Movavi Video Editor 2024 Review: Effortless Editing for All

Reviews • Updated on Jan. 4, 2024

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Drowning in menus? Lost in a sea of tutorials? Your dream of video editing mastery feels as distant as Mars, right? Been there, felt that. I’ve wrestled with video monsters too, battled unintuitive interfaces, and longed to tell stories like those YouTube wizards.

But then, a tool named Movavi Video Editor emerged from the editing jungle. Movavi cuts through the complexity with lightning-fast edits, AI-powered magic, and drag-and-drop simplicity. Whether you’re a total newbie or a pro, Movavi has the magic tools to unleash your inner director. Let’s explore this Movavi Video Editor and dive into details.

Note: We tested Movavi Video Editor version 2024 on a MacBook Air M2 13-inch running macOS Sonoma for this review. The software is also available for Windows users. While the core features and functionality should be consistent across platforms, performance and specific settings might vary depending on your operating system and hardware configuration.

What is Movavi?

Movavi is known as a company that’s got everything you’d need to screen record your OS, edit photos, and edit videos for personal, work, and studying purposes. The chances are you discovered Movavi because of its increase in popularity.

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From my discovery, Movavi is one of the most popular video editing tools because it combines a 3-in-1 functionality in one tool. There’s a Movavi Video Suite that helps you edit videos in a brand-new interface with faster video cutting and a smart AI assistant. There are also many overlay effects people are talking about so I had to try them hands-on during my test.

Another reason Movavi is very popular is due to its online video editor that’s accessible via any browser and it’s free to use. The best thing is you won’t even need an account, so here’s how Movavi helped me during my tests and what it can do for you.

Movavi Video Editor 2024: what’s in it for you?

As someone passionate about video editing, even if it’s just TikTok videos or Instagram Reels I want to make nicer, I’m always trying to find the perfect video editing software that’ll have everything I need.

I found Movavi to be very useful for my personal use. Wondering what’s in it for you and why should you choose Movavi?

At first, Movavi seemed very similar to other video editing tools. However, I’m glad I gave it a try because there are things it’s beginner-friendly, it does better and in its unique way. Movavi is used in 190 countries and it’s available in 13 languages, with high user ratings on top-notch platforms such as Trustpilot, Capterra, and others.

Whatever your video editing needs are, Movavi will help you get things done in a much easier and more convenient process. With faster processing speeds, a convenient menu and taskbar, great overlays, and AI support, you can cut the time you spend on editing videos, just like I did.

Video editing functions

The first thing I’ve noticed is the editing dashboard, similar to others but with unique touches that ensure you have all functions at the touch of a button. Instead of messing with the menus, I was able to find almost every feature in a dedicated button somewhere around the dashboard.


Adding files is as simple as dragging the files (or browsing for files, whichever you prefer), but if you don’t have a video, you can also record one, capture your screen, or even just record audio. I also had fun testing the SlideShow Wizard feature, and I have to say that it makes attractive and unique videos thanks to available templates. But want to hear the best thing about it? The whole process is effortless. When you add your videos to Movavi, anyone can start creating slideshows or editing videos.

Truth be told, Movavi seemed a little bit too simple for me at first. However, behind a simple dashboard, I’ve realized its full capability after editing my first couple of videos as a part of this hands-on review.

Besides all the standard video editing features you’d expect from a capable video editing tool, there are also all sorts of features, such as filters, LUTs, color correction, stabilization, free music library, audio editing features, motion tracking, Chroma key, and more. As I’ve mentioned earlier, Movavi seemed a bit too simple at first, but that’s why it’s recommended to keep learning the ins and outs of this tool so you can take full advantage of its full editing capability.

AI assistant

Nowadays, when artificial intelligence is mentioned, you might expect something crazy inside the software. While Movavi won’t sweep you off its feet, it’ll make video editing work easier.

One of the most powerful AI video editing features I found inside Movavi is the automatic sound denoise. This feature helps remove background noise from your audio so you can present a much cleaner version that will match your videos. Swapping out the background in a video is also a breeze, again, with the help of the AI. All I had to do was press the button and have the work done for me. Otherwise, I might have to sharpen my video editing skills and spend time trying to remove the background myself.


There are also more than 180 filtered, and I believe most of them have a certain amount of AI in them to work so that’s also a helpful way to introduce AI to video editing. Of course, if you get a Movavi Suite and you’re into photo editing, It’s good to know I also found AI in retouching the images or even video upscaling.

Drag-and-drop simplicity

Whether you’re new to video editing or you’re looking for the simplest tool out there, Movavi is a good choice. Upon my testing, one of the things I loved the most was the ability to just drag and drop almost anything I needed.


