Backup
  • Power: Restart and Shut Down
  • Other: Clear Cache, Erase All Content, and Forget

The way I see it, iMazing lets you do things that Apple’s iTunes would never.

For instance, the Manage Apps option is a blessing. I don’t know about you, but I install too many apps that occupy much storage space. Removing them from the device is a hassle. iMazing solves this problem, thanks to the big screen.

For Pros, the iOS update and reinstall options are also great. Once again, you will have additional benefits if you manage multiple Apple devices.

Overall, these tools make a lot of difference for those who need advanced device management.


iMazing retains the straightforward pricing plan.

The company offers a one-time purchase for $39.99, allowing you to manage one Apple mobile device. Upgrade options are available for more devices, with additional slots purchasable individually. This one-time purchase grants you access to all future updates, ensuring you always have the latest features for your linked devices. The company also offers a 50% discount to upgrade from previous versions.

You can also get a Business license in two forms: Device and Subscription. The Device license starts at $150 for three devices and you can use this perpetually. iMazing also offers a subscription model where you pay $65 a year for two devices.

You cannot underestimate the power of iMazing 3 if you are a mobile technician. From creating profiles to implementing blueprints, many features from iMazing 3 can make your life easier. And, for TheSweetBits readers, iMazing 3 is available at an exclusive 20% discount here.


Is iMazing safe?

Yes, iMazing is 100% safe, with no data theft or usage issues. It also works flawlessly with any Apple device without getting locked out, and iMazing does not use any data. Hence, it is one of the safest tools on the market.

Does iMazing have a free version?

Yes, iMazing is free with a premium trial built-in. However, iMazing requires a paid key or a license to unlock all the advanced features, including the ability to restore backups and extended data transfers.

Does iMazing support iOS 17?

Yes, iMazing 3 is fully compatible with iOS 17 and iPadOS 17. It is also running stable on the macOS Sonoma.

Do I need to have a jailbroken device to use iMazing?

No, iMazing works perfectly with all iPhones and iPads without any requirement of being jailbroken. It is also preferred to keep your device stock as jailbreaking can bring much trouble if not handled properly.

Does iMazing support Apple ProRAW photos?

As discussed earlier, the new ProRAW format is supported, and the file transfers work flawlessly by converting those files to other lightweight formats.

Are there any other iMazing alternatives to consider?

Yes, beyond the popular options, there are free choices like CopyTrans for basic file transfer, or EaseUS MobiMover for photos and videos. Paid options include Dr.Fone for system repair, Waltr Pro for media transfer, and Anytrans for advanced file management on Mac and Windows. Remember to consider features, price, and compatibility when choosing the iMazing alternative for you.

For a more in-depth comparison of iMazing and AnyTrans, you can refer to this helpful resource: https://thesweetbits.com/imazing-vs-anytrans/

Verdict: is iMazing the iOS device manager you need?

Yes and no, it all depends on your situation. If you’re okay with the hassle, limitations, and contrast barrage of error messages that iTunes is known for and don’t want to splurge on premium software, then iMazing may not be your cup of tea.

However, at some point, you will need a dependable data transfer app for your iPhone/iPad on macOS. And you can’t rely on iTunes (Finder).

Should you upgrade?

The new version, iMazing 3, brings a lot more than an impressive UI overhaul. Considering that you can get the new version for 50% while upgrading, iMazing 3 is indeed worth the upgrade. It is particularly worthy if you would like to manage multiple devices.

We recommend iMazing as your all-in-one backup, data transfer, and media management tool, and while it does come at a premium price, you’ll find it worth every cent.


  • Easy and Reliable to use with a little learning curve
  • Provides features such as backups and restoration
  • Can export app data and files between devices
  • It is an excellent replacement for iTunes and packs more features
  • Can help to update and reinstall iOS with just a tap
  • It doesn’t require iTunes to work


  • It has a cost and isn’t completely free to use
  • Most features require an extensive backup
  • The Wi-Fi-based device management is sluggish

With thousands of stellar reviews from long-term users, iMazing has become a dependable data-device management tool for all Apple devices. Our review is also a testament to how impressive the tool is.

In short, the app could be a primary tool for anyone looking for advanced features such as Backups or Data Migration. It is very secure and prioritizes the user’s data and privacy with a clean user experience built-in. Don’t forget that you can download a free trial of iMazing to experience any info mentioned above and see if it suits you best.

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