Top Tools to Repair Corrupted Videos & Photos & Files

Utilities   •  June. 28, 2022

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Important data got corrupted? And, you are unable to revive it? No worries, we got you. You are at the right place, and we can help you in solving your problem.

In this write-up, we will provide you with the top tools that can help you repair and revive the corrupted data in the form of videos, photos, or files. All the tools discussed below will surely help you to cater to your needs.

The most important question that arises here is why does the data get corrupted? Is it because of your fault or due to some technical issues in the system? Let us find out.

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Why do videos/photos/files get corrupted?

There are various reasons that can make the data corrupt. The most common reason is some technical issue in the app while you are saving your work. Mostly, the apps allow you to re-save the data in the file if it suffers any technical error.

But sometimes, you may not get a second chance. In that case, the file gets corrupted, and you will need some third-party software to recover them.

Another reason behind this problem is the force closing of the app while the specific file is getting processed. This makes the data corrupt directly, and you do not get any chance of restoration.

Accidental shut down of the computer due to power cut, an unexpected system crash, hard drive issues, malware and viruses, and many other reasons can lead to the corruption of the files.

Let us now look at the various software available on the internet that can help you restore your corrupted data and revive the information stored in them.

Top tools to repair corrupted data

All Around: Wondershare Repairit


Unarguably, this is the most powerful and all-rounder repairing tool you can find on the internet. It is not only powerful but is also a very versatile tool. Using this tool, you can recover the most severely corrupted photos, videos, or files in just a few easy steps.

The photo recovery tool allows you to recover photos in various formats such as JPG, JPEG, and many more. It can repair the corrupted photos stored in almost storage devices such as SD cards, pen drives, and others.

It allows you to repair more than one photo at a time. You can add multiple images and repair them in one go. You can also have a preview of the restored photos before you save them on your computer.

The video recovery tool helps in restoring the videos of different formats such as MOV, MP4, and many others. Plus, it can also repair the high-resolution 4K and 8K videos too. The advanced UI shows all the information such as frame rate, video duration, and the video format of the video which is being repaired.

You can repair a batch of videos at a time with a very high success rate. The advanced repair option helps in the restoring of most heavily damaged and corrupted videos with great ease.

The file recovery tool repairs the corrupted files and documents that are in the form of PDF, Word, Excel, or PowerPoint. It runs a quick scan for the loaded files, checks them for the problems, and repairs them very easily.

Pricing: A free trial version of the software is available. The pricing for the paid ones is $69.99 for the monthly license, $79.99 for one year license, and $99.99 for a lifetime license.

Great also: iMyFone UltraRepair


It is a one-stop solution for repairing corrupted videos, photos, and files in just three easy steps. You just need to upload the files, repair them, and have a preview before saving them on your computer.

The photo repairing tool allows you to repair the photos of various file formats and from multiple devices such as phones, cameras, and others. You can repair these damaged photos in batches that will help to save your time.

The video repairing tool helps in fixing the unplayable videos recorded from professional cameras or even from a mobile phone or a CCTV. You can also restore the videos in batches that have the same or even different broken levels.

It also helps in the restoration and fixing of the videos that are of high resolution, such as 8K or 4K. The advanced technology helps in the swift restoration of the videos and also delivers a very great success rate.

The file repairing tool allows you to restore files that are in the form of PDF, Word files, Excel sheets, or PowerPoint presentations. It also helps fix the images, texts, tables, and other document components with great ease.

Pricing: The trial version of the software is available, and the pricing for the paid ones is $59.95 for one month license, $69.95 for one year license, and $89.95 for a lifetime license.

Video powered: Remo Video Repair


One of the best video repairing tools available on the internet allows you to work with various video formats such as MP4, MOV, AVI, and many others. It ensures a quick fixing of the corrupted or damaged videos.

It allows the repairing of videos recorded from various gadgets such as professional cameras, mobile phones, drones, CCTV, etc. This increases the use case of the software as it can be used by various professionals.