Adding a video? I dragged and dropped it from my computer. Adding filters and effects to the video? I dragged and dropped that too. In my opinion, the timeline is perfectly organized since it’s not overcrowded but the most important features are a click away. Needless to say, I loved trimming and merging my videos, as well as making my final video visually engaging with the helpful library that’s full of stunning effects.

The timeline is also smoothly optimized so I was able to get some quick video edits done using my MacBook Air’s trackpad with decent precision. Lags are nonexistent and the accuracy is pretty incredible.

Another thing I liked very much was the ability to get to know Movavi’s video editing functionality by dragging and dropping almost everything. This included sounds from the integrated sound library, premade titles, hundreds of unique transitions, great filters, and even stickers.There’s even an option to adjust the color of a certain part of the video, and not only do you get to adjust the color, but you also get to drag and drop the color adjustment only to the part of the video you want this to apply to.

No matter how many functions and things I dragged and dropped onto the track to mix in with my video, things never got too crowded and I always managed to have a clear view of the most important aspects every video editor needs.

Movavi Suite: an all-in-one video toolkit

When you download a Movavi, you’ll most likely get a download page for the video editing tool. The good thing about Movavi is that it understands the importance of tools that go well with video editing software.

There’s a Movavi Video Suite, which is the latest addition to the lineup of Movavi products. The Movavi Suite bundles the video editor with a photo editor, screen recorder, and video converter, perfect for content creators who need a complete creative toolkit. It caters to content creators, educators, and anyone who wants to do more than just basic video editing.

The earlier mentioned AI features in the video editing software are also available in Movavi’s photo editor. While the AI might not be doing anything crazy as of right now, it is definitely a great improvement that ties in a couple more useful features in the tool. For example, if I wanted to remove a background (both on video or photo), I can do that within suite and this alone would save me time looking for another software and using it to get one task done.

What’s the Movavi online video editor like?

By now, you could notice how versatile Movavi is and it’s no surprise that there’s also an online video editor, which is a similar version to the downloadable video editing software.


The video editor is brand new and while it’s trying to replicate everything you can get in the software, I have to say that I didn’t find it as powerful as the Movavi video editing software. Of course, the online video editor is good enough for minor edits, composing videos, or adding titles, transitions, or effects. But if you’re serious about video editing, you might find the online version to be limiting your capabilities. However, it’s great to know that there’s a quick version for everyone who is in a rush, doesn’t have high demands, and just wants to drag and drop the video files to begin editing.

Is Movavi free? Trial, pricing, and faqs

Movavi definitely has a lot to offer, but is there a free version that you can use to try at least some of the features?

The good news is, yes, there is a free Movavi version. But it’s not a free-forever type of deal, yet it’s a 7-day free trial. It’s a good way to get to know the software, test out all of its features, ensure its compatibility, and see if it would be a good fit for your needs.

If you’re happy with Movavi, you get about 3 options when purchasing the video editor, so go with the one that will fit your needs the best.


  • Video Editor (1 year): $49.95
  • Video Editor + Effects Pack (1 year): $69.95
  • Video Suite + Effects Pack (1 year): $94.95
  • Business licenses and Movavi Unlimited plans also available

While Movavi offers annual subscriptions, you can also purchase perpetual licenses for specific tools on the Movavi website. With its extensive feature set and intuitive interface, Movavi delivers exceptional value for the price, especially compared to more advanced or subscription-heavy alternatives.

Is Movavi compatible with macOS devices?

Yes, Movavi is compatible with macOS devices, as well as all devices that use the Windows operating system.

Can I trust Movavi?

Yes, Movavi is a very reputable company that specializes in software production for video and photo creation and editing. Therefore, you can trust the Movavi video editor, as well as all other Movavi products.

What is Movavi Unlimited?

Your personal editing genie! The Movavi Unlimited is like having a team of AI experts at your fingertips. It handles the editing heavy lifting – removing backgrounds, fixing noise, adding effects, editing and repairing photos – so you can create stunning videos and photos with ease.

Final words

Upon testing dozens of video editing software, I really liked the way Movavi helped me edit videos in such an effortless and quick way. It includes all the features you’d expect from a video editing tool, but many additional features really make the video editing experience smooth and efficient. Most of Movavi’s products are brand new, meaning that they’ve been upgraded and the introduction of AI was a really smart move, in my opinion.


  • Very simple and easy to use with a user-friendly interface
  • Super fast and efficient rendering process and speed
  • Outputs aren’t compressed for most formats
  • Helpful AI-powered features
  • The ability to get an all-in-one suite


  • Since there’s no compression for most formats, you’ll get better quality but will have to deal with larger video sizes that are difficult to send or upload elsewhere
  • A trial can be limited

To sum it up, Movavi made me feel like a video editing pro – even at my kitchen table! Its intuitive interface and smart AI tools took the hassle out of creating stunning videos. Ditch the steep learning curve and unleash your inner Spielberg with the Movavi free trial!

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