Behind the Scenes of iMazing 3: An Interview with Jérôme Bédat

Interviews • June 10, 2024

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The release of iMazing 3 has created significant excitement among Apple users, offering a more streamlined and intuitive way to manage iPhones and iPads. But what does it take to bring such a comprehensive tool to life?

We had the opportunity to chat with Jérôme Bédat, CEO of DigiDNA, the company behind iMazing. In this interview, Jérôme sheds light on the development hurdles of iMazing 3, the features that elevate user experience, and the value proposition that sets iMazing apart from the competition. We also delve into the future of mobile device management, exploring the potential role of AI and machine learning in enhancing user interactions.

TheSweetBits: Congratulations on the release of iMazing 3! It looks fantastic. Can you share the most significant challenges you faced during the development of iMazing 3 upgrade?

Jérôme Bédat: Releasing an app on both macOS and Windows, developed with native-platform technologies, presents a significant challenge. Each platform necessitates the use of different languages and frameworks, even though iMazing shares a common backend code. Consequently, offering identical features and interface controls requires a substantial amount of engineering efforts and creativity. We had to develop our own frontend framework to provide the same interface on both platforms.

Another aspect of the challenge was to simultaneously launch our app on both platforms, while ensuring all features that existed in iMazing 2 functioned as expected.

With iMazing 3’s UI revamp and new features, how did you ensure existing users transitioned seamlessly while effectively communicating the benefits to those hesitant to upgrade?

Upgrading is an easy decision since it’s free for existing users. Our device-based licensing model guarantees free updates for the licensed device’s lifespan, whether iMazing runs on Mac or PC.

While iMazing 3 is a complete redesign, it will still be familiar to existing users. The enhancements improve functionality, allowing users to use iMazing more effectively, discover new features, and offer pro users a stronger way to interact with multiple devices.

This new version also accelerates the introduction of new features on both platforms. Moreover, it sets the foundation for extending features beyond iOS device management. In our users best interest, we feel it should be a no-brainer for them to upgrade, and they seem to agree with this as iMazing 3 has received a warm welcome.

How does iMazing differentiate itself from other iOS device management tools on the market? What unique value proposition does iMazing offer?

Over the past 16 years since founding our company, we have consistently listened to our users and strived to provide solutions for their needs. The considerable experience we have gained regarding the Apple environment allows us to offer an unparalleled level of service.

Reliability and user experience form our core values. Many IT professionals and lawyers use iMazing in mission-critical applications. We believe that our diligent work in ensuring smooth operation despite constant changes in iOS, macOS, and Windows environments sets iMazing apart.

Another distinctive aspect of the service we provide is our dedicated support team, which responds to every ticket our users open. We do our utmost to assist our users and value their feedback. Unlike many companies, we don’t use AI for responses, but rely on our highly qualified team.

With the growing importance of data privacy, how does iMazing prioritize user data security and address potential concerns?

Privacy and security are our top priorities in both our development and operational practices. To that end, iMazing operates solely on the user’s computer. Apart from completely anonymized usage statistics which is completely optional and turned off by default, absolutely no information leaves the machine running iMazing. We also consistently respect Apple’s security and privacy features, and never attempt to circumvent them.

Are there any upcoming features or improvements for iMazing that you can share with us?

It’s always a tricky question, but we’ve certainly raised expectations by stating that this release will lay the foundation for many more developments. Expect iMazing to evolve into a platform that allows a wider range of interactions with devices and cloud services.

How do you see the role of AI and machine learning in the future development of iMazing?

One of our primary missions is to enable users to access their device’s data locally on their computer. We believe that iMazing is well-positioned to offer features that maximize local AI usage for analyzing or generating content based on their data. We are actively studying the matter. Instead of surfing on the current hype, we choose a more considerate approach, waiting to see how these technologies mature to determine the best possible implementation.

What are your thoughts on the future of mobile device management, and how do you see the tool evolving alongside advancements in iOS and user needs?

Apple consistently offers a safe and secure environment for its users, with privacy and security being core values. However, while maintaining high levels of privacy, Apple currently does not offer APIs to access mobile device data. To comply with new regulations, Apple may need to provide, officially documented APIs, allowing legitimate users to access their data. In anticipation of this, our iMazing platform is prepared to support any API as soon as it becomes available.

What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs looking to make their mark in the software industry?

A good idea is a good start, but it’s not everything – execution is crucial. You must constantly challenge yourself to maintain your code and strive to provide the best possible service to your users.

Believe in your project and be passionate about it. Over time, and with a lot of work, its real value will reveal itself.

Thank you to Jérôme for sharing the journey behind iMazing 3 with us. As always, we look forward to seeing how iMazing continues to evolve and set new standards in mobile device management.

For those interested in a deeper dive into the features and benefits of iMazing 3, we invite you to visit the official iMazing website or read our comprehensive iMazing 3 review.

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