It also helps repair the videos shot in 4K or 8K, just within a few simple steps. The preview feature in the software helps you preview the restored video before you save it on your PC.

Pricing: The free version of the software has almost all the essential features. However, a paid version of the software is available at $99.97 for a six-month license.

Photo powered: SysInfoTools Image Repair Tool


This tool is solely made for the purpose of restoring the corrupted photos. The user experience and the output provided after the restoration prove why it is the best in the market.

The repair algorithm works to recover the photo in a condition that its quality is not degraded and is the same as before. It supports the recovery of the photos in all formats such as JPG, JPEG, .png, and others.

It also helps in the restoration of photos from the storage devices such as cameras, SD cards, flash drives, and others. After the corrupted photo is recovered, you can see a preview of it with all its properties before saving it on your computer.

Another plus point which it provides is that it has a straightforward user interface, so even a beginner can use it without any difficulty.

Pricing: A free version of the software is available. The paid version costs $49 for a one-year user license.

Other tools for consideration

Other tools that you can consider besides the ones mentioned above are:

Stellar Toolkit for Photo Repair and Video Repair


It is the most advanced video and image repairing software with all the features of any basic or advanced software of this kind. It allows the repairing of the videos/photos available in various formats.

It also repairs the videos and photos that are recorded or clicked from the cameras, such as DSLRs, CCTV, drones, smartphones, and others.

The video repairing tool can repair the videos recorded in high quality like 4K or 360-degree videos and also repair the videos recorded for VR.

The photo repairing tool has a special feature: the recovered photos have the same time stamp they had earlier.

Ihe toolkit helps in repairing the videos/photos from corrupted storage devices such as pen drives, SD cards, and others in just a few clicks. The advanced repair feature allows you to repair the severely corrupted videos and photos with great ease. You can also rapidly repair unlimited videos/photos of various formats in one go.

Tenorshare 4DDiG


The all-rounder in the data recovery software. It helps in the recovery of files, photos, videos, audio, emails, and others. You can not only recover the corrupted files, but can also recover the deleted files, files lost due to formatting, and files lost due to partition errors.

The recovery process is very simple and straightforward. You just need to follow three steps, and you are done. You can recover the PDF files, DOC files, XLSX files, and the files of other formats too.

In addition to files, you can recover the photos, videos, and audio in various formats. You can recover them from your PC or even from any secondary storage devices such as SD cards, USB flash drives, cameras, audio players, and other devices.

It also has a batch repair feature that provides you the power to repair more than one file, video, photo, etc., of different formats in one go.

You can use this software to repair and recover data from different applications. Various toolboxes are available, which you can download from the website, and then you can simply restore the data.

This software, in the first place, tries to solve the problems in the corrupted files by repairing them. If the repairing does not work, it only proceeds for recovery.

Specific tools for a specific type of document repairing are available. So if you want to repair a document in the form of a PDF, you need to download the tool developed for the same.

This means that for each type of data to be repaired or recovered, you will need a specific toolbox.

Another thing I would like to mention here is that using this software, and you can only restore the data in the form of documents. You cannot recover photos and videos using this software.

How to prevent videos/photos/files from getting corrupted?

You will need the software mentioned above when your files have been corrupted, but if you keep a regular check on your system, you can prevent the files from getting corrupted.

The first thing you can do is to keep a backup of all the data on your system so that if any accident occurs, your data is safe. Another thing which you can do is purchase an antivirus software on your PC to keep a regular check on your system, as viruses and malware are also a reason for the file corruption.

The last thing which you can do is purchase a UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) so that your computer does not shut down suddenly, which you know causes the corruption of the data on your computer.


I hope one (or more) of the software as mentioned earlier caters to your needs. But my suggestion would be that you should be attentive and use your computer wisely so that data corruption is prevented.

If your data gets corrupted even after taking the prevention steps, then you can surely go for the tools mentioned above and recover the lost data from your computer.


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