These Best AI Calendar Apps Will Boost Your Workflow in 2024

Utilities • March 20, 2024

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Feeling overwhelmed by your overloaded calendar? Traditional calendars are great for basic scheduling, but what if there was a way to manage your time more effectively and achieve a better work-life balance? Enter AI-powered calendar apps.

Research shows that concrete plans with calendars help people achieve their goals. These innovative tools go beyond scheduling appointments and meetings; they leverage artificial intelligence to automate tasks, prioritize your workload, and optimize your schedule based on your energy levels.

In this article, we’ve explored 8 of the best options, comparing their features and functionalities to help you find the perfect fit for your scheduling needs.

The best AI calendars at a glance

  • Reclaim AI for smart scheduling and life-work balance. Best for busy professionals.
  • Vimcal masters time zones and team scheduling. Ideal for effortless group coordination.
  • Mayday Calendar learns your habits and suggests optimal meeting times. A popular choice for smarter scheduling.
  • TimeOS analyzes your energy levels and schedules tasks accordingly. The perfect tool for focus and distraction control.
  • Motion offers dynamic task prioritization and personalized scheduling. Ideal for solopreneurs & small teams.
  • Clockwise prioritizes focus time and helps find meeting times that work for everyone. The perfect tool for work-Life balance.
  • uses AI to streamline your calendar and offers insights to improve efficiency on multitasking.
  • ClickUp provides a powerful platform with AI features like summarizing documents and managing workflows. Frequently used app for project management & AI integration.

The impact of AI calendar on productivity

AI calendar apps are not just fancy scheduling tools. They can be your planning assistant for boosting productivity and achieving your goals. Here’s what sets them apart:

  • Smart Automation: AI calendars help automate repetitive tasks like scheduling meetings, finding optimal times, and sending reminders.
  • Prioritization Powerhouse: AI algorithms analyze your schedule and prioritize tasks based on importance and deadline.
  • Energy Flow Expert: These apps can learn your peak productivity times and suggest scheduling key tasks accordingly.
  • Focus Ninja: AI calendars help minimize distractions and context switching, allowing you to focus on deep work.

With an AI calendar app, you can:

  • Take control of your schedule and reclaim your time.
  • Increase productivity and achieve your goals.
  • Create a better work-life balance and reduce stress.

What we prioritized in AI calendar apps

AI calendar apps, in our opinion, are the best productivity apps. To help you boost workflow, we identified four main factors that come together to help you make a right pick.

  • Your scheduling needs
  • AI features
  • Integration capabilities
  • User interface

Everyone is different but the main purpose of these apps is to make your scheduling easier. During our tests, we realized it’s important to decide whether you need simple even tracking or extensive meeting planning. These AI calendar apps range in sophistication levels so the most advanced pick might not be necessary for everyone.

Each tool comes with a bunch of AI-enabled features and we highly recommend looking for some of the most useful features like smart suggestions for scheduling, time blocking, and even predictive analytics or insights. This way, a tool can learn from your tasks and habits.

If you’re a part of a team or want to use one calendar for a team or a company, it’s important to check out the integration capabilities. Even if you decide to use it as an individual, if you want to sync the AI-powered calendar with the traditional one you use on your computer, this is something to consider.

Lastly, every one of these tools features a different user interface. While most are user-friendly, certain picks allow you to customize the interface. The learning curve isn’t something to worry about with the AI calendar apps from the list.

Deep dive into 8 top-rated AI calendars

As you can see, standard calendars can’t compete with AI calendar apps and these apps will seem like a significant improvement over the way you run your calendar. We like to think of these apps as personal assistants because that’s how evolved they are. Here are the top picks that we liked testing.

Note: To evaluate and test apps, we spend dozens of hours using each app in its intended way. We then identify the specific strengths of each tool to help you find the perfect fit. For more details, read the full rundown of how we select tools to feature on SweetBits blog.

Reclaim AI –  Best for Busy Professionals

reclaimai main

What we like the most about Reclaim AI is its intuitive design that’s very easy to integrate with an existing calendar, so we didn’t spend a ton of time setting this up. With an easy way to sync the Reclaim AI calendar with the Google Calendar, the next step was all about prioritizing our tasks.

One of the most useful features is the block out time for personal activities, which is something you might like as well if you hardly find any break during a busy work day. And, its task scheduler is an AI-powered feature that helps automatically find the best time for tasks you add to the calendar.

