LastPass Reviews: An Honest Compilation of Real LastPass Reviews

Reviews • Sept. 21, 2020

You’d have come across LastPass while exploring the top free and premium password managers in the market. However, we completely understand if you’re not sure about how this password manager works in real life.

One thing that can help you decide is a lot of trustworthy reviews from reliable sources. In this article, we’ve created a review roundup of LastPass. We wanted to give you a quick look at what some tech and lifestyle experts thought of LastPass. It is worth noting that all these reviews are based on in-depth testing and that they are not sponsored of any sort.

Before we move onto the LastPass reviews, we wanted to give you a quick introduction to LastPass itself.

What is LastPass?

LastPass is a dedicated password management service that comes from LogMeIn. Available for almost every platform and web browser options, LastPass makes it easy to manage multiple passwords that you use while browsing the internet. There are also some additional features in the package, such as encrypted storage as well as a password generator.

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As far as pricing is concerned, you can choose between the free and premium versions of LastPass. The free version checks the essential boxes, including multi-device access and auto-fill password. However, if you like more features like encrypted storage and support for applications, you have to get a paid plan that starts at $3 per month.

Now that you know what LastPass is, shall we check out what the bright minds of the tech community think about LastPass?

LastPass reviews roundup

LastPass Review #1 “LastPass is indeed one of the best password managers out there.” – TheSweetBits

LastPass is easily one of the best recommendations we can make to anyone who is looking for a competitive password manager.

At TheSweetBits, we use a wide variety of devices, and it’s cool that LastPass’s apps can offer a streamlined experience overall. There are also a few features that almost everyone at TSB loved in the LastPass package. This comes in handy while shifting between devices for testing out new software or reviewing new versions of OSs.

  • It feels incredibly easy and productive to get started with LastPass. I mean, you can import the passwords from any other previous tool, including Chrome Password Manager. On top of that, LastPass arranges everything in a truly intuitive manner, with categories and tags.
  • Additional features in the premium plan, such as LastPass Authenticator and the Password Generator, add so much value from a security standpoint. Instead of worrying about choosing a complex password by yourself, you can let LastPass suggest the password and save everything to the cloud.
  • We also loved how LastPass integrates with the system and web browser applications. App-based logins have become way easier since we started using LastPass, which is a huge thing, indeed.
  • Compared to other password managers that we have tried, the features are more standardized among different apps. This ensures the same experience and convenience across platforms.

However, this is not to say that LastPass is a completely perfect system.

  • It is true that LastPass offers a number of premium features like encrypted storage, but the pricing is also comparatively higher. We’d have loved to see a more affordable package.
  • Compared to other password managers, the automatic password changer in the package is a little lagging behind. We’d love to see this feature get fixed.

Despite the room for improvement, LastPass easily becomes and stays as the most reliable and feature-rich password manager for Mac, PC, Android, iOS and other devices.

LastPass Review #2 “LastPass’s free edition matches the capabilities of some paid password managers” – PCMag.

PCMag is a trusted tech blog that has been covering all things tech for more than a decade. They have done a thorough review of LastPass 4.0, and the final words seem reassuring. Neil J Rubenking of PCMag has not only reviewed the free and paid versions of LastPass but also explained the significant differences.

In its rather detailed review of the password manager, Rubenking has explored almost all features that one would find in the LastPass package. Some of the essential components are:

  • Usability and compatibility of LastPass are two major factors indeed. There are a number of instances when the reviewer mentions the robust apps on multiple platforms.
  • Password protection tools and dark web protection options from LastPass have received recognition from the reviewer, who also praises LastPass for making these features intuitive.
  • Secure sharing options and the support for 2-factor authentication are also shown as decisive points while getting this password manager.

Though, the premium version of LastPass isn’t the most affordable one in the market. On the other hand, readers can count on the free version of LastPass if they are looking for a streamlined way to manage passwords and other private data.

LastPass Review #3 “At its free tier, LastPass offers advanced features and lets you sync between devices. At its premium level, you’ll get extra perks like emergency access and encrypted storage.” – A Secure Life

In its review of LastPass, A Secure Life has looked at the free, premium and family versions of the password manager. So, if you are confused about choosing the right plan for your needs, you may want to check it out. More importantly, a thorough analysis and comparison of plans make the selection process easier for you.

Of course, there are a few factors that received the primary attention of the reviewer while analyzing what LastPass could offer.

  • LastPass Free is an amazing choice for most people who want the basic password manager options, but without the bells and whistles. And, LastPass does this part so well.
  • LastPass Family is an amazing option if you want to bring a bundle of devices to this ecosystem of password management. The pricing is also reasonable when considering the features.
  • Even in comparison with competitors from the market, LastPass and its family version can beat others pretty easily. This alone makes LastPass a great choice for a family full of avid tech users as well.

“For most people, we think LastPass Free will hit all the marks. You’ll get an impressive batch of features—including syncing across devices and two-factor authentication—at no cost,” says the final verdict of the review. It also adds that you can live with the free version if you can give up some features.

LastPass Review #4 “Its functionality isn’t cheap, though, so you must do a cost-benefit analysis to decide if it’s the right choice for your business.” – The Blueprint

The LastPass review from The Blueprint looks at the password management product from a business point of view. It talks more about how the packaged features in LastPass can contribute to the overall experience of saving and managing passwords in an enterprise environment.

It’s amazing to understand that LastPass keeps its quality standards intact even when it comes to enterprise versions. In fact, there are features that are tailored for the business audience.