Of course, no one is perfect and can keep up to schedule 100%, so another great benefit of this feature is its ability to move and shift tasks on your calendar to keep up your efficiency while ensuring you’re working at your most productive times is spot-on. We saw a huge increase in productivity gains, especially with the integrated LifeWork feature. This feature helps keep both personal and work tasks synced in one calendar so you have control over your whole life productively in one calendar.


  • Smart 1:1 meetings
  • Easy calendar sync
  • Full of stats and insights


  • Hard to integrate with Outlook
  • No smartphone app

Reclaim AI Price: Lite is free, Starter is $8, Business is $12, Enterprise is $18 (per user, per month).

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Vimcal – Best for Teams


Vimcal is one of the rare calendars that took consideration tasks from different time zones and worked them into our calendar. This just shows how powerful the AI technology behind this app is. Thanks to such technology, what we loved the most was the quick and efficient scheduling. The whole app seems to us that it’s designed to improve speed, so it is a game-changer being able to input tasks quickly and let Vimcal sort things out for us.

Another thing we noticed and liked is that Vimcal is good with scheduling meetings and it even pays attention to the availability of participants. This showed to be a great fit for our team and our weekly meetings, but also for sudden quick meetings that helped improve our communication.

Being able to integrate Vimcal with our other tools was important and we’re safe to say that Vimcal’s integration is seamless and it doesn’t take a lot of time to get things right. Lastly, we loved using the sleek and intuitive user interface. We believe that Vimcal put a lot of effort into removing unnecessary complexity and did its best job to produce an AI calendar that operates in a simple traditional way, with bonus features, of course.


  • Perfect for keeping a calendar with integrated time zone management
  • Plenty of keyboard shortcuts for easier navigation
  • Customizable time slots for meetings


  • The price is a bit pricey
  • Some features are harder to access even though they’re still very beneficial

Vimcal Price: iOS only is free, iOS & Desktop is $15/month, Enterprise – contact Vimcal.

Mayday Calendar – Best for Smarter Meeting Schedules


Mayday calendar stood out for its ability to pick up on our habits, right after we synced our traditional calendar. Being able to pick up on habits, the Mayday calendar can predict the best personal times for most productivity, and even suggest meetings at times we believe we would prefer.

On top of that, we notice that the Mayday calendar can understand the context of the events and to-do tasks we have in our calendar. This helps streamline the process, so the more things we add to our calendar, the better it gets organized by the Mayday AI model. If you have meetings, Mayday can schedule blocks so the meetings don’t ruin your productivity or momentum in a workday.

The integration with our regular communication and work tools/platforms is a breeze so keeping a both personal and work schedule in one Mayday calendar is simple. Needless to say, we also love the intuitive and user-friendly interface that has no learning curve. Lastly, we aren’t big fans of notifications that feel like pressure, but we like Mayday’s smart notifications that are based on intelligent prompts. These prompts can understand the context of our day and bring up notifications at the right time about the right tasks and things related to our schedule.


  • AI-assisted time keeping and management
  • Effortless scheduling meetings
  • Auto scheduling ability


  • Initial setup takes a bit of time

MayDay Calendar Pricing: Freemium model with in-app paid upgrades.

timeOS – Best for Blocking Distractions


timeOS is one of the more advanced AI calendar apps. While this might be a bit overwhelming for some users, we liked it because of the productivity increase due to a few smart features. These smart features include analysis of patterns and even our energy that can help suggest the most ideal time for meetings, productivity blocks, and personal time. You know we are big on improving the productivity levels and achieving more and that’s what timeOS can help us with through its set of features.

Besides prioritizing tasks and finding the right time in our calendar to get these done, timeOS can also block certain times in a day. These are often the times we never thought about blocking, especially during a busy work day. By trying timeOS’s way, we realized that timing our tasks and regenerating energy in the blocked periods can lead to a productivity increase.

The interface is intuitive enough but we also like how timeOS is the rare AI calendar assistant that allows you to customize the interface. With an easy way to integrate timeOS with other apps and the ability to multitask at the same time, we couldn’t ask for anything more from timeOS.


  • Seamless integration with third-party tools
  • Advanced AI planner capabilities that go beyond the calendar
  • Has a free plan


  • The price might be a bit more expensive than other picks

timeOS Price: Free for individuals, Pro is $12/user/month, Enterprise – contact timeOS.

Motion – Best for Solopreneurs and Small Teams

motion meeting

Motion is an AI calendar that gathers most of the features from all other AI calendars to improve its scheduling system. Some of the best features we’ve noticed include analysis of the tasks to produce personalized schedules while paying attention to work habits, personal to-do things, and commitments.

If you had to try Motion for only one feature, we believe this feature would be dynamic task prioritization. It’s also the feature we like the most about the Motion. Dynamic task prioritization helps Motion create a realistic daily plan to follow, which automatically adjusts to new tasks and tasks you’re late on.

From other features, we like how effortlessly integration works, the way Motion blocked certain times for personal time, and how it shifts the meeting times to try and help achieve the best productivity individually. Motion also comes with certain beta features such as predictive analytics and reporting, which are also on the way to shaping the way AI calendar apps work.


  • Fast automated scheduling
  • Great choice of task management options
  • Maximizes productivity with automatic scheduling


  • Can be slightly glitchy
  • Only one pricing plan for teams

Motion Price: Individual is $19, Team is $12 (per user, per month).

Clockwise – Best for The Right Life Balance


If you’re someone who spends a lot of time in meetings, Clockwise is the right calendar AI app to use. Clockwise has efficient coordination that works incredibly well for team members so we had a chance to see how our meetings can be coordinated much more efficiently. Clockwise can scan multiple schedules and help team members find the right meeting time that works for everyone.

Since we already have a team calendar we use, integrating it with Clockwise was a breeze and that’s another important aspect since we didn’t spend a lot of time setting things up.


  • intelligent features for better time management
  • Reduces interruptions while maximizing productivity
  • Great integration options


  • Lacks support for smartphone use
  • AI features might come with a learning curve

Clockwise Price: Free model, Teams is $6.75/user/month, Business is $11.50/user/month, Enterprise – contact Clockwise. – Best for Personalized Multitasking

anydo is another AI calendar app that has similar features to other tools, but some things that stood out for us were a user-friendly interface and intelligent scheduling features. As a result, was able to streamline our calendar (synchronization was effortless) and its help felt like a tiny productivity boost.

The unique feature we haven’t seen in other AI calendar apps is the Moment feature. This feature allows users a quick way to plan activities, improving proactive mindset and productivity. After using for a while, you’ll also get insights that will show you how you can become even more productive with the help of multitasking. All it takes is a couple of minutes a day, and from there, takes it to streamline everything else.

Since we’re nerds when it comes to improving efficiency and productivity, we loved’s feature to analyze our calendar to improve time management with the introduction of multitasking. Not only did change things up around a bit for us to have a more productive and efficient day, but it also gave us a few important insights that also set us on a path to self-improvement, whether or not we continue using


  • Affordable for small teams and individuals
  • Best shared calendar app for teams
  • Very simple to use with templates for workspaces
  • Great for personal use and multitasking practices


  • Lacks integration with a few common traditional calendar apps
  • Support is lacking Price: Personal is free, Premium is $5, Family is $8, Teams is $8 (per user, per month).

ClickUp – Best for Streamlined Work Processes


If you’re looking for a calendar app that’s also a platform that can help you improve both workflow and project management in one place, ClickUp is a great tool you’re looking for. With AI capabilities, ClickUp can summarize documents, and meeting notes, and even generate actionable discussions, as well as translate text into multiple languages.

This makes it ideal for larger teams, especially since there’s no learning curve and the dashboard is very user-friendly. With a free model, trying ClickUp is a breeze. Regardless of the wealth of features, ClickUp isn’t very confusing to new users.

We’ve noticed certain features are specifically designed to help improve workflow and productivity, on both personal and team levels. Having such a powerful platform with many different AI integrations in one place that you can use for many purposes gives users plenty of reasons to consider ClickUp.


  • Integrated AI features for increased productivity and workflows
  • Customizable dashboard
  • Freemium model
  • User-friendly and versatile


  • A slight learning curve
  • Self-managed onboarding process

ClickUp Calendar Price: Free plan, Unlimited is $7/user/month, Business is $12/user/month, Enterprise – contact ClickUp.


The landscape of AI calendar apps is rapidly evolving, offering various features to enhance scheduling and productivity. When choosing an AI calendar app, consider your specific needs. Do you require basic scheduling assistance or advanced features like time blocking and predictive analytics? Additionally, evaluate the app’s integration capabilities and user interface. Seamless integration with your existing calendar tools can streamline workflow, while a user-friendly interface minimizes the learning curve.

Ultimately, the “best” AI calendar app depends on your individual requirements and preferences. In this article, we provide a starting point for your exploration, and with a little research, you can find the perfect tool to transform your calendar into a powerful planning assistant.

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