  • In addition to offering plenty of features, LastPass can create the distinction between the enterprise and personal profiles. So, employees in your organization would find it easy to keep both ends of their life secure.
  • Advanced features like Single Sign On and Multi-factor Authentication add so much value to how the service helps a data-focused company.
  • Reporting and password-sharing options from the service are also commendable, and you can access everything from the centralized User Interface.

However, some other issues become more evident in this narrative. First of all, the service could use some integration options, which make business-level execution easier. In addition, LastPass should also step up its tech support scene, which is not as impressive as its other features at this point.

LastPass Review #5 “LastPass is more cost-effective for both individuals and families and has comparable features for the money.” – Digital Trends

Just like TheSweetBits, Digital Trends has attempted to do a showdown between LastPass and one of its big competitors in the market. However, the semi-review of the password manager reveals the best parts about LastPass that regular users should care about.

By looking at LastPass from the cost-effectiveness point of view, Jon Martindale at Digital Trend has praised the fantastic features inside.

  • Theadditional features in the premium plan are indeed worth the $3/month that one has to pay — especially when we consider the options like secure notes.
  • LastPass is also a great choice forthe beautiful apps that it has made available for not just Android and iOS, but also Linux and watchOS.
  • The features, and the way these features are arranged in the LastPass package, also deserve a special mention in this review.

Altogether, Digital Trends makes a rather bold recommendation for the premium plan of LastPass. The team adds that “LastPass’ premium plan is $3 a month (with a month-long free trial), and it comes with a gigabyte of encrypted file storage and better tech support.”

LastPass Review #6 “LastPass is easy-to-use, feature-rich, and secure. I really like the automatic password changer and multiple account recovery options.” – Safety Detectives

Alex Kassian from Safety Detectives has taken an objective approach to review LastPass and the experience it offers when it comes to password management. The reviewer has gone through every single app and client that LastPass offers before finalizing the opinion.

The review also points out some more specific details about the password management service in how effective it is.

  • Safety Detectives has taken a deeper look at the setup and import process of LastPass, which comesin handy if you are moving from another password manager.
  • The dedicated apps/clients for LastPass work without troublefrom the smoothness and usability point of view.
  • Alex Kassian, however, notes that the plans are a little expensive, although the premium plans offer some overwhelming features.

“While I think there could be some changes (like more auto-change options and better support options), LastPass still includes a huge range of well-designed features that are very easy to set up and use,” says Mr. Kassian, before recommending the password manager to the readers of Safety Detectives.

LastPass Review #7 “The service’s automated password changer could be a little more convenient, but the pros certainly outweigh the cons” – has taken a critical look at LastPass, illustrating the bold points and shortcomings of the service. By the end, the reviewers could confidently recommend the service to its readers, but the in-depth analysis has points that you should pay attention to.

Some of the points that Ian Paul from has mentioned in the LastPass review are as follows.

  • The overall UI design of LastPass deserves some recognition. In particular, the Password Vault and the Login Interface add so much value for the user.
  • Additional utilities in the package, such as the Password Generator, browser extensions and the safe storage options also receive a space in the good set of features.
  • LastPass could improve some areas like lost connection management and the automated password changing tool.

In the verdict, says that they’d “readily recommend using LastPass rather than trying to remember all your passwords yourself.” This is also based on the understanding that LastPass could easily fix the very few drawbacks it currently has.

LastPass Review #8 “The free version is excellent, but it’s well worth upgrading to a premium account for the benefit of app logins.” – TechRadar

TechRadar has also done a LastPass review that heavily praises the free version of the password manager. Nevertheless, it adds that the premium version offers a good set of features that people would love if they decide to upgrade.

While not as detailed as the previous review, the review from Darcy French from TechRadar illustrates the points one should understand while using the password management service.

  • The review gives special recognition to the administrative-level tools and analytics options that one could find in the LastPass package.
  • LastPass is a premium package, especially when compared to the competitors in the market. This may be a decision-making factor for some people.
  • However, the robust security options and premium encrypted storage are features that can make a difference to some people.
  • The only problem she finds with the service is that its support via phone/email isn’t as fast as one would expect.

By the end, Ms. French, who has reviewed multiple password managers in the market, seems impressed by what the free and premium versions offer.

LastPass Review #9 “LastPass’s moderately priced paid version is the best out there” – Tom’s Guide

If you are planning to get the LastPass password manager soon, you should check out the crisp but on-point review from Tom’s Guide. Sean Riley from the team has dived deep into the LastPass clients to see what the password managers for potential customers are looking for.

Streamlining with other LastPass reviews that we have seen, Mr. Riley also praises the feature-rich yet free version of LastPass. However, there are a few factors that he finds more impressive.

  • Tom’s Guide loved that LastPass doesn’t restrict the significant aspects of the password manager in the free version. Instead, the company has cut down some embellished features.
  • Extensive two-factor authentication options and well-built password management clients across the platforms also deserve a special round of applause.
  • The LastPass premium version for Family also requires some special attention. This version is shown to be an excellent choice for people who need all-round protection.

In the end, Tom’s Guide cannot find a reason why a person should avoid LastPass. It also says that the pricing plans of the password manager are way better than the competitors, such as Dashlane, which cost a notable amount of money.


After checking out these top five LastPass reviews from trusted sources, we now have more reasons to add LastPass to our recommended list. We are also sure that you can find some reasons why you would want to get a service like LastPass for a smooth password management experience. While the premium plan is still a great choice for most people, we think everyone should confidently try out the free version.

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